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Quila Cummins Apr 28th, 1998 07:55 AM

Questions on Wuppertal and Trier
I need help finding information on these two cities. I may be interested visiting there and I want to know what there is to do in these cities. If any one can help me I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you,
Quila Cummins

Kristin Lucas Apr 28th, 1998 12:17 PM

Trier is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) cities in Germany. It was important in Roman times and has Roman ruins. Lots of information at Don't know about Wuppertal.

Fiona Apr 30th, 1998 05:57 AM

I have a friend living in Wuppertal and although he's enjoying himself he says there is absolutely nothing to see! The only 'sight' is a hanging train thing but it's not going to take you long to see that. Do you have to go to Wupppertal or could you go to Cologne or somewhere else not too far away?

Rudy Apr 30th, 1998 07:16 AM

Quila: I was born in Trier and was back after many years last summer. Roman ruins, Mosel wine,and fantastic art everywhere. The downtown shopping area is closed to autos so the experience reminds one of the middle ages. Many religous relics and the western throne of the Roman Empire are on display. A Roman bridge still takes one across the Mosel to the new suburbs.

Joanna White Apr 30th, 1998 06:18 PM

Trier has a fabulous dom and a basilica from the "dark ages". Wonderful treasuries attached to some of the churches, plus a fabulous dom museum with mediaeval sculpture, etc. There is an archaeological museum that is full of interesting items. There is a Roman amphitheatre, the Porta Nigra (city gate from Roman times), ancient baths, Freud's house, lots of nice cake shops!! There is a great restaurant in the main street that features ancient Roman food (didn't try it, had fish and Moselle instead) - you dine inside a Roman cellar and there are artefacts in cases all around. Ground level has a typical German pub.
Can thoroughly recommend Trier, which has enough to see and do for at least three days.

Ismael Libanio May 1st, 1998 12:24 PM

We've been in Trier in our trip in the Mosel Valley until Koblenz. We liked it very much.
We stayed at a lovely hotel atop a mountain with a beautiful view of the whole town.
It was the "Hotel Petrisberg" (Sickingestrasse, 11 tel. (0651) 4 11 81 fax. (0651) 7 32 73) The manager was very helpful. Good memories.

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