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Helena Nov 11th, 1997 04:40 AM

Prague to Krakow - best directions for driving
Two of us will be driving from Prague to Krakow soon, and are undecided about the route. Does anyone have any recent experience in this area? We decided not to take a train, because the only option is overnight, which I'm not comfortable with. Also, can anyone recommend where to stay - in Krakow or near Auschwitz? Thanks!!

John Nov 11th, 1997 11:44 AM

I envy your trip to Prague! My wife and I did the reverse, we drove from Krakow to Prague. We were told the best way is via the main toll road south through BRNO. Remember you must purchase a toll sticker for you car FIRST. The ticket for not having a sticker is STEEP! We left Auschwitz in the afternoon and stopped in the wonderful town of Olomouci. We stayed at the hotel uDomu (phone: 68/5220502) and recommend it highly. We had no idea what Olomouci was like. We stumbled upon it as it was dark and we needed a place to stay. We were enchanted by its beautiful downtown area which is very friendly and not yet over commercialzed. It is a nice break point between Prague and Krakow.

The toll road is great and you can make good time. The side roads are in good shape but are very winding and slow going. Our map was not very detailed in the area around Auschwitz and we took some round-about routes. The people are very friendly and we found plenty of gas stations, food, etc. We did not notice any hotels near Auschwitz so your best bet is to stay closer to Krakow.

Good luck and have fun.


Helena Nov 25th, 1997 01:18 AM

John: Thank you for your advice! I just returned back to Prague after the few days in Krakow. We did take the highway to Brno, but hit snow and fog between Olomouc and Krakow which really slowed it down. We stayed at the Grand Hotel in Krakow, saw Auschwitz and Birkenau, and ate truly local food. Not a happy place, but important in History. It's interesting, also, how Krakow compares to Prague, in terms of economic development. I've been in Prague for about four years, and found Krakow an interesting reflection on "eastern europe." It's like what Prague felt like in '88. Again, thanks for the input! Helena.

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