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Blue Eyes May 9th, 2002 07:28 AM

Queens Jubilee/Money Question
I will be arriving in London on June 3rd right in the middle of the Jubilee celebration. Will I have any problems getting local currency from an ATM at Gatwick or should I bring some along just in case? This is my only real worry of my vacation. Never traveled before, the reason for a possibly lame question! Thanks : )

Suzy May 9th, 2002 07:33 AM

Not a lame question at all, Bue Eyes. It's been a very long time since Britain had a queen's jubilee or a 4-day bank holiday! <BR><BR>I am usually an advocate of relying on ATMs, but arriving on day 3 of a 4-day bank holiday, I would come prepared with enough pounds to get through those first two days. Sure, the ATMs will probably get refilled, and most places, even the tube, will take your credit card, but for the sake of your peace of mind, get some cash in advance.

Sheila May 9th, 2002 07:33 AM

YOu will have no more problems than at any other time- which is to say, you should have none

Jo May 9th, 2002 07:53 AM

It's NOT a 4 day bank holiday, only the Monday and Tuesday are holidays.

Suzy May 9th, 2002 08:02 AM

Well, the queen's official jubilee site says it's "an extended bank holiday of Saturday 1st - Tuesday 4th June 2002". <BR><BR>

Blue Eyes May 9th, 2002 08:09 AM

Thank you for the help. I think I will go ahead a get a bit before my trip just to sooth my nerves. 1 less worry! Again, thank you!

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