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Monica Dec 1st, 1997 09:20 PM

Portugal...non-traditional tourist accomodations and adventures?
Portugal...non-traditional tourist accomidations and adventures? Have 2 week for vaca for tour of Lisbon, Porto, Algrave and possibly Madiera. Looking for b&b feel. Planning trip for a couple of lovers. Any suggestions or feedback? Thanks.

BOB THE NAVIGATOR Dec 2nd, 1997 01:33 PM

Monica, I know Portugal well but would need to know
when,car or train,travel style, and what non-trad.
means---is that back-packing or just low budget.
Think of Portugal in 4 areas---greater Lisbon,the
Algarve, the north and minho, and the central plains. All are worthy--depending on time of year.
I plan custom itineraries for people like you.
Let me know how I can help.

Monica Dec 2nd, 1997 08:33 PM

reply to you bob. have looked at some guide books and hope we're able, within 2 weeks in Feb 98, to fly onto Lisbon from US, stay in Lisbon for a few days see museums, coffee houses. Take either train or rent car to stop a few places up the coast, north or minho, including Porto for a day or two, check out some great Fado music and such. Then possibly head to Madiera. We looking for that b&b non-commercial stay, wither rural or urban that will include privacy and own bath. No camping or backpacking. Not because of lack of interest, more a lack of knowledge in area. We're flexible people who like to experience 100%25 of the culture not necessarily a "guide through". Any deatils would be appreciated.

Bob Barr Dec 3rd, 1997 01:28 PM

Bob: I need some info about money exchange. Page XVIII of Fodor's "Portugal" says that there are ATM's that connect to theCirrus and Plus networks and can be used to draw cash from banks at home. I have talked to four local banks and they told me that there are more than 5000 machines total that I can access. Then I found on page 66 of Fodor's that the networks *can't* be accessed anywhere in Portugal.

Can you tell me which is correct? We are going to the Algarve for 4 weeks so it would be nice to be able to just pickup reasonable amounts of escudos instead of packing travellers cheques.

Tom Dec 3rd, 1997 02:07 PM

Monica, Bob and Bob: This seems like a good forum to discuss Portugal. I'm leaving from the States on Dec. 27th for Lisbon on an 11 day trip. The current schedule is two days Lisbon (Pensoa Londres in the Bairro Alto -- 7200 esc.), then a rapid train to Faro in the Algarve to escape the rain, pick up a car at the train station, then off to Tavira (1-2 days). Beyond that, my plans are open. Any suggestion? Ever been to Lagos, Caldas de Monchique, Evora, Beja? All sound wonderful but I don't want to stretch myself too thin. Thanks for the help and I'll pass on anything I hear from other sources.
Tom in New Orleans

vicky Dec 4th, 1997 09:54 AM

I found this web site very helpful. Check out the travel logs and post it notes. I am also planning a trip to Portugal in May/June. Please let me know how you liked Taveria. That is one of the places we are going. I also heard Sagres is nice.

David Barber Dec 4th, 1997 12:35 PM

I went thru the Algarve last year. There are some
very ritzy spots, with the works, and then there
are places like Sagres. We stayed in a nice room
for $14 a night, which overlooked the Atlantic and
the fortress. The hike to the 'lighthouse at the
end of the world' is wonderful, and the terrain is
terribly interesting, kind of like hiking the moon
but with higher gravity. There are many places to climb rocks, and for the <I>Really</I> daring you can climb down the cliff face with the fishers. An
Absolutely amazing area.<P>
Be warned that it has the potential to be scary in high tourist season, and stay away from the seafood salad :) <P>

BOB THE NAVIGATOR Dec 5th, 1997 02:37 PM

Wow--we have opened the flood gates on Portugal.
First, Bob, had no problem with ATMs in Portugal.
Even hit one on Sunday in a small town in the Minho.
Portugal is diverse so it is hard to answer all the
various questions. The Algarve is a different world,
but the best is Praia de Rocha, Lagos, and Sagres.
If I had 2 weeks to see Portugal I would prioritize
as follows: Stay at Cascais to do Lisbon and Sintra.
From there hit Obidos, Nazare, Viano do Castelo,
Ponte de Lima, Braga, Castelo de Vide/Marvao,Estromoz Evora, then down to Algarve. This is quick
but you can fill in the blanks. I can plan a custom
trip for those who want detailed help. Contact me
directly with more about when, how long,budget etc.

Charla Dec 15th, 1997 12:02 PM

I will be in Portugal in February '98. I will begin my three weeks in Lisbon and then go to Lagos for a week in a time-share. After leaving the south I would like to do some "exploring" via car. I would like to incorporate visits to some pousadas and see as much as possible in 10 days. Any advice would be appreciated.

P.S. Are reservations in small towns necessary?
I will be in Portugal during Carnival what are your reccommendations?

Ed Lima Jan 26th, 1998 05:57 AM

We have planned a circular tour of Portugal you may find interesting--fly to Lisbon then drive to Tomar to stay at a pousada--2 days then on to Coimbra at a pousada--then to Crato 2 days at a pousada 2 days then to Evora at a pousada 2 days then to Lisbon for 5 days then return---if you need names and details write me direct and can send you all info including web sites etc...our travel agent booked everything quick and cheap because we had all the required info before booking!!!! ed lima

Jill Jan 26th, 1998 10:28 PM

For a one week "Algarve" holiday of swimming and relaxing in a smaller community with clean and reasonably priced accommodation, where do you recommend? What are the going rates to fly from London to Faro (state currency)?

Fiona Neilands Jan 27th, 1998 02:31 AM

In reply to Jill, I've been looking at flying to Faro in late March, there are loads of good deals around but obviously these won't be as good later in the year. Average deal was around 100 british pounds although prices of 70 and 80 pounds were also advertised - presumably you have to be very flexible to get these.
Shop around I found places were willing to drop there prices if you mentioned you'd got a better deal elsewhere.

Marion Westenberg Feb 10th, 1998 10:26 PM

What a lot of wonderful stuff about Portugal! We are planning a week in Lisbon with our daughter and son in law after a wedding in Holland on the 28th of March. We are flying in from Canada, the kids from Prague, then we hope to fly together from Amsterdam to Lisbon on Sunday 29 March. Talk about complicated. Unfortunately it is just on the cusp of "winter" and "summer" package deals. Any suggestions of inexpensive hotels in Cascais, which we would prefer to Lisbon proper? We had hoped to be able to "exchange" one of our 2 timeshares there, so that we would have "free" accommodation, but there is nothing in the timeshare Bank at the moment, just in the Algarve, or a nice one in Malaga. Anyone been there? As far as hotel costs go in Cascais, we look into 15.000 to 2000 escudos max. Another question: would Evora be a nice choice for a week, with day trips around the area, and at least one day into Lisbon? Apparently there is a couple that rents apartments there. I can't see on the map how far this Evora would be from Lisbon. Any info, please! Marion.

john Jan 17th, 2000 03:56 PM

What is the weather going to like in Lisbon in the first weeks of March and will Lisbon/Portugal be mobbed for "carnival" March 2-12 ?

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