question for train expert in France

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question for train expert in France

Could you direct me to a web site that will show me all the stops of the regional train from Avignon to Nice? I would like to see the route. I decided not to take the TGV since I have time to relax. I am leaving next week. Thank you.
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The SNCF site should give you that information. And there is not yet a TGV from Avignon to Nice in any event.
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I don't think the sncf website has that information, actually, but the bahn website does.

And as of Tues, Mar 21, 2006, both and sncf show TGV running on that route.
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Right. I like this one
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OK, well, technically the regional trains run from Avignon Centre and the TGV run from Avignon TGV.

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Thank you. That was exactly what I was looking for. I found ter#17439, from Avignon to Nice, in SNCF site but could not find the stops.
Another question, what is Nice Riquier station? I saw that it comes after Nice Ville and before Villefranche-sur-Mer. I am heading to VF by taxi from the train station. I should get off at Nice Ville station, right? Thanks again.
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Yes, you want Nice Ville; it's the main station. Nice-Riquier always seemed to be more of a commuter stop--not really a place for visitors.
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Try the German rail site which like above says has schedules for all of Europe. An easy way to access the English schedule page is to go to: and click on the link on the home page "All European Railway Schedules" and instantly pops up the German rail site english page with two boxes and the date and you'll get all the trains - there are also tips on the home page on how to use the marvellous German site's other features - TGVs take a new route to around Marseille then there is only the older rail route from there to Nice. But between Avignon and Marseille you could take the old line with TER (Trains Express Regional) - so in the German search box put in Avignon-Ville and Marseille and on the non TGV trains click on itinerary details and it will give you all the stops that train makes.
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The SNCF website does give you that information, it's just not on the ticket search results page. I think it's actually better than, although might be good for one specific route you knew you wanted at one time. I found that rather difficult to find on, though, it wasn't intuitive that clicking on the train number would show you the stops.

You also don't have to guess as to whether you want Nice-Ville, Nice-St Roch etc. with the brochures.
You can download PDF copies of the same kind of comprehensive train schedules you get in French railway stations, which are great -- they show you all trains all day, all the stops, and all the numbers, and compare different days, holidays, etc. If you've picked up one of these folding paper leaflets in a SNCF station, you know what I mean. Those leaflets are downloadable from SNCF's website in a PDF file.

Basically, you go to "Informations Pratiques" at the left side of frontpage, then at the top of the resulting page you click on "Guide du Voyageur - Fiche Horaires", and you can stick a place in the search box, and you get a choice of a bunch of routes and brochures you can download. They are not large, it doesn't take long. I think this is one that would work for that route and show you the possibilities (a lot of brochures have some of the same info). I think you can go directly to this URL to retrieve the route leaflet.

In brief, there aren't that many stops between Avignon and Nice on any train leaving from Avignon-- basically Marseille, Toulon, Les Arcs-Draguinan, St Raphael, Cannes and Antibes are about it (and some trains don't have them all). What those SNCF brochures can show you, however, which a specific route won't, is that there are lots of other stops you can get to if you change trains at Cannes and get onto one of those milk run things (then you can stop at Juan les Pines, Cagnes sur Mer, as well as Cannes and Nice).
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