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Dave_ Jan 18th, 2004 02:08 PM

Prague Room - feedback wanted
I read in one post a recommendation for the Prague Room ( I can't find the post again because when I search for "Prague Room" it throws up all threads with both these words in, which is a lot.

Does anyone have any comments about it? We are a group of five and will be looking for somewhere for three nights in mid-March. We would have one of the self-contained apartments.

Originally I was looking for somewhere nearer Wenceslas Square, but it seems getting around Prague will be easy so this location nearer the Castle shoudn't be a disadvantage.

TuckH Jan 18th, 2004 03:32 PM

otis Jan 18th, 2004 10:30 PM

i stayed there last march....the
location is is on the
main street that leads up to the
castle....lots of resteraunts
in the will have to
walk up a steep hill to get back to your
room at night so if any of you are
elderly or you have trouble getting
around ya might wanna consider it
....the rooms were average
and the people that you rent off
of are great....they were happy
to call cabs or make train reservations
for us....we stayed in a room that
had a computer in was nice
to be able to send an email back
home from my room

if you like fancy accomodations it
might not be for you.....i'm a
working class joe who likes to get
a good value and i think that this
is that....bottom line is i would
stay there again on my next trip

hope this helps :)

jasoncholt Jan 26th, 2004 12:03 PM

I visited the Prague room three days ago as part of my travels around the city. The original "room" is still available. It is spacious and is the only one that comes with free internet. The self contained apartments are on the 1st, 2nd and third floors. The ones on the first and second are "L" shaped and approximately 70 square metres. The third floor is a bit of a rabbit warren of rooms but, all clean and tidy. All the apartments are clean but basically furnished with single beds and/or sofa beds. The owner makes a big effort to make your stay a nice one.


isabel Jan 26th, 2004 01:15 PM

Otis and Jason - I am also considering prague room and have a few questions. Their website says they are a 6 minute walk from Charles Bridge. On the map I have it looks like about a quarter mile. Does that sound accurate? And if it is, how steep are we talking? I don't want a major hike every time I want to go back to the room, but it seems that it would have to be pretty much straight up hill for a quarter mile walk to be much of an issue. Can you elaborate a little more on it's location and ease of getting to it.

Also, are the prices quoted on their web site per room or per person? I will be traveling alone. For their "homestay" they say the price is $57 which sounds pretty low. Thanks

jasoncholt Jan 29th, 2004 09:49 AM

The Prague room is at number 10 in Nerudova which is at the lower end which is about 150 metres from Malostanske Namesti. I think 6 mins to the charles bridge is too much as I would say 4 mins. There are various billing arrangements but, pretty much on the booking form you put down how many people in what type of bed i.e. single or double and then whatever quote you get is what you pay (in your currency no czech korun). The uphill walk is to the castle but, if you've done it once, you won't being walking up the hill again.


kjenn Mar 29th, 2005 05:32 AM

otis or jasoncholt

I have also looked at this place, and I have a question. Are the rooms fairly private, or do you have to go through a living area to get there? We are looking at the small and middle embassy rooms. Thanks..

CollK Mar 29th, 2005 06:28 AM

We stayed in the "luxury one bedroom apartment" last October for three nights. It was a good deal for $110 US per night - very clean, recently renovated, nice kitchen, big main room with a large bed (king size) and three single beds, lots of closet space, large bathroom with shower and sink and separate room for the toilet. We liked the location on Nerudova St and never felt like it was a terribly long walk from the Charles Bridge. I liked staying on that side of Prague it meant we walked across the bridge a couple times a day which I enjoyed. There are lots of bars, restaurants, shops, etc. nearby. Its on the fourth floor (European third I guess) which means its a long haul up but once there it was quiet. The apartment furnishings are very basic and they don't include many extras -- the kitchen is nice and modern but besides a few dishes, frying pan, tea kettle and toaster there isn't much else and they don't provide as much as a dish towel, paper towels, sponge, etc. They did provide two bath towels and gave us two new ones once during our stay but we had to ask for them. There's no TV, phone, picture on the wall or even a clock. The woman we dealt with was really nice and helpful, she met us when we arrived and also set up a taxi to the airport when we left.

All in all I'd recommend it -- I kind've complained about it in a previous post -- just that it was very plain -- but I think it is a really good value for the money. If you do a search by pragueroom (one word), I think you'll find more threads.

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