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Penthouse suite at Hotel Parc Saint-Severin in Paris?

Penthouse suite at Hotel Parc Saint-Severin in Paris?

Apr 9th, 2002, 10:15 AM
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Mark: There hotel brochure (got it last time I was in Paris) gives the following website:

Click the name of that particular hotel then.

You will find some other nice hotels there. Seems to be a group called "Esprit de France".

E-mail for the Parc Saint-Severin:
[email protected]
Apr 9th, 2002, 10:17 AM
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Sorry! This is for Jan, bien sur.

Leaving tomorrow for Vietnam/Thailand, so I am a bit stressed...
Apr 9th, 2002, 12:10 PM
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Jan: The address Ursula posted is the same e-mail address I used for booking. The front desk staff, especially Beatrice, was extremely helpful and responsive.
Apr 10th, 2002, 10:13 AM
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This message is for Patrick. You cancelled your reservation at the Regent???? after chastising someone for cancelling a reservation. Did the Regent bill your credit card the first day that you made the reservation? You seem to praise the Relais St Germaine so much and blast those who say anything negative about it. If it is so geat, why aren't you staying there.
Apr 10th, 2002, 01:51 PM
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Just for the record, I do not recall ever "blasting" anyone for a personal opinion about any hotel. I do recall questioning the reliability of someone who ranted that they stayed at Relais St. Germaine and were totally unable to find the breakfast room which is located in plain sight off the lobby. I think that is a little different. But I generally accept that people's opinions are just that opinions.
Also, please tell me who I have ever chastized about cancelling a reservation? I do not recall ever doing so, although I too am not too approving of the policy of holding three or four reservations at once and then cancelling all but one at the last minute. I had booked Le Regent about 10 months before the date we are going. When I started hearing about the raves for the penthouse suite at Parc St. Severin, I checked it out and booked it. Within 5 minutes of being confirmed there I cancelled my reservation at Le Regent, still some 8 months before the actual booked date.
I do recall "chastizing" someone who complained that a hotel billed them the same day they made a reservation at a hotel, and then when they canceled their reservation they "had trouble getting it back". I believe their complaint was that they canceled it within a day or two of making the reservation. I "chastized" them because the hotel had clearly spelled out the terms of the booking -- why wouldn't they bill the credit card the same day if that is their policy. If Le Regent had a similar policy and had billed me the same day according to that policy - I would not have complained that they did so!! And I would expect it to take at least a couple of weeks to remove the charge from my credit card -- assuming that refund for such a distant reservation would be given according to their policy. I am very careful about reading the "fine print" of what hotels require and do not require with their reservations, and don't complain when they stick to their policy.

To answer the rest of the question. Yes, I love the Relais St. Germain. I generally feel that I can't afford to stay there for a week during such a long and expensive trip as this next one, much as I'd like to. It ends up now that I will be spending almost as much (but still not so much) for room 70 at Parc St. Severin, but I am splurging because of the terrace -- something I have never been able to experience in Paris and thought I'd try once.In fact I've never had a "room with a view" in Paris, and the added terrace idea has completely caught me. Even if I end up loving that suite, I suspect that I will generally return to Le Regent as my "regular" and more affordable hotel, or if I feel I can splurge -- Relais St. Germain.
Apr 10th, 2002, 02:49 PM
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I am the person you blasted. I had made one that is ONE reservation for a hotel in Paris. The hotel was Relais St Germain. They billed my account practically at the moment I made the reservation. I did not know that they did this until later. For your information, I have written documentation from them that states that their cancellation policy is three days before the arrival date. This happened over a year ago and when I complained about it at that time, you let me have it"verbally" with both fists.
Apr 10th, 2002, 03:25 PM
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OK, I knew this sounded somewhat familiar and I have just spend some considerable time looking this all up. You originally posted the following on Rants and Raves for Relais St. Germaine:
"Thank goodness we never actually stayed in this hotel. They billed our Visa card the very day that we made the reservations for a stay that was six months away. When we tried to cancel the very next day they gave us very bad time, in spite of the fact that their cancellation policy clearly stated that we could cancel anytime prior to three days before our arrival".
When someone posted here questioning yours and other negative comments regarding the Relais St. Germain, I posted suggesting that they read between the lines. Regarding your post I said this:
"the most negative comment was from someone who booked six months ahead and complained because they billed them for a deposit immediately (just like they clearly state they will do) and then 'gave us a hard time' about cancelling. It sounds like these people were just shooping and trying to book a bunch of hotels and then got upset because someone was actually going to ask them to honor their committment. They apparently got their deposit back, so what is the problem?"

Your idea of "let me have it verbally, with both fists" is certainly different from mine.

I do know that my reservation with Relais St. Germain clearly stated that they would charge a deposit at the time of the booking and have assumed that yours did also -- you have not said that it didn't. You did apparently get your deposit back, you never mentioned how long it took or if they ever refused to do so. My main question was simply that since you confirmed a reservation one day and then canceled it the "very next day", I question why such a quick change of mind unless you were booking a number of hotels at one time. That is also your perogative, but if so, you need to expect that you will be billed according to the hotel's policy.
Let's examine why the hotel may have given you a "hard time". Let's say your deposit was for $300 -- a figure I'm just pulling out of the air. Since it was probably put on a credit card and then refunded, this transaction probably cost them $10 or more. When a retailer (or hotel) charges a credit card they are charged 3%or more for the transaction. When they refund it, they may be charged an additional percent, but they certainly do not get back their original 3% they paid, even though they probably refunded you your full amount. They probably wondered why you would have made a confirmed reservation one day and then changed your mind so quickly the very next day, costing them money, especially since this was done 6 months ahead. If you were only checking availability or pricing the hotel, why would you confirm a reservation with your credit card unless you were at least relatively sure you were planning to stay there?
I am sorry if my comments offended you, but I still say, "they apparently got their deposit back, so what is the problem?"
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