Please help me choose--Italy or France?

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One caveat. The first time I went to Paris, in June, it was unseasonably freezing. Take at least some warm clothing!
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Jennifer: If you decide on Italy, spend your 7 nights in Rome. We spent 8 nights in Rome last year and found it was just the right amount of time. We went back to Italy this year and did a quick 4 nights in and out of Venice in May. We actually loved Venice more and either Rome or Pairs but were glad we saved it for it's own special trip.

Since you are prepared to spend a week in Paris, it's my opinion there is actually more to see in Rome and you shouldn't give it short shrift. We spent one full day on a day trip to Pompeii and Naples, while another was spent at the Vatican and St. Peters. While we loved Paris also, but being of Italian heritage swung the pendulum in favor of Rome. Also we generally prefer Italian food to French, and since the food is such a large part of any trip to Italy or France, don't minimize it's importance. Having said that, you can't make a wrong choice when choosing between Paris and Rome. Save Venice for a trip of Northern Italy.

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I agree with the previous post--spend your time only in Rome and take day trips, and save Venice for another trip. I would have recommended Paris for this short trip, but, from what you've said, if you want to keep peace in the family/marriage, it doesn't really sound like you have a choice. Plan Paris for next year. Rome is wonderful, too, with amazing sights. I would go back again just to spend a week in St. Peters/Vatican!
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You all are so wonderful for sharing your ideas with me. One second I think I've made up my mind, and then I change it the next. I know both countries are fantastic and beautiful and we would thoroughly enjoy a trip to either. I think Paris may be easier to do in one week. We could stay there and do a couple of day trips, to the Loire Valley, perhaps? It seems less hectic then checking in and out of hotels. On the other hand, my husband and I both LOVE Italian cuisine, much more than French. Also, my husband speaks Italian has more of an interest in Italian life/history/culture. But I wouldn't want to go to Italy and see only Rome, the way I would go to France and see only Paris. Does Rome and Venice in 7 nights seem like too much? Or would it make sense to combine Venice with someplace else and skip Rome? Would a first visit to Italy without Rome seem silly? Questions, questions, questions!!
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On our first trip to Italy, and only our second to Europe, we only had time for Florence and some of Tuscany. I personally don't think missing Rome would be terrible. Rome wasn't my favorite city, but I know how you feel. Last year I felt no trip to Italy could be complete without visiting Rome, so we included it and had a wonderful time. I still haven't seen Venice and plan to go next summer. Italy has so many beautiful regions to explore that it only wets your taste for more. I love Italy and the food is fantastic. My husband is Italian and I know he now appreciates his culture even more. I agree that when I go to France, I will spend the week in Paris alone. I know this won't help you decide, but don't feel guilty about not seeing all of Italy on your first trip.


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