rail travel time between Euro cities

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rail travel time between Euro cities

How can I find the travel time by rail from one European city to another?
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Try www.ricksteves.com. You may have to look around on the site a bit, but I think it's there.
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The best trip schedule site is by German Railways at: http://bahn.hafas.de/bin/query.exe/en
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Bob Brown
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I respectfully disagree with two of the above posters that Rail Europe and Steves site are reliable, complete sources for detailed European train schedules. Ben Haines recommends the Thomas Cook and son schedule book. If he sees this request,perhaps he can add his expert opinion. (When Ben tells us something, I tend to believe it.)

If the Thomas Cook schedule book is not readily available, the two Internet sites I have listed below will give you a lot of good information.

Ssite Number 1 is the French SNCF system. While it concentrates mainly on train schedules for French cities, it does have quite a bit of international info as well.

Site Number 2 is an entry site that contains links to the German, Austrian, English, and Swiss national schedules.
I agree with Sjoerd that the German site is superior in many respects, but for Eastern Europe, I suggest trying the Austrian site, too. (Nothing like reinforcement through independent duplication.)

The Swiss site is excellent for schedules within Switzerland, particulary post bus and mountain cable ways. It also has some information for Western Europe as well.

1. http://www.sncf.com/indexe.htm
2. http://www.hafas.de/index_e.html

With a little experience you will learn which one to use for which purpose. Except for England, I normally go first to the German site, unless I am after Swiss schedules, or schedules within England. If the trip is east of Salzburg, I normally consult the Austrian site as well. All of these have English versions which helps. (I am not sure, but the Austrian site may be German only; I have not looked for English on that one.)

At any rate, Rail Europe as far as I am concerned is not a site I use, and the tickets they sell are often as much as 25% higher than the same ticket purchased in Europe. I haven't bothered to check Steves' site because it is unnecessary. The 5 national sites I listed will give you very authoritative information. (Sorry, I don't know of a site for Italy. Perhaps someone will tell us.)
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Italian Rail (FS) may be found at

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Ben Haines
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Mr Brown is very kind. I do indeed think the Thomas Cook European Timetsable the simplest, fastest, way to plan out a trip. The trouble is that in Northn America it costs 33 US dollars, whereas in Britain it's 14 dollars and in the north west part of the Continent 20 dollars. If you phone the reference library of a city near you they can say whether they stock it (Singapore, Los Angeles and New York do), and invite you to come to study it.

Ben Haines, London


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