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Connie Feb 12th, 2002 09:50 AM

Recommendations for pre-theatre dinner in London
My husband and I have tickets to see My Fair Lady at the Drury Lane Theatre Royal on Monday June 10th. Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant that is nearby that we can go to before the show?

Karen Blixen Feb 12th, 2002 09:52 AM

what sort of food do you like, and, how 'nice' are you looking for? expensive, trendy, or just good food?<BR><BR>Karen

Connie Feb 12th, 2002 10:27 AM

Definitely good food, doesn't have to be expensive or trendy, although that would be ok. Any type of food would be ok, we are pretty open. We are treating this as a special occasion.

Karen Blixen Feb 12th, 2002 10:37 AM

let me think about this... Mezzo as I recall was really really good, not super close or anything but likely a 15 minute walk? It's on Wardour Street.<BR><BR>I will say this - that whole area, you will not be in want of restaurants. If you like Thai, there is a lot of Thai restaurants on Old Compton Street - slightly closer but again not around the corner or anything. It will be summer time, you will have plenty of time for a pleasant walk..<BR><BR>Karen

Judy Feb 12th, 2002 10:41 AM

Thanks to Patrick's advice, we are going to do Sarstro's "operatic" night before My Fair Lady( they have it Sun & Mon nights). I can't wait, cause it sounds so special! Also Palais du Jardin's prethetear is supposed to be good. Sarastro has a web site( you can find it on Google) FYI, Judy :-)

Patrick Feb 12th, 2002 10:56 AM

In addition to the fun Sarastro, I'd highly recommend Rule's which is quite close to the Royal Drury Lane. It is the oldest restaurant in London, quite over-the-top elegant in an old fashioned way and oh, so English. They feature classic English food, some game entrees, and great desserts -- the sticky toffee pudding is to die for (or to die from if you're diabetic!). Normally it is very pricey, but their pre-theatre fixed price is a real bargain. You choose anything from the menu for three courses (unlike the usual list of sparse choices for a pre-theatre special). Since you say you are treating it as a special occassion I'd say it is perfect. And you could just picture Mrs. Higgins treating Eliza Doolittle to lunch there, or Higgins and the Colonel doing dinner.

Bernie Sackett Feb 12th, 2002 04:16 PM

I would recommend The Ivy. You will have to check address. It caters to the theatre crowd & is very close to Drury Lane. Good Luck & have a great time, Bernie

Leslie Feb 12th, 2002 04:42 PM

Salieri's on The Strand near the Aldwych Theatre.

top Feb 13th, 2002 04:59 AM


Tracy Feb 13th, 2002 05:29 AM

Hey Connie,<BR><BR>Here's a really helpful list with map of Theatreland (& where they are):<BR><BR><BR><BR>HTH<BR>=)

Scott Feb 13th, 2002 04:36 PM

Tracy - great website - thanks!

Leslie Feb 13th, 2002 11:28 PM

Another option would be to do for a fancy afternoon tea, say around 4:00 pm. I found that this filled me up and I didn't need dinner before the theatre that night.

Carrie Feb 14th, 2002 03:40 AM

Bank at Kingsway and Axis at 1 Aldywich are good and pretty cool. <BR><BR>I agree with Patrick's recommendation, Rules is good. I saw Madonna and Guy Ritchie when I ate there last month but at a later time (9 pm). <BR><BR>The Ivy is excellent but you need to reserve well in advance unless you want to eat really early like 5.30 pm.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

Connie Feb 14th, 2002 05:54 AM

Thanks to everyone for their replies. Tracy that was a great website. We decided to go to Rules and I made reservations through their website. If anyone is interested it's "".

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