Aug 12th, 1997, 07:10 AM
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Have read about the perils involved with traveling to these sights, but what about the good parts - I know there are some. Will visit "the camp" in Poland; not focused about Prague. Suggestions are surely welcome. Particulary places to eat. Thanks
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Aug 12th, 1997, 10:32 PM
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Eat lunch at the best restaurant in Poland which is located off the main square in Cracow. The menu is extensive and interesting and the prices very reasonable for the category of the place - service friendly and efficient. Unfortunately, I can't remember its name but you will be able to locate it in Fodor's or other guidebooks I expect. Get a table at a window and enjoy the view of the square's human traffic while you dine. Also, recommend you visit the museum at the Jagellonian university where Copernicus' original instruments are displayed as well as an interesting tour through the formal reception and dining hall.
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Aug 17th, 1997, 02:39 PM
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Kathy: I spent a couple days in Prague during May this year. It is a beautiful city. Since I only had
a few days I took a city bus tour as there is so much to see. Prague is a place not to miss. Also
there is a concentration camp near Prague(Terezin)
that is worth a visit. Regards, Ed
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Sep 13th, 1997, 02:43 PM
Jonathan V. Ward
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I think that any perils involved with Krakow would be a needless worry. I lived in Poland for two years and I can say that Eastern Europe is probably safer than Western Europe, although in E. Europe you do have to deal with less comfort, less English-speakers, and a bit more rudeness. Krakow is beautiful! What I enjoyed especially were the cellar bars all around the Main Square ( the Rynek). You descend from street level straight into a smoke-filled, unit bars with great, cheap beer. Good places to just hang out! I would recommend the Free Pub on Ul. Slawinska, but there are plenty of others. What else about Krakow? The Main Square is enormous, one of the biggest in Europe. Its fun just to walk around and look at all the architecture. One of the museums has an incredible painting by Da Vinci, Lady With an Ermine. Also of course there is Kazimierz, the old Jewish district, empty and somewhat eerie. Oh! almost forgot, the shops in the town hall at the Main Square are full of great items, from kitschy to handcrafted pieces that are fun and usually, E. European great bargains. And if you have the time, go to Zakopane, a mountain resort about 2-3 hours south by bus along the Slovakian border. Great hiking all over. If you have any more questions, let me know. Good luck. Jonathan
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