Rail Pass Zermatt to Milan


Nov 5th, 2016, 02:01 PM
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Rail Pass Zermatt to Milan

In August of '17 I will be in Zermatt for a couple days and the want to take the train to Varenna, Italy and then to Milan for our flight home. Quite honestly the rail sites thoroughly confuse me. My question is: Can I use Rail Europe for both tickets or do I need a Swiss pass for the Zermatt to Lake Como leg? Also, can I use the discounts of the train ticket before I use it for my first day of travel?
Thank you
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Nov 5th, 2016, 02:56 PM
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First, raileurope is a RESELLLER. The actual operators in Switzerland is and for your segment in Italy.

What you are doing are straight through trips. It rarely makes sense to buy pass only for point to point kind of trips. Depending on what you are doing in Switzerland, not stated, some kind of Swiss pass or a half fare card might make sense. Many come here to get yes/no answers. It is not that simple. One must do considerable computations with solid trip plans to see if a Swiss pass of some kind makes sense.

For Italy, it almost never makes sense to get a pass especially your route. The point-to-point local trains are very cheap.

>>> Also, can I use the discounts of the train ticket before I use it for my first day of travel?
This is covered in the terms and conditions if you have not looked at it.

For example, for a Global Pass,
Rail passes must be validated prior to boarding the first train or before using a passholder bonus.
and details on which one uses a day once validated:
Please be sure to note that any bonus that is free will use a travel day on your rail pass. Discounted bonuses will not require the use of a travel day, but do require a valid rail pass.
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Nov 5th, 2016, 08:25 PM
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Where will you start the rail journey to Zermatt?

Wherever that is, at whatever train station, go see an agent and tell him or her each portion of your trip, with the dates and preferred times.

Like,for example, Zuerich airport to Zermatt, then Zermatt to Varenna.

You will get the necessary ticket(s).

In Switzerland you needn't "validate" before you board a train, just be in possession of a valid ticket for that day, for that class, and for that route.

Zermatt to Varenna will take roughly five hours (both are out of the way, not on fast lines). There is more than one route possible - via Milan or via the Southern part of Switzerlandnd. Look it up at

Varenna to Milan will be on a secondary train company in Italy, just buy your ticket in Varenna, go tell the agent what day you wish to travel, and validate before boarding (stick the ticket into the machine by the platform access -watch others do it).
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Nov 6th, 2016, 01:28 AM
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I think you have confused yourself, with all this talk of 'passes'! Do you have a pre-existingrailpass or not?? If not, please FORGET nonsense about 'passes'.

Assuming all you want is a ticket from Zermatt to Varenna, it's simple.

1. Go to Italian Railways and book Brig to Varenna. It's ticketless for Brig-Milan, you just quote the reference on board.

2. Now buy a Zermatt-Brig local ticket at the station, times and prices are on - no reservation necessary or possible, one fixed price for this bit.

Job done!

There is one other possibility to consider.

Day 1, go Zermatt to St Moritz on the famous Glacier Express, 7h,

Day 2, go St Moritz to Tirano on the fabulous Bernina route,

Day 2 afternoon, take a regular local train Tirano-Varenna, a few euros, buy at the station, times at

This will take longer and cost a bit more, but by 'eck, it takes in not one but TWO of the greatest train rides in Europe.

Your call!
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