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KMS Jun 19th, 2003 03:20 PM

Possibly changing Italy itinerary, can you help??
I have been planning this trip to Italy for a long time now and it's finally getting closer! We were all set, but due to some budget and timing considerations, we are thinking of making slight changes.

I would like people to "choose" which of these 3 plans sounds like a winner. Please keep in mind the following:
- 5 nights in Florence is set in stone
- I am VERY hesitant to give up the nights in Tuscany (Locada Dell'Amorosa in Sinalunga)
- Flying in and out of Rome
- First, but not last time to Italy
- Florence time will include 1-2 day trips around Tuscany

#1 (original itinerary): 3 nights Venice>5 nights Florence>2 nights Tuscany>3 nights Rome

#2: 5 nights Florence>3 nights Tuscany>5 nights Rome

#3: 4 nights Venice>5 nights Florence>3 nights Tuscany>1 night Rome

It boils down to whether or not we want to give up Venice for Rome, or Rome for Venice. Any thoughts?

sbprop Jun 19th, 2003 03:35 PM

Having visited Florence last year...a couple suggestions.. number one...go to Siena....its a must see...
San Gimanio and Luca are other possible day trips...I did San Gimianio and lucked out as they had a renissance fair the same day...
In your ticket to the Ufitzi and the National Gallerie (with David) at any muesuem...I cant remember ...but the one with Fra Angellico Frescoes is not to busy...and that way you can avoid all of the ques...Pick a day you want to see those muesums and try to arrange it for the same day...

As for Rome or Venice...Im flying to Venice in 2 weeks...So thats my vote...But Ive done both already... If you have never been to Rome...its spectacular...

Possible out of the way trips if you go to Venice...Manatova (Manchua ) was also amazing with the Old Palace...

Last bit of advice...limit your Gelato intake to only two to three times a day : Have fun

Natalia Jun 19th, 2003 04:10 PM

Do you like big cities? If so I would choose #2 plan. If you want a small unique place, I would choose #3.
I think it is a toss up really, if you know that you are going to return.
I am just glad you are not trying to overdo on your first trip, you will be glad either way that you chose to spend a few nights in each place.
A thought: since you are going to be taking day trips to Tuscany, why not cut out the three nights this trip and add Venice back in the mix? Then next trip concentrate on Tuscany and maybe Umbria?

cparris Jun 19th, 2003 04:19 PM

You are flying in and out of Rome so you should see it! Are you taking the train or driving or a combination?

critch Jun 19th, 2003 04:22 PM

We were to Italy last fall. We flew into Rome and had 3 nights there.We drove down to the Amalfi coast and spent 2 nights there-saw the coast and Pompeii. @ nights in Tuscany, 2 nights in Florence, 2 nights in Cinque Terra and 2 nights in Venice. We didn't feel rushed and purposely put small towns between big cities so we were relaxed. I absolutely loved Venice. Enjoyed seeing Rome but don't need to go back. Would go back to Tuscany and to Venice. Thats my opinion for what its worth. I would pick Venice over Rome.

KMS Jun 19th, 2003 04:25 PM

If we kept Venice, we would fly from Rome to Venice and train from Venice to Florence. After Florence, we would drive through Tuscany and drop off the car in Rome.

bobthenavigator Jun 19th, 2003 04:50 PM

Your flight connections decide for you.
Do Rome this time--save Venice for your next trip and include the Lakes and the Cinque terre--a good north Italy trip.

KMS Jun 19th, 2003 05:08 PM

Thank you everyone for your replies.

Bob- in your opinion, would it be too much then to split up my time in Tuscany to 1 night in San G (where we could do Volterra in the day, then night in San G), then 2 nights at Locanda Dell'Amorosa? I hate to stay anywhere just 1 night, but it doesn't seem like it would be too hectic in the middle of 5 night stays on either side!

e_roz Jun 19th, 2003 06:11 PM

Keep Tuscany. Go to Venice. Stay in the N/Central. Save Rome and Amalfi Coast for another trip some day!

bobthenavigator Jun 19th, 2003 06:25 PM

I am not sure of your timimg, but I assume you will get a car as you leave Florence and head south. If so, then see those 2 hill towns that day, ending at Sinalunga. You can be in San G. by mid-morning[I know, you want the nite there], see Volterra after lunch, and still be in Sinalunga by 5:00. That to me is better than changing hotels.
You will love Amorosa ! Buona fortuna and have fun.

bluefan Jun 19th, 2003 06:56 PM

agree with Bob! Since you're flying in and out of Rome, stick with Plan 2 or some variation of it. Make Venice, CT and the Lakes your next trip.

8 nights in Tuscany and 5 nights in Rome sounds IDEAL!!! I'm envious!!! =:)

WanderingTexan Jun 19th, 2003 07:45 PM

I like your original plan the best! I would spend 5 nights in Rome and 3 in Florence, but I understand that Florence is set in stone, so stick with the original plan. You will regret not going to Venice. I have stayed at the Amorosa and loved it and Tuscany. Have a great trip!

Allison Jun 19th, 2003 08:03 PM

When exactly are you going? One thing that I would keep in mind is the weather. I just returned from Italy and the temperature was in the 90's. I love Florence and Rome, but in the heat is quite another story. I would concentrate more on some of the smaller towns. We met two couples on their honeymoons that cut their visits to Rome and Florence short and took a train to the Cinque Terre. I stayed in Lucca and visted Florence from there. The several night stays are good, if it's warm, it gives you a bit more time to relax. Have a great trip!

Amanda Jun 20th, 2003 01:58 AM

I would do 4 nights Venice, 5 nights Florence - 3 to see Florence, 2 for day trips to Sienna, Tuscan countryside and San Gimmigniano ( if you must - too touristy for me), 4 nights Rome. (1/2 day trip to Pompeii if you like). Hotel Do Pozzi in Venice well air-conditioned, nice breakfast in pleasant courtyard, and extremely well-positioned - few minutes walk to San Marco or Accademia bridge.

Alice_Twain Jun 20th, 2003 02:54 AM

There is little sense in flying to venice unless you want to leave right away from the airport: the price of the flight does not allow any real time saving ( approx 5 hours by train,m approx 1 hour flight, + 3,5 hours to get to the airport, check in, check out reach Venice: train is a better deal!) Anyhow, much depends on you. Rome is a great place, a place I would move to. It's a big, lively city, with lots of things to see and do, it's not just a place with historical monuments to see, it's a place where life feels good. Venice is exactly the opposite, a very scenic place with no real life. Everything is so tourism-oriented that, despite their undisputable "reality", even the buildings look fake, like a scenary of a movie. Yet it can leave some people with mouth agape. You find out it _sucks_ if you just allow yourself time to in some depth, while the charm of Rome increases as you ge to know the city better.

nanb Jun 20th, 2003 03:10 AM

# 2-
Rome is a wonderful city !!!!
heat or not.
Venice is also lovely,
but stick to the west coast
As you have said, this is your first, but not last time to italy.

With Rome you can also do daytrips.

Or you could also do a variation on #2
Florence- then add 1-2 more days for Tuscany/Umbria area
and then at least 3 nights Rome.

Whatever, have a blast !!!!!

MFNYC Jun 20th, 2003 08:17 AM

I'd stick with #1. Rome & Venice are a must and you still have enough time to explore the tuscany area.

elaine Jun 20th, 2003 10:28 AM

I'm on bobthenavigator's team, as usual. Venice is my all-time favorite, but...
You have to be in Rome, see Rome, do it proud, then see Florence and whatever of Tuscany you can work in..So that's #2.
But, please plan another trip that includes Venice, you've just got to see it. You can get there from the USA (if that's where you are from) direct from JFK (Delta), or else by changing planes at any number of European hubs.

RufusTFirefly Jun 20th, 2003 01:17 PM

Venice is our favorite destination in Italy. The more time we spent there and had the opportunity to explore the city away from daytripper impacted areas, the more we loved it.

Alice, I know you're supposed to be an expert on Italy given that you're there, but sometimes I find it hard to believe you've seen anything of Venice beyond the daytripper route from the train station to P. San Marco. To say that "everything" is tourist-driven is just incorrect. Most of the city is not tourist-driven at all since relatively few tourists ever wander away from the beaten path. The charm of Venice grows the longer one stays and explores.

Dori Jun 20th, 2003 01:37 PM

Even anonymously on this board, I hesitate to even say anything anti-Venice. But I have to say, I do agree with Alice 100%!

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