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ladybug98 Jul 27th, 2020 04:35 PM

Photo help
Hoping someone can help me out identifying the port in the photo below. I have been translating my grandparents travel journel from 1969 which was in Italian, and match their trip slides to it. I am stuck figuring this one out. My options are Algeciras Spain, Cannes France, Genoa, Naples, Vibo Valencia, Capri, Ischia, Palermo and Vibo Scala. They did take a few day trips around the Amalfi coast - but I doubt it is there. It could even just be something they passed along the way - who knows! The entire journey started and ended in NYC on a cruise with 2 months of travel within Italy itself. I am hoping someone is familiar with that round looking building near the water.
Thank you everyone. (Sorry for the image quality)
Where is this?

Dayle Jul 27th, 2020 05:54 PM

Ladybug, based on my travels, I can definitely say it is not Capri or Cannes. I have been to Naples and Palermo too , but their harbors/coastlines would have been quite different in 69. Doubt it is Palermo as I dont think their buildings would have been in that good of condition at that time. Just a guess....

That round building will probably be recognized by someone here. Good luck! These things can be fun.

Tulips Jul 28th, 2020 03:29 AM

Definitely not Cannes, It's a very distinctive building, most likely no longer there.

kerouac Jul 28th, 2020 06:38 AM

It is also definitely not Naples, just from the skyline, with no volcanoes in the background. I was googling "xxx skyline" photos for each city but I got bored because the pay for doing this kind of thing here is terrible.

Michael Jul 28th, 2020 08:18 AM

You could try the image search function in Google, pasting your image for a comparative search.

Nelson Jul 28th, 2020 08:42 AM

It could be Genoa. Compare the two landmarks shown in your photo with two that look similar from a 2007 photo (not mine, Wikipedia), of the Genoa International Boat Show. The building in front of the tower is also a pretty good match.

ladybug98 Jul 28th, 2020 08:59 AM

Nelson i think thats it!!! I was so busy looking for the round building that i never focused on the others! Thank you

progol Jul 28th, 2020 01:23 PM

I think it’s Genoa, too. I found some other old images which look like the structures Nelson highlighted, and the topography also looks the same. I’m still looking for that circular building, which is intriguing.

Michael Jul 28th, 2020 02:45 PM

This might be the building:

ladybug98 Jul 28th, 2020 04:11 PM

I think you are right Michael. I found lots of pictures of that building on the "west"side of Genoa port. I can't seem to find the same angle that my grandfather took, but with these 2 things I feel confident that we are in the right place.

I really can't thank you all enough. It's so exciting to me when i put a piece of this together. I squealed like a little girl when i found a fountain my grandmother was in front of in Villa d'este in Tivoli lol. Truly from the bottom of my heart Thank you!!!

Dayle Jul 28th, 2020 04:25 PM

Yay! How fun. That building does look like a "flying saucer" doesnt it?

progol Jul 28th, 2020 05:25 PM

Iadybug, it is so exciting to discover a place that has some personal meaning, isn’t it? I love how you are working on your grandparents travel journal! How neat that they were able to travel so extensively.

Michael, I think you’ve found it! The Palasport was completed in 1962, so that fits well with the period that this photo was taken.

Nelson Jul 28th, 2020 09:02 PM

Originally Posted by kerouac (Post 17136133)
.. the pay for doing this kind of thing here is terrible.

I must be getting paid more than kerouac :), In any case I'm still at it and came up with this:

The prominent tower on the left is Parrocchia Sacro Cuore e San Giacomo di Carignano. A facebook page here, the profile picture looks like the correct tower:

The building in front of the tower looks to be the Museo di Villa Croce:
Museo di Villa Croce | Musei di Genova

If you line those two up then this must be the angle that your grandparent's ship was on when they took the picture.

Seems to make sense, since it crosses the harbor entrance and the Palasport building Michael identified is off to the right of the line.

Have fun with your project Ladybug,

whitehall Jul 29th, 2020 06:00 PM

Google image search was useless. I even tried to retouch the photo and crop just the flying saucer. I should have instead searched my own photos from our September 2018 trip to Genoa.

progol Jul 30th, 2020 05:26 AM

whitehall, now that is too funny! But we all do agree that this is Genoa. How cool is that?

Coquelicot Jul 30th, 2020 07:38 AM

The way people chipped in to help ladybug on this thread gives me another reason to love Fodor's.

Jean Jul 30th, 2020 08:54 AM

Another vote for Genoa. [1950s]

zebec Jul 30th, 2020 09:24 AM

Nelson works for Interpol. Their Internal Affairs branch.

I am done. The mapwork.

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