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noe847 Jul 8th, 2006 05:49 PM

Planning a Romanian trip for September 2006
My father, brother and I will be visiting Romania in September to celebrate my father's 80th birthday. My grandfather emigrated from Romania in the very early 20th century. My father first visited the country 25 years ago with my mother and returned in 2001 with my brotherís family. I have never been, but hope for a future visit with my husband and daughters.

We will be in the country around 10 days, flying into and out of Bucharest, arriving on Friday September 22 and departing on Monday October 2. The first and last weekend will be devoted to visiting with relatives in Bucharest and Fagaras (Transylvania). Weíre planning 5 days (M-F) for touring in Transylvania and Maramures with a guide/driver.

To research this trip, Iíve read trip reports/descriptions by Clifton, Michael, faux, nan_49, Alcatelboy, Ben Haines, scullerygirl, USNR, and alyssamma, along with just about every thread related to Romania.

We have the Lonely Planet guidebook and have ordered the Rough Guide. We have a Romania map from my father/brotherís 2001 trip to Romania, which I have been using to plan the trip. I have ordered Transylvania and Bucharest maps.

At this point I would love some guidance:

1. We are considering staying at the Rembrandt Hotel in Bucharest, which comes fairly highly recommended. Iím not expecting much from downtown Bucharest, but wonder if this hotel is in a good location for the city.

2. We are extremely interested in the Saxon fortified churches near Medias. Iíve looked at lots of pictures of these churches and read descriptions, and I want to see them all - help! Which ones have you seen and can recommend? Are they open and accessible, or do you need to track down the guy with a key (Michael, I know that you came across some that were locked)? It seems that there are seven that have been inscribed on the UNESCO list (Câlnic, Prejmer, Viscri, Dârjiu, Saschiz, Biertan and Valea Viilor). Would it be correct to assume that these are the most architecturally interesting? How many could we reasonable expect to see in a day?

3. I have a lot of interest in seeing Hunedoara and the church at Densus, but canít tell how much time that detour that would take (say, from Alba Iulia). I really LOVE medieval architecture, so I donít want to miss anything wonderful. I think Clifton and Michael differed on their reactions to this castle?

4. We plan to skip Bran, but are trying to decide about Rasnov. Again, the reports about it seem to be mixed.

We are all getting excited about the trip (my father is making spreadsheets with our mileage), and I want to have a bit more of a handle on our areas of interest as we work out a customized itinerary with our guide. Thanks for any help you can give!

tower Jul 8th, 2006 06:43 PM

Do you have a guide as yet? If not, I can highly recommend a very professional group October I escorted 16 of my readers on a 2 week tour of the entire perimeter, and this guide organization provied the bus and an excellent perfect English-speaking young man. They also picked everyone up at the Bucharest airport and after the tour drove evertone to the airport at different times. If this interests you, I'll be happy to give you the contact points (e-mail, etc)

Stu T.

noe847 Jul 8th, 2006 07:25 PM

Stu, I have been in contact with Andrei Nicholau, who I read about on this board. The other names I came across (after I contacted Andrei) are Dan Comanescu/NNV Travel and also a gentleman with an email address of [email protected]. Did you use any of these?

tower Jul 9th, 2006 10:34 AM, since I had 16 people with me, and I neer used a guide for any of my previous visits into Romania, I wanted to get a very professional company with the gear necessary (bus, driver, hotel arrangements, etc) we used:

[email protected] [email protected]

Catalin is a young man with perfect English...his company has new autos and vans. Very prompt and incredibly itinarary covered the grater partof Transylvania, Maramuresh, Bukovina and Wallachia

We stayed at the boutique Hotel Opera in a very close-in district, walking distances everywhere..near Calle Victoria. Elevator and large rooms...excellent.

Stu Tower ([email protected])

ben_haines_london Jul 10th, 2006 06:19 AM

I used and found
Alba Julia 0512, 2 changes, Hunedoara 0726
and Alba Julia 0659, 1 change, Hunedoara 1051.
The castle is large and impressive.

Ben Haines,London
[email protected]

massagediva Jul 10th, 2006 06:24 AM

Wow,Stu-You just knocked me over the head with a memory.In '90 I went to rural Romania(near Moldovan border)to work in an orphanage.One of the most engaging and (obviously) unforgettable boys was named Catalin.

I'd love to imagine that the wonderful guide you used was the same-he'd be about 28 now,but I'd have to put on some pretty rosy glasses to believe that.

tower Jul 10th, 2006 09:31 AM


Catalin is certainly around 27-30 I believe..engaging type, yes! Some of the women on my trip were quietly smitten, I would say. Even the wife!!
His last name is Tudor-Rata.
Stu T.

massagediva Jul 10th, 2006 10:13 AM

Well,Stu,if you ever speak to him again,ask him if he's spent any time in Halaucesti.

noe847 Jul 10th, 2006 02:07 PM

Thanks to all who replied. I appreciate the contact information, Stu. We're still planning, so it's nice to have more information in the mix. As it turns out, the Opera is the other hotel that we were considering. The Rembrandt is in Sector 3 and the Opera is in Sector 1. Any opinions on the relative merits of those areas of town?

tower Jul 10th, 2006 03:14 PM

noe: The Opera is small and boutiquey...excellent breakfasts and bar. It is within a qick walk to Calle Victoriei (Victoria), one of the main shopping streets and also close to the more historic areas of the city. It's on a quiet side street with a few restuarants nearby...The Vatra, very good, one block away.
Stu T.

ben_haines_london Jul 11th, 2006 11:52 PM

A brother and sister in Brasov did good work for me with advice on what to see and where to go all over Transylvania, including in the fortified villages. They are Martia and Grig Bolea, phone 0744 8169 70, address Str Vasile Saftu 32, Brasov. They live a mile south of the Black Church in Brasdov, offer bed and breakfast, speak fluent English, meet almost any train you ask them to, and know western tastes and standards.

Ben Haines, London

TylerTraveler Jul 12th, 2006 12:08 AM

I met a man in Munich who had married a woman from America and was currently living in the US who was originally from Transylvania and had recently taken his son to Romania to see the country. (That sounds confusing)... but the point is that he said the kid really liked the trip there... so I hope you do too :)

I love Romania... it's so different than the rest of Europe.

I have some pictures from my trip to Brasov and Bran here:

And you can read my Transylvania update here:

noe847 Jul 12th, 2006 05:31 AM

Thanks, Tyler. I actually had just finished reading the Romanian portions of your trip right before I saw your reply here. Sounds like you had an amazing trip. I am looking forward to Romania, especially how different the travel there will be compared to the countries in Western and Central Europe that I've seen. I also read your Prague sections (have been there twice and loved it) and Krakow (really want to visit it SOON).

TheHills Jul 13th, 2006 09:14 PM

Dear Noe,

Here are some of our thoughts as far as Romania is regarded:

- Lonely Planet does not do justice to the country. They are in the habit of making fun and/or putting down what they think " it is wierd"....
- Rough Guides is much better. Instead of being opinionated (like Lonely Planet) it does offer excellent background information.
- I see you are looking for a tour guide: definitely go with Andrei Nicolau. This guy got a prize in 2004 as Romania's best English speaking tour guide, used to work for both Fodor's and Frommer's and has a great knwoledge of the country. He is something like Rick Steves for Romania. We have been using his services a couple of times and managed to send him over 10 couples out of our friends.
- Andrei has the advantage of having his own fleet of sedans and minivans so that you transportation will not be a rented one. Please note many travel agents claim to have thier own cars while they actually rent it which makes the final price higher.
- Andrei has hundreds of US references.

Andrei can be contacted at [email protected]

Please email us any time if you have questions. We love talking about Romania.


tower Jul 14th, 2006 10:30 AM

Noe...I notice that you've not mentioned Sighishoara in your notes.
That intriguing town and Tirgu Muresh would be good add-ons for your trip. In Sighi stay at the Casa Wagner..excellent lodgings in the heart of the old town. Perhaps the better of the few restaurants in town, also.

I can send you some pix if you wish...need an e-mail address...I don't have them placed in a www.

Stu T. ([email protected])

noe847 Jul 14th, 2006 01:04 PM

Thanks, Stu. I haven't shared our itinerary thoughts, have I? Sorry, just dived right in with a few specific questions.

My brother and father have been to Romania previously, so we are balancing seeing new things for them, "must-sees" for me, and seeing family members who live in Romania. My greatest interest is in the medieval parts of Transylvania. My brother is an architect, so the more buildings we see the better. Of course we are all excited to see the members of my grandfather's family.

I will be working out the details of the route with my brother, father and the guide, but here's the rough outline of the trip:

Fly into Bucharest, Friday (Day 1: Sept 22). Probably seeing relatives, hope to get a bit of a nap.

Saturday morning (Day 2: Sept 23) we will ride a train up to Fagaras, where we will stay for the weekend. Probably a family reunion/dinner, visit to my grandfather's village (Dridif), attend church, visit graves, etc.

Monday (Day 4: Sept 25) meet up with guide/driver, head west through Sibiu, Alba Julia - possible Hunedoara and Densus - to Cluj. This sounds like a long day. We have a family history tie in Alba Julia, and my brother has not been, so we have to check out the old town.

Tuesday (Day 5: Sept 26) drive from Cluj up to Maramures. Home stay arranged through guide. Maramures is kind of far, and this is likely to be a long day but we are interested in something new for my brother and father to see. My brother is an architect, so the churches will be fascinating.

Wednesday (Day 6: Sept 27) leave Maramures, drive through Bistrita to Sighisoara. We are looking at the Casa Wagner, but also the Hotel Sighisoara, which I have heard is nice. Bistrita looks interesting, but I don't hear much about it.

I hope to stay in Sighisoara 2 nights, and tour the Saxon fortified churches on Thuusday (Day 7, Sept 28).

Friday (Day 8, Sept 29) drive to Brasov, which my brother has not seen. Possibly Raznov.

Saturday morning (Day 9, Sept 30) drive from Brasov to Bucharest. Will not see Peles (brother and father have already seen it) or Bran.

Saturday and Sunday (Day 10, Oct. 1) see Bucharest relatives.

Monday (Day 11, Oct. 2) fly home early morning.

I know that this is a lot of moving around, but given the lay of the land and the travel times between towns, it seems like the way we need to structure the trip. We will pack light, and luckily there will be a few stops of 2 nights. Our plans are still somewhat fluid, so I'd be happy to hear reactions. Thanks!

USNR Jul 14th, 2006 01:23 PM

If you plan to go from Brasov to Bucharest, it would seem a shame to miss the wonderful castle of King Carol just outside Sinaia. We found it to be completely enchanting -- the design, the materials, and the workmanship simply cannot be beat. Built between 1871 and 1914, the castle features some things that were quite modern -- electricity, even a central vacuum system. It's German Renaissance design and the craftsmanship is gorgeous. Take your time -- the castle and grounds should not be seen if you are in a big rush.

noe847 Jul 14th, 2006 01:43 PM

Thanks, USNR. I think you're speaking of Peles Palace? As it turns out, my father has seen it twice and my brother has visited it once. Rather than going there again, we will probably skip it. Truth be told, I really am not a palace person (I have been to Germany/Bavaria three times without seeing Ludwig's castles). I am very much looking forward to seeing the little Saxon towns with their old churches - medieval stones, crumbling down or not, just speak to me.

julies Jul 14th, 2006 07:07 PM

Bucovina isn't calling to you? We only had one day there but wished we'd had more. The churches and scenery were outstanding. As far as the Maramures, this is one of the most unforgettable areas I've ever visited because it was as though time had stood still for the last 70-80 years. We did a 3 day homestay which was about perfect for us as far as time.

When we planned our trip 4 or 5 years ago, there was a guy called the Romanian Bat on the Lonely Planet message board the Thorn Tree. He was a font of information. Try posting there.

Also, I found the Blue Guide Book to be extremely detailed as far as the architectural details you will probably be interested in. Lonely Planet is opinionated but so is Rough guide. Read them all. Have you taken a look at the on-line In Your Pocket guidebook?

noe847 Jul 14th, 2006 08:24 PM

Thanks for the great tips, julies. And, yes, Bucovina is definitely calling me... I just have to respond, "see you next time". We are limited by available vacation days and or plans to visit with relatives on the weekends. With only 5 touring days in the countryside, we can only do Maramures or Bucovina. Looks like Maramures will win out on this trip.

We will most likely order the Blue Guide. The art history/architectural detail will be very welcome (art history was my major in university).

I've forgotten about the In Your Pocket site. I'd looked it over a few months ago when I first considered this trip. For what it covers, it will be useful. I've already compiled an impressive list of restaurants for our one night in Brasov!

tower Jul 15th, 2006 07:57 AM

Nancy...I'm sure whomever guides you will stop by the exceptionally unusual "Merry Cemetery" (Sapinta) en route from Cluj to the Maramuresh region....ask him to do so...none other like it anywhere...Rough Guide gives a very good description...
Stu T.

noe847 Jul 15th, 2006 05:00 PM

The "Merry Cemetary" is definitely on the radar.

Clifton Jul 15th, 2006 05:30 PM

Appears you've already read my thoughts on Hunedoara... I suppose even knowing that it's been reconstructed to an extent, I'd still recommend it. I appreciate the history behind it as well as the architecture, including that it's a combination of ruin and standing castle. If you read a bit on Matthias Corvinus and the Hunyadi family, I think the site improves in impact. The castle is the inspiration for prt of the model castle set in the main park in Budapest, by the way.

I couldn't imagine getting all the way to Maramures without seeing the Merry Cemetery either, but that probably goes without saying. But the town of Iued made it's own impression and we enjoyed getting a peek inside the old church with the company of a lady who cares for it. Ask around the village. Someone came right up to us and mimed a key turning in a lock to ask if we'd like to see inside, then ran to get the keyholder.

After hearing the phrase "it is not possible" countless times in so many situations throughout Romania (requesting a certain wine, menu items, etc), it brought a smile when we asked (charade style) if it was ok to climb to the top of the ladder to the overhang inside the church, where the children went during services. The only English she spoke was "It is possible".

Hope you all have a great trip. It's a country with a wealth of possibilities.

Faux Jul 17th, 2006 02:46 AM

Hi Noe, Biertan is definitely worth a visit but just the fortified church - the town is quite pretty but is not going to detain you. Most churches we visited had someone you had to see to be let into the church and that is where a guide is so useful (and not expensive in my view). It was October 2002 so the cat at Biertan might not still be there but one of the highlights of the visit to the church was a very friendly grey cat that escorted us up and down the steps into the castle/church. There are some remarkable iconic but full sized portraits/frescos on the wall of what I believe to be priests (or equivalent) of the church in what seemed to be either a burial chamber or a memorial room.

I had all kinds of concerns about travelling alone (a middle aged woman) with a guide but Dan Comanescu is a fantastic person and I recommend him highly as both a guide, driver and companion. He specialises in Maramures and that was the highlight of my trip and I wished I had more than the 2 days I spent so I wish you could allow a little more than a single day getting there and looking around.

I really loved the small town square in Sibiu so if you are only driving through, at least stop and look around that square (the big square is not nearly as gorgeous in my opinion). I thought Sighisoara was a one day town and I would prefer one night in Sibiu (loved the Roman Emperor hotel) as we saw Medias and Biertan on the way to Sighisoaro so it is also close to the saxon fortified church towns.

I am most envious of your trip and I am sure you will love Romania, particularly given your family links. I did not like Bucharest but having friends and relatives in a place adds a different dimension. I enjoyed the Village Museum there with a guide as you get an overview of the different styles of housing in various areas of Romania and if you decide to do a 2 hour tour to see it with a guide at the beginning of your trip, it will make the rest of your trip more interesting as you note the different characteristics of the buildings in different areas of Romania.

noe847 Jul 17th, 2006 06:09 AM

Thanks, Clifton and Faux. As we continue to read and research the trip we getting more and more excited.

This weekend I looked at reversing the direction of travel in Transylvania/Maramures (from clockwise to counter-clockwise). This seems to even out our travel and allow a greater chance for the Hundoara detour. It also gives us a night in Sibiu (yay!) So, it would be as follows:

Mon: Fagaras to Sighisoara (seeing some Saxon fortified churches, possibly Medias and/or the glass icon museum at Sambata monastery.

Tues: Sighisoara to Maramures (Bistrita, Ieud, more)

Wed: Maramures to Cluj (Sapinta, more)

Thurs: Cluj to Sibiu (Alba Iulia, Hunedoara, Densus/Strei)

Fri: Sibiu to Brasov (Prejmer, Harman, Rasnov)

We am doing lots of reading about the Maramures and the Saxon areas, and will work with the guide on the appropriate stops. I wish that we had more time in Maramures - actually everywhere - but we are working the best we can within our time constraints. Yesterday my brother started talking about how nice it would be to do some hiking in the mountains and I almost hit him with the guide book!

That's an interesting suggestion about seeing the Folk museum in Bucharest before we head north. I had thought to do that on our return to the city at the end of the trip, but it does make sense to do it at the beginning. I could visit on the afternoon of our arrival while my father rests (he has seen the museum on both of his previous visits).

The other thing I might do that first afternoon in Bucharest is try to track down the source of some (modern) icons that my brother and father were given on their last visit. I think there is a National University of Arts in Bucharest (Universitatea de arte din Bucuresti) and I'm hoping that there is an associated shop. If any of you know of a good source for handmade crafts, I'd love suggestions.

Faux Jul 19th, 2006 04:01 AM

Noe, do get a guide for the village museum as they point out things like the use of very ornately carved and high double gates for houses in Maramures and the use of a bright light blue in the Szekelyland area of Transylvania which (I believe) was thought to help the house resist disease. I really enjoyed the visit.

In Sibiu, if you can get in, please stay at the Imparatul Romanilor (Roman Emperor) Hotel. It is a grand old Austro Hungarian building and even my single (had a double or twin beds as I recall but hot water was a bit unreliable as in many other places in Romania - if the water is hot when you get there and test it, shower at once in case it is not in the morning) was a nice room and as at October 2002, with dinner bed and breakfast (nice restaurant visually but food while healthy not exciting there or anywhere I went) was only 25 USD. I supposed it is more now but will still be good value I assume. This is one website I found which has some photos but I dont think it is the hotel's official website

ben_haines_london Aug 6th, 2006 12:16 AM

There is an official website for the Roman Emperor hotel at

Ben Haines,London

Faux Aug 6th, 2006 01:08 AM

Ben, Thank you for the website

Clifton Aug 6th, 2006 05:40 AM

I also agree with the Imparatul Romanilor. We had a very large room. A bit faded, the longer hallways a bit dark, but almost in an appropriate way, if that makes sense.

I'm not sure if there are other good views to be had, but I can recommend asking for one over looking the Orthodox cathedral. We arrived at night, and this was the unexpected view when we opened the curtains the next morning:

Also, this direction looks straight down into the tiny street behind the hotel where there is a small guarded parking recommended by the hotel. Parking was around $1.5 US at the time. Some photos on websites show cars new the front door of the hotel. This area was marked as residents only when we arrived, and required visible permits.

Michael Aug 6th, 2006 06:45 AM

Most of the churches were locked. The better known ones were open to the public on a regular basis. But as I reported, in one case someone opened the door for us, and in another (Apold) there was some type of schedule, although it was not in the organized fashion of the better known churches. I suspect that if soemone in your party knows Romanian, you will be able to see more of them.

noe847 Aug 9th, 2006 01:17 AM

Thanks, everyone. I'm traveling now in the UK, so my internet access is a bit sporadic (as well as time for Fodor's). I believe that we are confirmed at the Imparatul Romanilor in Sibiu. Clifton, that is a wonderful picture and I'll remember to ask for a room with a view.

Michael, thanks for the additional info. We are hoping to wind our way from Fagaras to Sighisoara, seeing several of the fortified churches along the way. With any luck, the guide will be able to help locate the elusive key!

ben_haines_london Aug 25th, 2006 01:43 AM

The Imparatul Romanilor in Sibiu is a treat, and good value, but you need to ask times of floor shows in the dining room, and take your dinner in your room if you are not to be invaded by dancing girls and loud music.

Ben Haines

noe847 Sep 18th, 2006 12:24 PM

OK, everybody, we are leaving for Romania in 3 days! I do have a follow up question for this group - (I think that all the Fodorites who are known to have been to Romania have replied to this thread).

When I went to the travel clinic to get my hepatitis shots, the rn there gave me the whole drill about food and water caution. She recommended not to eat any fresh vegetables and no fresh fruit that I don't peel myself. Also, no sandwiches, no vendor food. Drink only bottled beverages, only boiling tea/coffee, and don't use water to brush my teeth.

This took me by surprise a bit. My question is: did you follow guidelines like this on your trip to Romania?

Michael Sep 18th, 2006 12:52 PM

We did not follow your RN's guidelines with the possible exception of not drinking local water--but we brushed our teeth with it--and are alive to tell the tale.

gabrieltraian Sep 18th, 2006 01:32 PM

As you may already know by now, from my other posts, I am a Romanian and I can vouch for a few things, even if I have lived somewhere else for many years now.

However, I go there almost annually, so here's what I have to say.

Fruits and vegetables tasting like in Romania you will never find anywhere (and I travelled to many countries).

Buy them from the open market, or even from the supermarket, but make sure they are local produce and not imports.

Tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, fruits of all kinds, are so flavoured and you feel the taste.

Even cheeses you should try some (ask for "telemea", for example, or some kashkaval). But again, make sure they are Romanian produce and not imports.

Of course, buy them from safe places, not from any vendor sitting on a street corner. as long as it is an organized shop, it is all right.

Water is good even from the tap. Maybe less so in Bucharest, but by all means try it when you go to Transylvania, in the mountains.
You could buy bottled water while in Bucharest, 'cause sometimes you may feel a too pronounced chlorine taste.

But in the mountains the water is so good.

And your relatives might take you to some natural springs to drink directly from the ground.

With the vegetables and fresh fruits you should take the absolute NORMAL precautions that you take at home: wash them before you eat them.

Sandwiches and vendor food... There are plenty of places to eat, and besides the usual American ones (McD, Pizza Hut, KFC), you get some other ones, like "Patiseria" in Romanian.

Plus try this one, which opened this summer and I have been to it recently.

When you are in Bucharest, ask your relatives to take you to "Casa Gorjeana". This is a traditional restaurant from Gorj county.

It is located on street Domnita Anastasia 13. This is somewhere opposite Cismigiu gardens, behind the Town Hall, near Whispers Cafe.

Your relatives in Bucharest should be able to find it.
Oh! Here's the phone no. 315.64.29.

My wife and I had some delicious food there at offensively low prices.

Ask your relatives there to take you to buy some apple strudel, cheese pie, and other stuff like that. Or buy some pastries from Fornetti stores.

They are all over the place in Bucharest.

The lady at your travel clinic must have confused Romania with some other place.

Enjoy your time there and I'm looking forward to your (detailed) report.

I want to see how you've found that country, the places you visited and what you think about the people.

And I will want to know what did you think about the taste of the fruits and vegetables. I, for one, know that I miss them.

And yes, we do wash our teeth with tap water, even in Bucharest.

Michael is living proof that it can be done.

tower Sep 18th, 2006 02:56 PM

Nacy dear:

First of all...have a wonderful, satisfying, meaningful, fun trip..hope dad loves his return, too.

Secondly, pay close attention to Gabriel's suggestions...your RN knows nothing about Romania, it you know I've traveled there extensively since the late 70's...drank the water everywhere except Bucharest for the same reasons set forth by GabrielTrajan...but we brushed our teeth in the water everywhere...

Gabe is 100% correct in praising the fruits and vegetables...deeee-lish!!
Ate salads everywhere...still alive today...

I had no qualms about buying off the fact, the best savarinas (Romanian's most gallant version of a French rum soaked pastry) came off a vendor's cart in Piatra Neamts...ask for it in any pastry die favorites!(Even repeatedly mention it in my book)

You will love Maramuresh...please stop into the Elie Wiesel House and Museum in Sighetul..a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, eloquent survivor of Auschwitz...the best place for costumed locals is nearby Ieud (Yay-ood). Cameras ready!!

Have fun, Nancy..looking for a trip report!!

Stu T.

tower Sep 18th, 2006 02:57 PM

of course, I meant "Nancy"...!!!


tower Sep 18th, 2006 03:02 PM

Nancy:Where are you staying in Bucharest, I highly recommended the Opera..sounds like you're staying with the Rembrandt. You may be pleasantly surprised at downtown has a lot of old world charm to it...give it a chance.
Stu T.

Clifton Sep 19th, 2006 04:27 AM

Our experience was like the others: didn't drink tap water but brushed with it. We ate fresh vegetables and such. Not saying it's the "right" thing to do, but anecdotally, we were fine. In S.E. Asia, we took most of the precautions your RN suggested, so we do not generally just ignore those sorts of concerns. I hope you have a great trip! I'd like to hear your impressions of Maramures too when you get back.

noe847 Sep 19th, 2006 06:22 PM

Thanks, everyone for the reality check. We will most likely try to be cautious about the water, especially in Bucharest, and sensible otherwise. Oh, and I must apologize for my apalling grammar/spelling in that last post - I was in a big hurry and didn't stop to preview.

You are right, Stu. We are staying at the Rembrandt, so we will let everyone know how that turns out. I was intrigued with the look of it - a boutique hotel, and I think a better rate. We will be seeing lots of relatives in Bucharest, both on the day we land and on the following weekend when we return. There are a few other things we will try to squeeze in while we're in the city.

Thanks for the reminder of the Elie Wiesel home in Sighet. Ieud is on the itinerary, per your recommendation, as well as the Merry Cemetary. Thanks again to all.

I will post a trip report when we return. The forum needs as much information about Romania as possible, although I don't think mine report will reach the epic proportions of Clifton's classic - or Michael's either!

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