Planning itinerary in Tuscany

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Planning itinerary in Tuscany

I'm planning my first trip to Italy in late April, early May. Would love to get your thoughts on a potential itinerary and places to stay. We are trying to get a taste of many things and am sure we will make more trips in the future.

day 1: leave rome and head into tuscany

day 2: blank

day 3: blank

day 4: head to florence and spend night

day 5: train to milan

My husband has to see Pisa but other than that, we are open to suggestions -- Any and all are much appreciated including places to stay!

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It will be convenient to visit Pisa as daytrip (short train ride) from Florence, if you stay in Florence only one night, you won't have time for both cities. Perhaps you might like to train from Rome directly to Florence, stay 3 nights, besides Pisa, you could take bus (direct)to Siena for another daytrip.

For hotel, it will be helpful if you could post your budget and preference.
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What did you want to see in Tuscany besides Pisa and Florence? Siena? San G? Pienza? It's hard to advise without knowing what you want to see.
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Send me an e-mail I will send you a large file of places to see in southern Tuscany.

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There are so many places to see in Tuscany. First off, do a "tuscany" search here on the forum and you will come up with hundreds (maybe thousands) of posts on the subject. Many posts debate the merits of visiting various attractions.

You don't have a lot of time and Tuscany is a large area. I definitely agree with Judy that Pisa can be visited as a day trip from Florence, but I would suggest to your husband to forego Pisa as there really isn't much to see beyond the leaning tower, which is impressive, but there are so many other things to see and do in Tuscany. If you visit Pisa, it will burn up at least half a day, and that will leave you very little time to see other things. There's so much to see in Florence.

In any case, the other area I highly recommend you visit would be the southern hill towns of Tuscany, which is the quintessential part of Tuscany which everybody means when they talk about Tuscany. I mean the Val d'Orcia area which is centered around Pienza and is a 30 minute drive to either Montalcino and Montepulciano. These three towns are well worth the 2 days you have listed as "blank".

Here is what I would do:

day 1: drive to Val d'orcia (2-3 hours from Rome) visit one of the 3 towns mentioned above. overnight in the area for 2 nights.
day 2: enjoy the area and visit the other 2 towns.
day 3: drive through Chianti, or vsit Siena on the way to Florence. Overnight in Florence for 2 nights.
day 4: visit Florence. do daytrip to Pisa (if necessary)
day 5: continue in Florence and train to Milan as late as possible.

Please check out my web page which describes several trips to Tuscany. Here's the URL of our latest trip:

And here's the URL of the home page:
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You have a short time to see Tuscany. I will assume that you take the train from Rome in the morning. I suggest that you stay in one place rather than waste a day on checking out of one place and checking into another. Florence is not the geographic center of Tuscany but I vote for staying in Florence for these reasons:
1. If you only visit one town in Tuscany it must be Florence.
2. In most of the other towns you can feel satisfied with a day trip (though most are definitely worth a longer stay if possible). If you only spend one day in Florence you will know that you missed much of what there is to see.
3. There are lots of day trips from Florence to other Tuscan towns, and if you want to take a bus or rental car and see other places on your own these are also more available in Florence.

Day 1: Rome Florence and checking into hotel. Afternoon in Florence, see the Duomo, walk around the town center to get acquainted with the streets, the markets and the river. Take a stroll across Ponte Vecchio.
Day 2: Florence The Uffizi, Palazzo Piti, Boboli gardens, if you have any time left and you're not too tired you may want to see
palazzo vecchio and/or the academia. In one of the evenings go to Piazza Michelangelo.
Day 3: Pisa - you can spend about half a day in Pisa. If you take a car you may want to add a short visit to one of the towns on the way such as Lucca or Montecatini Terme.
Day 4: Siena and San Gimignano. Two beautiful towns, and you will enjoy the Tuscan countryside on your way there.
Day 5: Probably a busy day with checking out and taking the train. If you have an hour or two left you can visit the area around piazza della republica or santa maria novela or catch up on one of the museums you missed.

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My wife and I went to that area last summer. Maybe you can find some useful info in my trip reports with pictures and links: and . Get int ouch if you have any questions.

Gard - trip reports and pictures
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thank you all so much for your replies.

to answer some questions:
budget: USD250-300/night
hat do i want to see: from reading, the towns that really stand out to me are siena, montepulciano, san g.

if we were to rent a car in rome and drive up, is it possible to visit montepulciano before going on to florence or perhaps even siena for an overnight stay there?
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Day 1
Early train from Rome to Chiusi and pick up car (assuming you have been staying in Rome and not just arriving). Short drive from Chiusi to Montepulciano (see for routes). Visit Montepulciano then drive on to Pienza. Short visit to Pienza and drive to Siena to spend the night (2 nights).

Day 2 - Siena

Day 3 - San G (morning) Pisa (afternoon). Drop car upon arrival in Pisa and take late train to Florence (2 nights). Pisa Centrale train station has luggage storage available while you tour Pisa.

Day 4 - Florence

Day 5 - Train to Milan

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thanks so much! i think that's the perfect itinerary for us.... i am going to start looking into hotel options in/near siena now.

question: chiusi train station is how far from rome?

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I don't know exactly how long the train takes from Rome to Chiusi, but since it's about a 3 hours car drive, then the train must take about half that. In any case, there are 2 or 3 car rental places right across the street from the train station.

kybourbon's schedule looks good for your needs.
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