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lisa peretz Apr 24th, 2000 08:26 AM

Prada outle in Montevarchi? I Pelletatia
Can anyone give me accurate directions from Gaiole (Badia e Coltibuono) to the Prada outlet. I know its not actually called that, but I promised a few people I would bring them gifts. Thanks.

Paulo Apr 25th, 2000 11:16 AM

If you mean the "I Pellettieri d'Italia" store this is in the little village of Levanella, on the S69 highway. From Badia Coltibuono follow east on S408 till you hit S69. Turn south and drive about 3km past Montevarchi. <BR> <BR>Paulo <BR> <BR>PS. One you're at it, you may as well consider stretching your drive (1/2 hour) to the Gucci outlet (closed Sunday and Tuesday afternoon) on Via Aretina, in the village of Leccio, near Reggello. Take S69 north till Incisa; then turn east to cross the Autostrada A1 and continue till you hit Leccio. <BR>

lisa peretz Apr 25th, 2000 12:23 PM

For I Pellettieri d'Italia: After Montevarchi, then what? Someone said something about a gas station????? <BR>I hear its really hard to find.

gb Apr 25th, 2000 02:38 PM

Paulo, Do you know any more outlets in Italy? Thanks

Paulo Apr 26th, 2000 04:09 AM

Lisa <BR>Though I drove the S69 highway once in the past, I unfortunately wasn't looking for the store ... I don't even know if it existed then (1997)! The directions above are based on its address taken from the Dolce Vita guide. It's on S69 for sure ... so it's hard to believe that it could be hard to find. Well, it may be an estate with a green fence of sorts, and a non identified entrance on the road. It must be a place with a reasonable parking lot because it's on the itinerary of many bus tours in Tuscany. Anyways, you may just call them (see below) before going, or ask around in Levanella if you haven't found them on your way there. <BR> <BR>Gb <BR>I have no personal experience with outlets in Italy (though my wife loves to shop :-). This is a relatively new and many outlets are popping up each year. You may want to give a look at Dolce Vita's guide to outlets in Italy (you may either make a search by Region or by Product): <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>You may also wish to give a look at <BR> <BR> <BR>Paulo <BR> <BR>

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