Reasonable Resturants in Venice

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Reasonable Resturants in Venice

Will be spending 3 days in Venice. Looking for reasonable and good food in Venice! We will be staying at San Gallo near St. Marks but anywhere will be fine!

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I highly recommend Altanella, a restaurant located on the Guidecca, an island that is a quick ferry ride across the Guidecca Canal. The restaurant is excellent, and it's location is superb-- sitting on a little canal off the Guidecca Canal. We had a wonderful time there, a long and leisurely meal on the deck overlooking the water; the service is wonderful, not rushed or crowded at all. The other (low to mid range) restaurants we ate in (all recommended, too!) we found either mediocre or rushed service. This is a family-run restaurant, and we felt warmly welcomed there.
Hope you get there!
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Trattoria San Toma, Campo San Toma, about a 2 minute walk from San Toma vaporetto stop. Pizza or a bargain set menu available in addition to other a la carte dishes. Simple neighborhood place, very casual, good food, even good desserts. Outdoor dining in private garden in good weather. Also recommended
"Cheap Eats in Italy".
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From the thread "good restaurants on a budget - Italy"

Author: Rex ([email protected])
Date: 4/13/2000, 10:15 am ET

Message: For Venice, I give thumbs up to:

Ai Falciami Birreria - a surprisingly pleasant value with food everyone enjoyed - - all the more surprising since it is less than 200 yards fom the front door of Basilica San Marco (off the little Piazzetta to your left and "back" (as you face the Basilica)


Al Peoceto Risorto - no website presence that I know, but you can find it just about three "blocks" north (? - or is that west - head towards the direction of the train station) from Ponte Rialto. You can pick up the business card for this restaurant (with nice clear picture directions) at Hotel Marconi, which you can't miss - - right on the Grand Canal near Ponte Rialto itself, opposite side from the vaporetto stop.

Best wishes,

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marge pacheco
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Paule, what was the price range and my hubby is always looking for mussels or a fish stew? Do you know what days they are closed.
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Patti Suttle
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Elaine-we ate at Trattoria San Toma last June on our very first night in Venice! Our hotel was very near and we had just started out walking for the evening and to look for a place for dinner when we found it. It was great! Right in the middle of a "square"-it felt surreal.
I recommend it for the ambience especially but the food was good too!
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The price range of Altanella was definitely modest-- I'd say that we spent (2 years ago now) around $60.00 for the 2 of us for a full meal + dessert with a little wine. It was definitely NOT a pocketbook-breaker, and one of the pleasanter places we ate in.
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Ostaria ai Coghi. A small place with outside dining in San Silvestro. If you cross the Rialto Bridge and turn left to walk along the Grand Canal, about a "block" before the end of the calle, turn right. It's before you hit the main calle that goes from Rialto to San Polo.
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I'm usually the Venice cheerleader - but on 2 trips, members of my party have gotten sick. (food poisoning or just something icky - who can say)
Do NOT eat chicken in a McDonald's unless you want to die young (I know, I know, what was I doing in a McDonald's in Venice? Humoring my travel partner, that's what)
And sausage on pizza proved problematic for one of my buds one time.
I travel always in the off season, and I think one of the negative aspects of that is that food is not "turned over" sufficiently often to keep from bumping into the occasional disturbing goody.
That said, I can warmly recommend that you just walk around and look at menus in windows or out on display, and make a choice based on what looks tasty and is within your budget. I've eaten in 30 or 40 restaurants in Venice, and only had 2 bad experiences - and eaten A TON of really good food.
Trust your instincts! and have a wonderful trip.
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More restaurants in Venice? Reasonable. Leaving soon!
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Highly recommend Ai Cugnai in Dorsodoro-run by 3 Italian grannies. Great food and good prices.
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Ditto to AI CUGNAI, TRATTORIA (S. Vio Accademia #857, Venice, Telephone 528-9238). Tony and were there in 1998 and had an excellent meal for about $65. Small restaurant, but great food and service.

We also enjoyed (from my journal):

Dorsoduro, 1016 (Ponte dell'Accademia)
Telephone 041/520-3703
This restaurant is behind the Accademia museum. The only negative thing about this place is they have no outdoor dining. It's located next to a small canal, so there is no room for tables and chairs. We had a delicious meal. We started with a variety of meat antipasti; veal milanese, chicken in cream with mushrooms; marinated eggplant and mushrooms; house white wine. $37.

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I second the TAVERNA SAN TROVASO. There are a lot of tourists, but they served the best gnocchi I've ever had at very good prices.
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Let me know how you liked the San Gallo hotel. It was one of the places we looked at to stay in Venice but my husband picked the Pensione Accademia vs the San Gallo.

Inexpensive restaurants - This is a quote from the Frommers site

Le Chat Qui Rit

Contact Information
Calle Frezzeria, San Marco 1131 Phone 041-522-9086

Cuisine Type: Venetian, Pizza Transportation: Vaporetto: San Marco
Prices: Main courses 10,000-18,000L ($5-$9); pizzas 9,000-14,000L
($4.50-$7) Hours: Nov-Mar, Sun-Fri 11am-9:30pm; Apr-Oct, daily
11am-9:30pm Credit Cards: No credit cards

This self-service cafeteria/pizzeria offers food prepared "just like
mamma made." It's very popular because of its low prices. Dishes might
include cuttlefish simmered in stock and served on a bed of yellow
polenta, or various fried fish. You can also order a steak grilled very
simply, flavored with oil, salt, and pepper or a little garlic and
herbs. Main-dish platters are served rather quickly after you order

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