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Please help with must see suggestions in Brussels, Paris, London, Germany and Amsterdam, in 13 days.

Please help with must see suggestions in Brussels, Paris, London, Germany and Amsterdam, in 13 days.

Old Nov 8th, 1998, 11:52 AM
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Please help with must see suggestions in Brussels, Paris, London, Germany and Amsterdam, in 13 days.

I am arriving in Brussels, November 18. I am departing from Amsterdam on November 28. this is my first trip to Europe, and I need suggestions on how utilize my time. I have a five day Eurail pass. I would like to visit Paris, London, and Germany. Please help with any ideas on must see places. I want to stay on a budget in the vicinity of $125.00 a day. Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated. Thank you for your time!
Old Nov 8th, 1998, 12:07 PM
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Wow! That is a big question. One thing I would recommend in terms of hotels is to search this forum by city (Paris for example)-there are tons of good suggestions for specific hotels and web sites to find more info. In Paris, like most of the folks here-I would suggest the 5th, 6th or 7th neighborhoods-there are bunches of places to stay there that are in your price range. In terms of strategy-start researching your rail route carefully-raileurope.com can help you look at schedules-I assume you leave again from Amsterdam? In general, it might be good to go to your furthest point first and work your way back to your departure city. In Germany, I love Baden-Baden a cool little, walking town with a hot springs pool at its center-I have stopped there a bunch of times on my way from Paris to Germany. Belin is also an amazing city to see right now-but expect lots of construction and biz people in town-the ones that aren't in Parague are in Berlin, but it is a very historic time to see Berlin....otherwise, of course the trip along the Rhine between Koln and Frankfurt area is nice-I took the train last summer there and it is a beautiful 2-3 hour trip. Koln is nice because it is a bit smaller than some of the other German cities and a bit more accessible.

Hope this helps-have fun
Old Nov 9th, 1998, 02:16 PM
ken horn
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This is probably too late to help, but
cross London off of your list because
1. your Eurail pass isn't good to or from there & 2. your plans are to ambitious for that time of the year. Remember the days are short and the nites fairly cold. Don't spend more than 1-2 days in Brussels (I was there this summer). Paris is worth 4-5 days. There
are many small hotels in the Latin Quarter which are within your budget and should be available in November. There are also many 1 day guided tours out of Paris. Amsterdam is also worth 2-3 days - There is a hotel/room finding service across from the main train station. This leaves you 3-4 days for Germany. It takes about 8-10 hours to go from Paris to Berlin or Frankfurt or Munich. It also takes about 8 hours to go from Munich to Berlin. You may want to investigate taking a night train - But I don't remember the rules as to whether it would count as 2 days out of your pass or not. Call Europerail 301-451-5150 or Germanrail to find out. Almost all of Germany is cold this time of year. There is a lot to do in and around Munich. Many 1 day guided tours start there.(The guided tour to Salzburg is not really guided because of labor laws.) Berlin is an interesting place but may be a little more expensive.1 day tours go to Potsdam but you can go using public transport if you study a little. Also, Amsterdam has some nice 1 day tours. You can get maps & hotels at (or close by) the Tourist Information
office at every relatively large city. Get to each new city as early as possible to get the best deals on rooms. Good luck, stay warm, and remember to take the weather and amount of daylite into account. ken horn
Old Nov 11th, 1998, 09:01 AM
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In Amsterdam, try the Bridge Hotel (not the Seven Bridge Hotel with which is it sometimes confused). It's right on the Amstel with Prinsengracht down the side. We had a large, clean room for abou $80 including breakfast. It's close enough to the city center to walk in and a metro stop is about a block away. A 3 day transportation pass was around $10. Enjoy.
Old Nov 11th, 1998, 11:47 AM
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If you like the quaint little walled villages, try Rothenburg in Germany. It is beautiful & has the world's greatest Christmas store! Also outside of Amsterdam, Voldendam is a really neat fishing village.
Old Nov 11th, 1998, 01:25 PM
wes fowler
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See my response to the query captioned Belgium. Might give you some ideas about Brussels, Brugges and Ghent.
Old Nov 12th, 1998, 06:04 PM
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The easiest way to reply to this message is with a list. In Brussels, go to the Ilot Sacre for one of the best meals that you'll ever have. There are so many different types of restaurant to choose from and the Bruxellois truly are tremendous chefs. Visit the Mannekin Pis for a look at that more comical side of Brussels. The Parc du Cinquantenairre is beautiful and definitely worth a visit as is the Palais Royale. In London, make sure that you walk down the pall mall through Hyde Park, Green Park, Buckingham Palace, and St. James Park. The walk through these parks is worth the effort, but it is tiring. Definitely see a show at the Shaftsbury Theatres. Visit the Cafe in the Crypt for an atmospheric lunch. It is located in the basement of St. Martin's in the Field. Also in Trafalgar Square, visit the National Gallery, if you love art. If you have time for a day trip while in London, go to either Windsor Castle or Hampton Court. Make sure to tour Kensington Palace and have high tea at the Orangery. London is my favorite foreign city because there's so much to do. In Paris visit the Louvre (if it's open). When I was ther it was on strike. Also go to the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. I wouldn't spend as much time in Paris as I would in London and Amsterdam. Finally, I found Amsterdam to be extremely charming. You must see the Anne Frank Haus. For lunch go to one of the many brown cafes (i.e. Christophes) and for dinner go to the Cafe Americain. This is said to be the sight of Mata Hari's wedding reception. It is completely art deco and definitely and interesting place. Take a wine and cheese cruise at night on the canals. You can do a lot in thirteen days if you're motivated. I am the type of traveler that likes to see as much as possible. My suggestion is to see some of the high spots and pick some obscure ones to get a true taste of these wonderful cities. Unfortunately I have not visited Germany, so I can't help you there.
Old Nov 13th, 1998, 10:49 AM
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Maybe I can help with with Germany. In 1995 I stayed in western Germany for a month and went on countless day trips. I stayed in a city called Krefeld, right over the Belgium border. Very upbeat and very historic. Cologne was another great city to see with the Cathedral, if you are into climbing the 509 steps to the top. Dusseldorf is about a half an hour away from Krefeld. Very quaint and a lot to do there. Trier is another suggestion, but it might be further than you are willing to travel. All of these cities should be on a German map. Not hard to find. Just stay on the Autobahn!! Hope I helped you out. Have fun!!
Old Nov 15th, 1998, 10:45 AM
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Dear Jeanne, Ken, Meg, Beth, Wes, Jeff and Colleen,

I want to thank you all very much for taking time and helping me out with my first trip to Europe. I have received great ideas from all of you and plan on using your knowledge to help guide me through my journeys. Again, your help is deeply appreciated. Best of luck to all of you in your future travels!

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