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kywood1955 Nov 2nd, 2008 02:23 PM

Prices in Azores
Are the prices of food, transportation, etc. more or less than the rest of Europe? Just wondering since they are islands and have to import more things than the mainland, if the prices reflect such. Thanks in advance for any/all information.

travelme Nov 2nd, 2008 02:30 PM

I was in the Azores last year and found the prices not too bad even with the exchange rate. I found eating out less expensive than in Spain. You will love the Azores. Sao Miguel is just beautiful. Try to go to Furnas and Sete Cidades while you are there. Also the pineapple is wonderful there.
By the way, I kept my receipts for food while when we shopped and tough the prices were very reasonable.

NEDSIRELAND Nov 2nd, 2008 02:35 PM

I can only tell of my experiences on Sao Miguel & Terceira: Taxis (like from Joao Paul II airport on Sao Miguel) are reasonable. Meal prices are comparable & there's even a brewery on Sao Miguel where they produce a pretty good brew. Those are the two largest Islands and they are pretty much self sufficient.

They make some great ceramics on Terceira - I brought some home with me.

basingstoke2 Nov 2nd, 2008 06:07 PM

You will find the prices reasonable at most restaurants. Transportation depends on the Island you are on. All have good bus transportation but I prefer to rent a car. Which Islands will you visit? I have been to the Azores 14X but mostly Terceira and also Pico, Sao Jorge, and Faial. Those are the central group. When do you intend to go? Spring through fall are the best, but winter is good too - just not as many flowers. The street bull fights are from May through October, peaking in the summer months and great fun. The bulls are not harmed.

You will find many people who speak English on Terceira since there is a large USAF base on the Island - it is a lovely place as are all of the islands and they each have something unique to offer. Terceira has one of my favorite restaurants anywhere - Quinta do Martelo in upper Beira Mar. If you are visiting Terceira it is not to be missed. I like the Restaurante Beira Mar in the fishing town of lower Beira Mar too. We spent a memorable Christmas eve there. Great fresh fish at bargain prices.

Faial can be a bit pricier than the others because it is a stopover for the international yachting crowd. The marina is striking. Pico is wild and rugged with spectacular and unusual flora.

IMO the islands are best seen by car. Some of the best areas are just not reachable by public transportation. Since the Islands are not too large, it is hard to get lost.

Sassafrass Nov 2nd, 2008 09:58 PM

The prices seemed reasonable when we were there, but best of all, one of the most memorable meals I've ever had in all of our travels anywhere was on Terceira, in a little town not too far from the US Airbase. Fresh fish with potatoes and a cheese sauce - almost worth a trip just for the food. I lost the name of it, but perhaps it was one Basingstoke2 referred to. Just fantastic!

basingstoke2 Nov 3rd, 2008 02:07 AM

Sassafrass - Sounds like like you are speaking of O Pescador in the town of Praia da Vitoria, a charming town near the airbase - indeed a memorable restauurant. Terceira has 2 main towns, that and Angra do Heroismo, a world heritage city.

Quinta do Martelo is on the other side of the island up in the hills. Its theme is to replicate dining as it was 100 years ago with the authentic cuisine of the Island in time past. The small restaurant is on a working farm. They make everything the old way and that includes weaving their own napkins and tablecloths, making their own dishes in their own pottery, etc. There is a B&B on the property as well. Their homemade blackberry liquor is to die for.

To answer the OP question more specifically, since many of the Azore islands are off the tourist path, you don't find tourist prices. On Terceira a fine meal will usually be under $20. The best restaurants about $5-10 more and the more common restaurant $5-10 less. It is easy to eat well for $10 at dinner at many places.

basingstoke2 Nov 3rd, 2008 05:02 AM

BTW, an excellent web-site for the Azores with lots of pictures and slide shows is:

For a slide show of Quinta do Martelo click "Houses" and scroll down to the site. The restaurant is the building on the right in picture #9.

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