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evacenteno1311 Jan 21st, 2022 03:22 PM

Portugal to Malaga
I am planning my covid escape trip in August! Hopefully all will be well by then. Can anyone comment on this itinerary, add anything I am missing, or maybe a good restaurant etc?

We are flying into Porto from New York:
4 nights Porto - drive ( or maybe get a driver? to Duoro)
4 nights in total ( 2 at a beautiful spa and 2 at a Quintas not sure which yet suggestions welcomed)
Transfer or drive to Areias do Seixo for 2 nights
5 nights lisbon
Drive to the Algarve and spend 5 nights and then drive to Malaga where we rented a home in cabopino for two weeks

If I get to do this I will be really happy. :)

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed fodorites! I always love your input and posts. We are not looking for lot's of running around and monasteries etc. We want to enjoy the culture, food, people, just being in a new environment. It has been awhile since we have even conducted life normally, let's hope in August we can!

Rubicund Jan 22nd, 2022 03:30 AM

Just a comment about hiring a car and taking it into Spain from Portugal. There will be a big drop off fee to allow for the car being returned to Portugal from Spain, always assuming that you get permission to take in into Spain. Some companies don't allow cross border rentals. If you're renting and not leasing you'll have to use one of the big companies, as local concerns definitely won't allow the car being taken into Spain.

Sintra is a good day out from Lisbon and if you're in to wine, there are lots of opportunities from Porto, obviously Port but lovely wines in the Alentejo and a fantastic old town at Coimbra.

evacenteno1311 Jan 27th, 2022 05:02 AM

So the itinerary has changed once again. This is how it looks now:

Fly into Porto from New York - 4 nights ( not sure if I will choose The Yeatman Hotel or the Myo Design Apt?)
Drive ( or get a driver?) to Duoro Valley 4 nights
Drive ( or get a driver?) to Lisbon 5 nights
Drive to Alentejo 2 nights?
Drive to Algarve 5 nights
Drive back to Lisbon drop off car and fly to Madeira for the last 2 weeks

I am still not sure about Madeira. I know it is a long time there but we have 5 weeks in total. In normal times I probably would include another country but we are not living in normal times and I just hope we can even do this! Any thoughts? Suggestions?

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