Ravensburg to Berlin Drive


Apr 1st, 2016, 07:36 PM
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Ravensburg to Berlin Drive

We are looking to drive from Ravensburg to Berlin and would like to make 1 or 2 stopovers. Wanting recommendations on where we should stay, what we should stop to see and the best way to drive? Straight up the main roads or winding through villages??
We will be in a car and time is not too important

Looking forward to the replies
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Apr 1st, 2016, 07:41 PM
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Should have added my other trip before i pressed submit!!

We will then drive Berlin - Amsterdam

Same questions again
Best Route?
Places to stop/stay?
Must sees
How many days recommended.

I thought to do Hamburg and "along the coast"
... would very much love some local advice
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Apr 4th, 2016, 02:36 AM
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I suggest you head fro Nordlingen/Dinkelsbuehl/Rothenburg ob derTauber - stop and visit whichever interest you the most and perhaps stay in one of them. This would give you some village driving.

The move on to Bamberg, via Nurnberg (visit), and stay in Bamberg. From there I would drive on to Dresden and stay there before Berlin.
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Apr 4th, 2016, 06:59 AM
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For both trips:

Mainly use the autobahns for driving, but you may do detours on the autobahn network. Use the secondary roads for small sections only. Example: The "Romantic Road" is not romantic at all - it is an ordinary highway with gas stations and industrial zones, but it connects historical towns which are romantic indeed. So save the time for sightseeing at interesting places.

Trip 1: Ravensburg - Berlin:

You have a zillion of options. Here just a few:

- Right next A7: Neresheim Abbey, Nördlingen, Dinkelsbühl, Rothenburg ob der Tauber - three pictureque historical towns plus a beautiful baroque abbey.

- Also at A7: Würzburg, with a gorgeous palace.

Then you have two options:

- One would be heading east on A70, A9, A72, A4 via Bamberg (another historical city) and Dresden and then on A13 northwards to Berlin.

- The other would be northward on A7 via Fulda (gorgeous cathedral in a historical town), then on A4 via Eisenach (magnificent historical castle where Luther translated the Bible), Erfurt (historical city), Weimar (classic city + Bauhaus) and then northwards on A5 via Dessau (Bauhaus headquarters) and Wittenberg (Luther's hometown) to Berlin.

Trip 2: Berlin - Amsterdam.

The northern route would be a detour of a few hours and it would not lead you "along the coast", but you will have the chance to see the water at several points.

- You start from Berlin on A24, then northwards on A14 and B106 with a quick visit of the beautiful castle of Schwerin. Continue to the historical city Wismar, then take the small roads (tiny roads) behind the coast to Travemünde (pretty beach town). See historical Lübeck. Continue on A1 to Hamburg (which is a large city, requiring some time to drive in and out and to see some of it) and further to Bremen (magnificent gothic city hall and old town). Drive A28 westwards and stop in the picturesque little town Papenburg with the large shipyard where the mega-cruise ships are manufactured (make an appointment for a tour). Then southwards on A31, on B402 into the Netherlands and then on A47 to Amsterdam.

The southern route would include more historical towns:

- From Berlin, take A2, A14 and B6 to Quedlinburg and Wernigerorde, two of the most beautiful historical towns in Germany. Then take A395, A2 and A1 to Münster, another historical city with a city hall (where the Westphalian Treaty was negotiated which ended the War of 30 Years), a beautiful cathedral, historical market and a pretty open-air farmhouse museum. From there, you drive on A43 and B67 to Isselburg (castle hotel Schloss Anholt), then on A3 into the Netherlands, there on A12 to Hoge Velouwe park (van Gogh museum and modern art sculpture garden) and then via historical Utrecht to Amsterdam.
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