Plus-size clothing stores in Paris

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I also recall one of the major department stores carrying large size but cannot recall which one. Check this link to a similar question
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I'm a bit larger than average on top and have a hard time finding blouses that fit nicely in Paris. I've had very good luck at C&A. It's a dutch dept. store. There is one in the Montparnasse tower, and a larger store on the Rue de Rivoli. I buy most of my tops there. Good luck.
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I only know of one shop in Paris and that is Ulla Popkin. I cannot remember the address but it is walking distance from Galleries Lafayette. My hotel was across the street from Tower Records and we turned right toward Galleries Lafayette and walked a few blocks and it was on my right. There is a website. I think the company originates from Holland, perhaps? There is a store in the US in California. They had some very nice things and they are moderately priced, about the same as Lane Bryant in the malls. I wear a 54 (French) and in America I am a 22/24. The 54's at Ulla Popkin are VERY roomy. I also found a shop in a mall in the outskirts of Grenoble that had some clothing that went to 54 so I was able to buy 2 tops. I would be interested in learning of any stores that sell designer clothing in larger sizes.

In my 3 trips to France I have only seen a woman my size once. She was dressed beautifully in an earthtone woolen looking suit with a hip length swing jacket. I wanted to stop her and ask her where she got her outfit but did not know enough French to do so. When I can back to the states, I happened to be browsing through a pattern catalog at the fabric store (Burda Patterns) and found the very same outfit in a pattern which I promptly bought! It's not the same thrill as owning something bought in Paris but the outfit was too beautiful and flattering to those of us who are short and round to pass up.
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I returned form Paris a couple weeks ago. Thanks again for all the suggestions. Unfortunately I didnít do a lot of shopping for clothing (a week passes so quickly!), but did get lots of accessories (scarves, bracelets, earrings).

The one store I did visit was C&A since I was in the area. Clothing was really inexpensive, and the regular sections went up to a size 48/50, so I bought a few trendy pieces here which I didnít think would be needed beyond one season. They also had a plus size section (sorry I donít recall the sizes in this area) but clothes were not very fashionable in this area.
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Another French chain offering plus sizes is La Redoute. Plus sizes in C&A go up to the equivalent of a 3X US. Their clothing is very inexpensive which comes in handy if you are in a pinch like maybe you arrive but your luggage doesn't.

As for men, there is a great men's big and tall shop in the st germain de pres area - I spotted it several years ago when shopping at the street market there on a Sunday morning. Beautiful clothing and a very good selection.

Obesity is slowly but surely creeping into France. Watch a little television there and you will see all the commercials for diet programs, lite foods and other weight reducing paraphenalia.
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"Delicate sizing." LOL

I think I will now incorporate that into my daily ling. I'm not "delicate" either.

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H&M has a fairly good selection of plus sized clothing as well (it's sold under BiB = Big is Beautiful). They have it in most H&M stores in Belgium, don't know about Paris though.
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I'll put in a good word also for C & A. It's reasonably priced and has larger sizes. I especially love the coat and jacket selection there.

have a great trip!

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I (size 24, tall) find the only answer in Paris - or London, where I'm based, or Rome - is Marina Rinaldi. Others have mentioned this upmarket Italian brand, part of the Maxmara group. Though not cheap, for me, they are the only makers really worth bothering with in terms of style and quality, whether you're looking for casual stuff or smart. The selection of clothes varies slightly in each of their stores, though in the company owned stores the sizes always go up to 26 (see below).

Their shops are not hard to find in Paris - one store in Rue St Honore in the 1st arrondissement, one in Rue du Four, near St Germain on the Left Bank, and one in Ave Victor Hugo. In London, they're in Old Bond Street (plus some of their styles are in Harrods and Selfridges) and in Rome and Milan very near the top shopping streets (Via Condotti etc).
Contrary to what someone said, they go
up to a Size 31 in their own unique sizing system (equals size 26 in UK terms, hope you can translate). For what it's worth, I usually find the choice and price best in the stores in Italy, as you'd expect. There's one in all major/middling towns there. But I've also found some great things in the Paris shops, including just last weekend (though the winter lines are getting a bit depleted by now).
Another Italian range also to be found in Rue St Honore, Paris, and in other European capitals, is Elena Miro. They also try hard, though I personally don't find it easy to find things I like there. I'm not sure why, but think it's the colours, some of the fabrics being obviously 'artificial' and the fact the tops are short on someone tall. However, others with differernt colouring, height etc might really like them.

As for some of the UK places mentioned, it's up to everyone to decide for themselves of course, but the quality of Evans and C and A just isn't good enough for me. Also the Marks and Spencer Plus Range (up to 28) is in my view very disappointing, though you can occasionally get a few basics. However, their 'ordinary' ranges go up to 22 or - unfortunately, in the case of the more fashionable ranges - 18. Again, they're rather short in the body - so the 22s might be fine on less tall people.

Good hunting! There's still plenty more scope for classy, fun interesting fashion in large sizes!
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Thanks for the updates! I'm going to Paris next year and can't wait!
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An article somewhere in the last week discussed the fact that the French too are growing in size, and the clothing manufacturers are about to adjust their sizes accordingly--and begin manufacturing plus sizes. At last!
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Hi - I am entering into the debate a bit late but have found a terrific (if upmarket) shop for larger sizes in Paris called Alain Weiz - here is the website They have three stores - one in Passy, One in Rue Vignon and one towards Montparnasse. You can get the addresses from the website.
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My "consuegra" just returned from three weeks in France with the news "Can you believe the women in France are actually putting on weight?" Same thing I read in Spanish popular magazine only they are concerned about the kids. I think it has to do with globalization of fast food. Very sad indeed.
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The women in Brussels looked heavier to me as well, but I'm not necessarily jumping onto the blame fast food bandwagon. The winter was cold and wet and it seemed everyone was at home with a bug at one point or another. I think people just stayed inside and ate and when they went out, they went by car or mass transit to avoid the weather instead of walking everywhere. So they put on a few kilos. It will be interesting to see if those kilos are dropped by the end of the summer.
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There's a fabulous Italian brand called Elanor Miro (think that's right). I know she's all through Europe. If you do a netsearch, perhaps she's in Paris.
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I found it!

There are 2 stores by that name in Paris and the clothes are also sold in Galeries Lafayette. I'm going to Paris and I will definitely check the stores out! Thanks!
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I meant to include the addresses:
14 Av. Victor Hugo
16 R. St. Roch

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