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jenny Nov 2nd, 1998 11:55 AM

Rating the Airlines-FYI
Hi everyone...this is just for your information. I read this in a recent NYTimes article and thought you all would be intersted. <BR> <BR>Jenny <BR> <BR>Rating the Airlines <BR> <BR>Egon Ronay, the London-based hotel and restaurant critic, recently surveyed the trans-Atlantic economy-class service of 10 U.S. and overseas airlines and, not surprisingly, found it sorely lacking. <BR> <BR>Ronay and his staff flew each airline at least twice between August and October, during the day and at night, and rated each for check-in procedures and efficiency; comfort and size of seats; friendliness and efficiency of staff; quality of food; in-flight entertainment; pilots' in-flight comments; and the condition of lavatories. <BR> <BR>In a complicated rating procedure, Virgin Atlantic came out on top overall with a score of 66 percent, followed by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (64 percent), Continental Airlines (59 percent), Air France and U S Airways (58 percent), Delta Air Lines (57 percent), UAL's United Airlines (55 percent), British Airways (51 percent), American Airlines (48 percent) and Northwest Airlines (47 percent). <BR> <BR>In the food rating, Air France scored highest, with 54 percent, followed by Delta, KLM and Virgin Atlantic (50 percent); US Airways (43 percent); American Airlines (38 percent); British Airways (34 percent); Continental and United (29 percent), and Northwest (25 percent). <BR> <BR>Ronay chastised all airlines for their "lamentable attitude toward passengers' convenience and comfort" and called the seats "corsetlike and knee-crunching," the food "disgusting" and the lavatories "inadequate." <BR> <BR>"We were surprised at the poor conditions and discomfort, redeemed only by the friendliness of the majority of in-flight staff and the sometimes good in-flight entertainment," he said. <BR> <BR>

Richard Vicek Nov 2nd, 1998 04:55 PM

Good evening, Jenny <BR>Only comment is that there are a couple of excellant air lines which were left out of the survey, e.g. Lufthansa, Swissair, Sabena and etc. <BR>Richard of Hickory Hills, Il...... <BR>

Eileen Nov 10th, 1998 06:30 AM

Hello, Jenny. I think they should have taken Singapore Airlines. It is the best in terms of service, food, comfort, cleanliness, the works. <BR>No wonder that through all these years, Singapore Airlines has always been voted the number one airline. <BR>

Arizona Nov 10th, 1998 01:40 PM

When we flew to Turkey earlier this year, we were a bit apprehensive because we were scheduled to fly on Turkish Airlines. Our concerns, as time proved, were silly. Turkish Airlines was punctual on all its schedules, the food was excellent, and the service (including baggage-handling) could not have been better. We flew both on their overseas as well as domestic flights.

kat Nov 15th, 1998 03:50 PM

Anyone heard anything negative about "Go Airways"? I've just booked a London -- Rome leg for 49 pounds (one way)....great deal, but I'm nervous! <BR>

Bill Barr Nov 16th, 1998 11:14 AM

Kat <BR> <BR>GO is the new airline recently established by British Airways. You won't have a problem. <BR> <BR>Bill

kam Nov 16th, 1998 01:09 PM

While I certainly agree with Swissair, Singapore and Sabena, the very best flight I've ever had in terms of service and comfort and well intentioned flight attendants (mostly men!) was on VARIG, the airlines of Brazil from NYC to Rio. It was a long time ago, but nobody has come close since and we fly them all. <BR>

Holly Nov 17th, 1998 06:52 AM

<BR>I recently went on Czech Air and loved it. New airplanes, great stewards who spoke english, czech and russian, and on time. I hate Delta and had a better experience paying half on Aeroflot to LA than I ever did with Delta. The stewards are rude, mean and can't speak any other language but english even when traveling to a foreign destination.

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