Public Transportation to/from Ubeda

Feb 7th, 2003, 05:13 PM
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Public Transportation to/from Ubeda

I'm arriving in Madrid the Sunday before Easter and will be spending 2 nights in Ubeda, 4 nights in Sevilla, and my final night in Madrid.

I'm trying to determine what bus line goes from Madrid to Ubeda so I can make reservations and ensure the timetable works with my arrival time (09:30). I know that I can take a train but the train station is 40 minutes from Ubeda. If I take the train how much would a taxi cost from the station to Ubeda or is there a bus service (with a bus that would handle a large suitcase). Another option would be to take the AVE to Cordoba and then take a bus from Cordoba to Ubeda.

From Ubeda I head to Sevilla. Again, there is a train but service is infrequent and the station is not convenient. Which bus lines service Ubeda to Sevilla?

From Sevilla to Madrid I'll be set using the AVE.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Feb 7th, 2003, 05:31 PM
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Not speaking from experience (we drove to Ubeda), but you can take a train from Madrid to Jaen and then take a bus from Jaen to Ubeda. According to my old Let's Go (2000 ed.), there's 3 trains from Madrid to Jaen (4-5 hours) and 11 buses from Jaen to Ubeda (1 hour). My Let's Go does not give any connections by bus to Madrid. Maybe you can contact the Tourism Office? My experience has been that Tourism Offices are quite helpful and may mail you a bus timetable.

You'll probably arrive pretty late in Ubeda. If you leave early on your departure morning, that would give you 1 day to walk around Ubeda and catch a bus to Baeza, which is perfect. You do not need any more time than that.
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Feb 8th, 2003, 04:34 AM
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There is direct bus service from Madrid's main bus station (Estacion Sur / Mendez Alvaro) to Ubeda. Check:

The website of La Sepulvedana, the company which operates the service, is

Click on the "buscador rutas" link on the upper right-hand side for schedules. Service is not that frequent, especially Sundays (only 2 buses a day), but this is obviously the most convenient option by far. If the schedules work out for you, I would strongly advise you to send them an email ([email protected])asking how you can book in advance - You don't want to miss the bus because it's sold out by the time you arrive in Madrid.

As you mention, another option would be to take the train to Linares/Baeza station and from there either a cab or public transportation. Train schedules and prices at:

I would check with your hotel in Ubeda regarding transportation options and pricing between the train station & Ubeda - can't imagine a cab would be more than 20 EUR.

The train/bus combo via Jaen would involve a short cab ride from the train to the bus station. Bus schedules at:

I couldn't find any direct bus service from Cordoba to Ubeda.

For your journey from Ubeda to Sevilla, I would advise you to check the various options directly in Ubeda - it's not a major trip and you will doubtless get the most current information locally.

Hope this helps,
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Feb 8th, 2003, 05:18 AM
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Out of curiosity, why did you plan your itinerary this way?

1) Flying into Madrid (from the US I imagine) if you're not going to spend any time there

2) Going clear across Andalucia to spend 2 nights in Ubeda yet not visiting Granada/Alhambra

3) Not renting a car

This is by no means an attack on your plan - if I knew more about what was changeable and what was not, perhaps I could suggest ways to make your transfers a little less cumbersome.

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Feb 10th, 2003, 01:30 PM
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Thanks for your help. It looks like the train to Linares-Baeza with a cab or bus to Ubeda will work out best as far as the timing.

As for your questions (no offense taken):

1) I got a great airfare from Los Angeles to Madrid and therefore have to fly into Madrid.

2) This will be my fourth trip to Spain since September 2001. (I'm beginning to feel that I should start a self-help group for Spain addicts)! I visited Granada and the Alhambra in Octomber 2001 and although it was incredible I don't feel like I need to return this year. I also visited Ronda/Arcos/Grazalema/Zahara during this trip. My entire trip will only be a week and I'm basically going for Semana Santa in Sevilla. I've read alot about Baeza and Ubeda and wanted to visit these cities. I figured it will be a good place to rest up after the international flight and before the excitement of Sevilla. I'm also planning a trip in September 2003 and wanted to visit Extremadura so getting to Ubeda from Extremadura would be quite a haul. As it turns out, I'll be in Ubeda at the same time as Maribel from this board and her husband so it will be a bonus getting to meet someone who has contributed so much advice on this board and enhanced my trips.

3) I'm one of those people that can't drive a stick shift and the cost of renting a car by myself that's an automatic is prohibitive. I'll also be by myself and definately like the driver/navigator deal when I do travel with a car. My solo trip in Sept 2002 throughout Northern Spain was done entirely by public transportation and it was great. I actually felt closer to the people on this trip than others when I had rented a car. Of course a car is more convenient in some regards but it can also be a hinderance.

Thanks again. All of your advice is greatly appreciated.
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Feb 16th, 2003, 11:02 AM
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Thanks for the kudos!

Sounds like you are indeed locked into that itinerary - I'm sure you'll have a great time.

I know the feeling re: not being able to drive a stick. I actually learned it almost 10 years after getting my original driver's license! Living in Switzerland, you're only allowed to drive automatics if that's what you took your driving test on, so I actually had to get a new license - a major pain, but worth it. Still hate stick shift though!

Say hi to Maribel for me! I'm the guy who told her to go to Osuna & Marchena - sure hope she enjoys it

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Feb 16th, 2003, 11:47 AM
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Hi Andre,
Kudos to you too for figuring out how to get CathyM from Madrid to Ubeda by bus. or train'bus. I had no idea that La Sepulvedana makes that run. Thought they just went to Segovia/Avila. I tried to get her from Madrid to Ubeda on Continental-Auto and came up empty. You're very, very good!

And we''ll be in Osuna/Marchena later on that week, thanks to you, on our way to Sevilla, where we hope to meet Olga!

CathyM, my fellow Spain addict,
Please add me to your self help group.
I'm really looking forward finally to meeting you. Hope we all have glorious weather for our Holy Week Andalucía adventure. A September trip to Extremadura makes me envious. I'll work on my Extremadura file for you!
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Feb 16th, 2003, 12:16 PM
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Thanks for the kudos - sounds like you have a GREAT trip to look forward to!

The site of the Madrid bus station is really handy, because they list all routes no matter who operates them. It's a shame there's no similar site for other cities/regions... hopefully just a matter of time.

I'm currently looking forward to NYC in April and Sicily in May/June - Sicily looks amazing (it was actually ruled ny the Spanish for a while).

Take care,
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Feb 16th, 2003, 05:30 PM
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Andre, you're the man! DO you want to help me plan my trip to Provence using public transportation.

CathyM - Don't feel bad about not renting a car, many times it is less stressful to use public transportation. Our car rental through Ubeda was our last rental in Europe, since we pulled a "National Lampoon's" and got the car stuck between two medieval buildings!
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