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Hope Sep 16th, 2002 06:29 PM

Peter Pan where are you?
Going to London in about a month and my daughter insists that there is a statue of Peter Pan somewhere....haven't seen anything about it Peter out there somewhere?

tinkerbutt Sep 16th, 2002 06:32 PM

Try a web search. Very easy to find.

Try Sep 16th, 2002 06:35 PM

Kensington Park.....I do believe.

kate Sep 16th, 2002 06:46 PM<BR><BR>Hyde Park, <BR>read this, it is a great site for you and your daughter to figure out what else you would like to see

Hope Sep 16th, 2002 07:04 PM

Thanks Kate for the info about the website it's very interesting and informative...your right about Peter's location......I'm sure we will be visiting there.<BR>

kate Sep 16th, 2002 07:05 PM

You're welcome, Hope, I love Hyde Park. Just to go and sit on a bench and watch the people is fun. Try to go to Speakers Corner too!kate

Pat Sep 16th, 2002 07:54 PM

I was recently in Hyde Park with my daughters and we saw the Peter Pan statue. We also sat on the canvas chairs at Round Lake and were surprised when an attendant asked us for a pound each! Be warned, you sit you pay!

David White Sep 17th, 2002 11:56 AM

There's also a great Peter Pan-inspired playground here....<BR><BR>I topped the posting "Childrens Playground in Kensington Garden", I believe, if you want to read it....<BR><BR>David White<BR>

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