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Questions around travel in Vienna and Zurich.

Questions around travel in Vienna and Zurich.

Jul 7th, 2000, 07:10 AM
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Questions around travel in Vienna and Zurich.

I am possibly planning a trip to Austria/Switzerland. I am going to take my 83yr old grandmother whom wants to visit the town her grandmother was born in. She says the name of the town is "Padichi", has anyone heard or know of this town in Austria?

2nd question- Can anyone suggest a good hotel in Vienna within close walking distance to a nice shopping area? Looking for a twin room with facilities for $100-200/ night.

3rd question- Is it possible to drive from Vienna to Zurich in 1 day? Or will I need a couple of days to get there? Would a train ride be a better option if we only have 3 nights in Switzerland? Maybe there is a nice city closer to the Austrian border.

4th question- Has anyone heard of "Andre Rue" a violinist in the Vienna Symphony? My grandmother keeps going on about how great he is, but I have never heard of him nor can I get any information about him via the Internet. She wants to go to the Symphony while we are in Vienna, any suggestions as to the best way to pay tickets beforehand?

Thank you for any advice.
Jul 7th, 2000, 08:32 AM
Bob Brown
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You pose some hard questions to answer.
I can give you a little input, but not much. The Aral Strassen Atlas gives the driving time from Vienna to Zurich at 7.5 hours and a distance of 700 K.
My guess is that the route takes you from Vienna to Salzburg to Munich and through Bregenz to Zurich.
It is also possible to go by way of Innsbruck. (The map does not indicate which route is recommended.)
I decided that I would go by train, but that is a time consuming trip as well.
It takes over 9 hours from Vienna Westbahnhof to Zuerich Hauptbahnhof.

I cannot help you with the location of the town. I looked in the Aral atlas and National Geographic, but nothing by that name is listed.

As for the violinist, do you know which orchestra he plays for? There is the Vienna Philharmonic and the Vienna Symphony as the two major orchestras in the city. But there are several others that perform regularly. Given that a major orchestra has perhaps as many as 18 first violinists and an equal number of second violinists, you would need to see a roster of the players unless he or she also performs with a well known, but smaller group.

For the hotel, you might do a search on Fodors. There have been several comments recently on hotels in Vienna.
Fodors also on the home page has a list of suggestions.
Jul 7th, 2000, 08:44 AM
wes fowler
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Hello, Elizabeth, I haven't seen a posting of yours in quite some time!

"Padichi" throws me; can't find it on any atlas of mine. I've got a sneaky suspicion since we're dealing with a town in which an 83 year old's grandmother was born, that the town is not in Austria but may have been in the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time of grandma's birth. That suspicion leads me to "Padej" which is located in northwestern Yugoslavia not far from the Hungarian border. The area was part of Franz Joseph's Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time of grandma's grandma's birth.

Pedestrian shopping areas in Vienna are on Karntner Strasse between the Staatsopera and St. Stephans and just north of the Hofburg on Kohl-markt. I think a search of Fodor's will lead you to a hotel or pension in the area.

It's possible to drive from Vienna to Zurich in one day, but I wouldn't want to do it with an 83 year old passenger. It's about 500 miles and between 8 and 9 hours drive time. You might consider breaking the trip up with an overnight stay in Innsbruck, a little over 300 miles from Vienna and 4 1/2 to 5 hours drive time.

"Andre Rue" is a Dutch violinist and leader of an orchestra specializing in Viennese waltzes and polkas. He and his orchestra appear frequently on public television where your grandmother no doubt encountered him. He and his orchestra performed here in Atlanta within the past month. I'm sure you'll find his CDs in any music store.

If grandma wants to see and hear the Vienna Philharmonic, you'd best check the Austrian National Tourist Office website which posts schedules of performances and provides Email addresses for ticket ordering and information. Check www.austria-tourism.at for starters.

Hope this helps some.
Jul 7th, 2000, 05:21 PM
Jim Mohundro
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My wife and I stayed at the Hotel Wandl in Vienna in late June. The hotel is located in Petersplatz, about 50-100 meters from a good shopping street. I seem to remember our double room was about $150-170 U.S.

Hotel Wandl (as I am sure do several Vienna hotels) obtained tickets for us for the Vienna Staatsoper) and will obtain tickets for other events as well. If you are interested in following up on their website (and their email), please email me.
Jul 7th, 2000, 05:58 PM
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I can't help much I'm afraid except to say there are 2/3 direct trains per day from Vienna to Zurich. There is one at 0717,arriving Zurich 1627, and another at 0917, arriving Zurich 1827. I would suggest you break the journey with an overnight stay in Innsbruck, which is just over half way, and where the station is a 5 minute cab ride to the city centre, which is delightful.Both trains have good restaurant cars on board.
Jul 7th, 2000, 09:54 PM
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Elizabeth - There's an Andre Rieu website at:
(I hope I typed that in correctly.) It has several links, including schedules through February 2001. Looks like he'll be in Vienna and Zurich in December. His music is fabulous! You might be able to hear it on the website (it's usually there, but didn't hear anything when I just went there). Or you could get a music store to order one of his works for you if they don't have it in stock. Andre Rieu in Concert is a good one, as are all of them, I'm sure. Enjoy!
Jul 8th, 2000, 09:08 AM
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WOW - Thanks you guys for the great information!

I am impressed by the detailed responses to my somewhat difficult questions. I will do a general search for hotels, I do recall seeing a post recently that had some hotels in Vienna, but have had a hard time finding it.
My grandmother did discover Andre Rieu through public television, and you are right - he doesn't perform in Vienna until December. We will just have to find another muscial event to take her to. I will check out the website.

Wes - I spoke with my grandmother and she says it was actually her mother whom was born in this little town. She said as far as she knows it is spelled "Pidichi", but it could be "Padej". I will contact my cousin as soon as it is confirmed that we can go on this trip.

I think I might try to convince my grandmother the a car ride to Zurich might not be a bad idea. Okay, I don't know much about Austria or Switzerland, and don't mean to sound silly, but do the Austrian Alps run straight through the middle of the country? Is this why I have to go on a route via Salzburg to get to Zurich?
I think maybe a night in Innsbruck would be good. Maybe we could take the train to Innsbruck and then pick up a car when we get to Switzerland. How far is Innsbruck from the Swiss border?
Car rentals always charge a drop fee for departing in a different country than the pickup.

Thanks again -everyone!
Jul 8th, 2000, 11:21 AM
wes fowler
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The auto route from Vienna through Salzburg and Innsbruck to Zurich is the most direct; you'll be on autobahns most of the way. You might consider renting an auto in Vienna driving to Innsbruck for an overnight stay, then continuing by auto to Bregenz, an Austrian town on the Swiss border, and turning in the auto there. It's a little over 300 miles from Vienna to Innsbruck (5+ hours drive time) then 120 miles from Innsbruck to Bregenz (2 1/2 hours drive time since some of the drive is not on autobahn). You could then take the train from Bregenz to Zurich, an hour and a half on the Eurocity trains (the only ones not requiring a change of trains).

In the absence of Andre Reiu, you might be interested in an orchestra about the size of his that performs nightly from May until October in one of the halls of the Hofburg palace. It, too, performs Viennese waltzes and polkas and also features soloists who sing pieces from Viennese operettas and Mozart's operas. You'll see advertisements all over Vienna and your hotel can arrange for advance tickets. Seems more appropriate to hear Viennese music performed by Viennese musicians rather than Netherlanders.

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