Queen's Day in Amsterdam?

Feb 26th, 2006, 06:56 PM
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Queen's Day in Amsterdam?

Oh, dear ! I just realized we will be returning to Amsterdam from our tulip tour by boat, on April 29. The next day, Sunday, is Quesn's Day. One post advised to get out of Dodge, oops, Amsterdam by then. We have our hotel room. Is there more of a problem than crowds? Please advise. Thanks !
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Feb 26th, 2006, 07:00 PM
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If you already have a room, enjoy! It's a true cultural experience. As long as you don't have to take a train you'll be fine. One important thing to know for Queen's Day; you can never have too much orange.
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Feb 26th, 2006, 07:15 PM
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I think as long as you plan on staying in Amsterdam and have hotel reservations and understand a little about the whole celebration you should be fine. Others may have better advice on how the celebration may progress as day turns into night!!!!

We were attempting to leave Amsterdam several years ago on Queen's Day and that was a bit of a challenge. The entire city truly shuts down to join in the celebration in a way you wouldn't see in the US. Main roads are shut-down, much public transportation is slowed if not shut-down---but it's a celebration and as long as you have a place to stay just enjoy---and do wear orange!!!
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Feb 26th, 2006, 07:32 PM
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That was me! I had that thought after reading this trip report that included Queen's Day:

"..Author: cmeyer54
Date: 05/04/2005, 09:21 pm
Saturday April 30th QUEENS DAY!!!!
The day started out gloomy with occasional drops of rain. We left the hotel early as usual and walked through Vondelpark. The entire park was filled with small children running their own flea market and mini-carnival. Each child had a blanket or small area marked out and selling their cast off toy, clothes, books, etc. Many also had little games of chance or pie throwing for the kids to do. There was also music playing all over the park. From there we made our way into the citycenter. This was incredible!! Everyone was wearing something orange – shirts, pants, shoes, socks, crazy hats, feather boas, etc. It had a mardi gras atmosphere but on a scale much much larger! The population of Amsterdam grows from less than one million to three million just for that day. There were beer stands, bands, blaring music, food stands, public urinals for the men everywhere. The canals were jammed with party boats so that nobody could really move. Flea markets were also on every sidewalk. Many restaurants were open, a few souvenir stores but for the most part, shops were closed. We just walked and gawked. Took a lot of pictures of the street action. There was one group of guys who were pedaling a bicycle type of vehicle with three on a side, one in the rear steering and a keg on the front….quite exceptional…especially when you consider that they had all been drinking all day. We just grabbed street vendor’s food and watched people from the plaza cafes during the day. Everyone was just walking around but they seemed to have a purpose or a place to be going, nothing seemed random. By 5pm, we decided to head back to the hotel. To give an idea..it took close to 30 minutes to cross one canal bridge; vendors were on both sides and people were in gridlock all the way across. Back at the hotel, we took a short nap finally and then headed back to the Museum park for their concert and a few snacks. We’ve never heard of the band playing but the atmosphere was Woodstock (am I showing my age??). On to the city center again where one bartender told us that “the dutch consider partying an art form; we do a decent job in the UK but here, its ART!!” True True. By 8pm, they were carrying people off on stretchers and if anyone was going to pass out, there was no where to fall. By 11, I’d had it and we walked back to the hotel. Quite an amazing scene all around. Ankle deep paper, garbage, overflowing portajohns and public urinals. We wondered how in the heck the street cleaners were going to cope!
We did learn the next day that most older folk and those who live in the outer areas of Amsterdam just stay home or have block party types of deals near their homes because they don’t want the hassle downtown..."
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Feb 26th, 2006, 07:41 PM
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I'm a veteran of a few Queen's Days in Amsterdam. It is the greatest street party you are ever likely to find. Activity will start on the evening of the 29th. Travelnut describes the 30th pretty well. I prefer the Spui area but the whole city is a party. Don't expect to use public transportation. There won't be any. Hope for a sunny day.
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Feb 26th, 2006, 07:45 PM
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It isn't my post, it is a report from cmeyer54... I just thought "yikes" when I read it the first time.
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Feb 27th, 2006, 09:18 AM
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This year it will be different. Queens Birthday is April 30, but that is on a sunday, which for many people is seen as a day of rest...
Therefore all acitivities and the official celebrations will take place 1 day before, on the saturday April 29!!!!!
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Feb 27th, 2006, 09:25 AM
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In any case one of the world's greatest street parties - bands everywhere, even on boats - the idea began i think as a giant flea market where anyone can stake out space on pavement and sell anything they want - and it is a huge flea market - folks stake out spaces the day before - a tremendous things to experience - huge crowds flock in and the train system into and out of Centraal Station can be shut down, as it was when i was last there a few years ago.
Enjoy! You're very lucky even though you may miss some of it if you arrive late on the 29th, Queen's Day this year as above post says.
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Apr 2nd, 2006, 09:27 AM
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My Dad and I will be in the Netherlands on QUeens Day. I am looking for an orange sweater. Will any other fodorites be there?
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