Provence late Oct


Apr 29th, 2012, 10:11 AM
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Provence late Oct

due to my wife's bad knee, we put aside any trips for the spring. Now she is feeling good and ready to walk so I got FF tickets on AA for Oct 18th and have rented 2 nice gites near Nice and Les Arcs for a week each - finish up in Paris for 3 days like last year

I am quessing we will miss any grape harvesting that late?

How about the Mistral - starting that time of year?

what will the markets have to offer for veggies etc?

I would think we the region will be pretty quiet that time of year but most sites open yet?

any thoughts on the above and "don't miss" suggestions will be most appreciated!!
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Apr 29th, 2012, 11:42 AM
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Les Arcs/Draguignan area is pleasing in the small ways that some people seek in Provence. Restaurants and small wineries dot the rolling countryside. Farmer's markets move from town to town during the week. St-Tropez is an hour's drive away. The spectacular gorges at Verdon (not the Verdun up north) can make an easy day-trip.
As a long-time regional centre, Draguignan has its share of well-aged buildings and historical connections. One notable site, from the Second World War, is the Rhone American Cemetery and Memorial which commemorates the second invasion, after Normandy. US troops landed on the southern beaches, including such now-notable crescents as St-Tropez, linked up with the French irregulars and headed north to meet the main forces at Lyon. Overshadowed by the northern actions, this part of the war deserves a respectful look.
The French army maintains an artillery school just east of the town. It allows the public to visit its museum covering many wars, although I couldn't find a link showing the hours. The tourist office in the middle of town (2 Ave. Carnot) can probably help. There are also aging military pieces parked around the compound although the training manoeuvres are located well to the northeast.
Some links
The region is called Dracenie and has this website which includes a schedule of public markets (in French).
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Apr 29th, 2012, 12:12 PM
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I wouldn't be too worried about what is in the markets.

We had an apartment in Aix about 4 years ago, that was directly across from the large marketplace in town. The one shown on Rick Steeves and elsewhere.

My wife saw an apple that she wanted to buy. After looking at the sticker on the apple, it read 'Chile'.

Try this for the mistral.
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Apr 29th, 2012, 12:26 PM
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Dsevig -

Let's see...

Grape harvest ? - you'll have missed it., but on the plus side, you should see lots of fall colors in the vineyards.

Mistral ? - no season for that one, can and does blow any time of the year.

Markets ? - will have all sorts of fall veggies and possibly mushrooms depending on weather conditions.

Open or not ? - vast majority of sites will be open. Rural, "touristy" spots will be starting to quiet down, so that is nice. Nice is a big city of course, so will be booming as ever.

Enjoy - late October can be a great time of year.

- Kevin
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