Planning Help! 2 Weeks in Italy/France

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Planning Help! 2 Weeks in Italy/France

Hi! I'm looking to plan a reasonably itinerary for 14 nights in Italy and France, and would love some guidance as it's our first time planning a trip to Europe! We'll be going for the middle/end of August. I have a list of places we are keen to go to, but we're having some trouble cutting down. Recommendations for number of nights to spend at each location would be great!

Cinque Terre

Right now I'm thinking only one of Cinque Terre/Corsica since it sounds like they will both be a bit time consuming to get to. But both look/sound gorgeous!!

Paris isn't really at the top of our priority list, but we are leaving from Paris, so it seems silly not to spend some time there.

Lyon needs to be kept in, otherwise we are open to suggestions!

Thanks so much!!
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Aloha emcben, I have been traveling to Europe two times a year for the last 23 years. Two weeks is just not enough time to squeeze in your list. I personally can't imagine spending less than 4 nights in Venice. Especially with part of the first day given way to your arrival time. The Cinque Terre is beautiful but takes time to see as there is quite a lot of walking involved. I would plan on at least four nights here as well with travel. I would divide the rest of your time between Lyon and Paris. No matter what.... I wouldn't pick more than four of the six. Even with four you'll just be getting a taste! One big TIP Be prepared for crowds! August is the busiest month for european travel. The exception would be Paris as many Parisians take their holiday during this time.
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Venice is a really beautiful place of course, but unless you are intrested in seeing every museum and every church etc, 1 full day+1night (it's amazing at night) is quite enough to see everything.
Cinque Terre.... beautiful places, lot's of walking included. I would say another day with car, stopping on certain places, if you care just to see it, not staying on the beaches relaxing. Tho it wouldnt be a place i'd go if i was planning this trip.
Corsica: i wouldnt go there if I were you, since it will take you a lot of time, and anyway, if you're willing to spend all that time (you'll need 2-3 days at least with all the trips, if you dont wanna feel stressed too much) choose Sardegna, which is more beautiful in my opinion.
Nice: 1 day to see the town, and enjoy the beach. But around Nice there are million other places to see, like Monaco, Cannes, Eze, Saint Paul de Vence... i'd say 4-5 days there too see it at least, as the zone is really spectacullar and full of everything, you wont regret. visit for more information and contact if you have questions.
Lyon- i would skip it, or spend only 1 day there. Paris: dont miss it, spend 2 days there at least, theres really a LOT to see and do.

Good Luck!
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Where exactly are you flying in and out of?
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Agree that you have way too many places. In two weeks you should stay in no more than 4 hotels - and since it seems that Venice and Paris are fixed by flights - then you get 2 more choices. I would bag CT (for hiking really) and Corsica - a PIA to get to.

As for Venice - IMHO you need at least 2.5 days to se much of anything - and I would make it 3.5 so you get a chance to see the outer island - especially Torcello.

But - you have to decide based on what YOUR interests are where you want to spend the most time.

I would do Venice, the Riviera and Paris - which I think is plenty for just 2 weeks.
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I would pick 4 and forget the CT and Corsica. Both Paris and Venice deserve 4 days.
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Thanks for all of the responses and suggestions! It sounds like cutting down to 4 places will leave a reasonable itinerary.

We're now thinking about cutting Paris (and just taking the train there to catch the flight, we booked it from there just because it was a deal), and Lyon. Although we'd love to go to Paris, we're going to save it for another trip when we can focus on Paris- it sounds like it is worth a fair amount of time!

So that leaves us Venice, Cinque Terre, Corsica, and Nice.

There is an overnight ferry from La Spezia to Corsica, and from Corsica to Nice, so hopefully we wouldn't lose too much time traveling to and from Corsica - we're keen to do some of the hiking and beaching there (it looks beautiful!).

We'd really love to explore beautiful towns and enjoy some Italian and French cuisine and wine (we aren't too keen on going to a lot of museums- a couple here and there is enough for us) and spend some time at the beach, as well as do some low-key hiking.

Right now we're looking at

3 nights Venice
2 nights Cinque Terre
overnight ferry
3 nights Corsica
overnight ferry
3 nights Nice (we might actually stay in a hotel in another small town nearby- thinking of Antibes)

Thanks again for all of the feedback! It's great to hear!
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What are you doing with the other 2 nights assuming 1 night is for Paris for the flight? You can tack on one more day to CT since 1/2 day will be gone with traveling.
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That sounds like a better idea. Even so, you could easily spend far more than 4 days in each of these places. Which port does the ferry go to in Corsica? Bear in mind that although it's a small island, it's extremely mountainous (= winding roads) so it will take you forever to get anywhere. One of the most beautiful places on Earth though, I think.
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I would skip Nice and do your three nights in Paris, instead. Three nights is not enough there, but much better than skipping it, especially since you fly out from there.
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We are looking at planning a similar trip. Did you end up going/have any thoughts or advice on a schedule now?
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Skip Nice and go to Paris. Just curious, why must Lyon? Great food city, of course.
Two days in Venice is enough!
I get the feeling you really want an "outdoors" trip, seasides, etc. A mix is nice.
You will truly regret not seeing Paris, IMO. When do you plan to return to Europe?
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