Pay Rental car in full for June.

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Pay Rental car in full for June.

We plan to rent a car from Dan Dooley in June/July for 15 days. We have to pay in full now, have never done it this way. Always only card detail and perhaps a deposit, and pay at the desk. The quote is expensive, but includes all insurance. I feel comfortable with them, but anything I should know before I make the payment? (In full)
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Is it refundable? With Avis you can cancel, and there is a $25 or $50 cancellation fee, then a refund.

In other words read the fine print.
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Autoeuorpe and Kemwel offer full refunds (no cancellation fee) up to three days (or is it a week?) before the starting date of the rental.
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Posts: 17,002 is a company that does not charge up front, but at the counter. No CC information.

<but includes all insurance> For collision insurance is it 'with excess' or with 'no excess'?

I think this method applies in Ireland and if so, collision 'with excess' could mean a 12 to 18 hundred dollar deductible.

You definitely would want collision insurance 'with no excess'.
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Better to Book Direct.. I am guessing what you are doing is something only Dooley and I believe one other agent offers for US customers (only) and that is to fully pay by Debit (not credit) Card for the full package inclusive of all insurance and sundries, excluding fuel. If this is the case then this is standard practice. you will pay for a tank of fuel at the collection desk and this will be refunded provided you return the car with a full tank.
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Ema; Go to 4.2 CDI liability excess. It seems like all autos rented with a complete package including collision are covered WITH EXCESS. [Dooley calls it LIABILITY EXCESS] Means if you have an accident with damage at 4000euros, you will have a deductible of 12 to 22hundred euros defending upon the car rented.

You need a rental agency that offers collision with 'no excess' and then on the car damage of 4000euros you might only pay 200euros.


Again, try looking for collision with NO EXCESS.

There is no cost to view this site. NO upfront charges, pay at the counter. They will not ask for CC information.

Have rented 27 cars in Europe and many with this company, bur mostly on the mainland.
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I made my reservations for May through Dan Dooley in the US and they were very nice. This is what I got in my confirmation. "The rate includes collision, tax, unlimited mileage, 3rd party liability insurance, fire and theft to auto, coverage for tires/rims and glass, 1 additional driver, excess waiver (this reduces your deductible to 100 Euro) and airport location fee." I was asked to only put a deposit down but I did end up paying for the whole thing just to be done with the cost.
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ema; It's not that cut and dried. You need to know whether you have collision 'Excess Liability 4.2 OR Super Damage Waiver Insurance 4.3 that indeed reduces the collision deductible to 100euro. HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO
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1. I have included maximum insurance and in case of damage you pay just €100. Pick up ublin Airport (Terminal 1 & 2)Date and time : 27th June 2014 15.00 HrsDrop Off ublin Airport (Terminal 1 & 2) Date and time :12th July 2014 14.00 Hrs Rental Duration : 15 days Currency : Euro 775.00 Class A CarExcess Waiver : Selected
2. You are liable for €100 and deposit if a tank of fuel. That’s it. Mary.
These are 2 e-mails I received.
Thank you.
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Great. Consider, I have driven a standard shift for decades.

When we got to the counter I was asked if I wanted an automatic---YES and it was just one less thing to think of while driving.

Have a great trip
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I just made a reservation via phone with Dan Dooley for October. My credit card will not be charged until 30 days before our trip. If you make online reservations, however, you have to pay at the time you make the reservation.
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We've used Dan Dooley twice and they are very trustworthy. We had excellent service and experience with them. I didn't have to pre-pay, but I would trust them. The last time, I noticed that the rates had declined since I made my reservation and they gave me a gas allowance to compensate for the difference. They didn't have to, but they did. That's what I call customer service.
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Thank you. I have two quotes and their quote is much more than the other co. Both include all insurances and the same gas policy. I also have the "yes" feeling about them though they are (much) more expensive.
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I find that rather curious: two quotes with the same stuff included and you are eager to go with the one much more expensive.

Why would you do that?

Having researched at length the rental car situation in Ireland, trying to understand the ins and out of the system, I think many of us (me included) make this far more complicated than it really is. Once you find out what the categories really are and then can compare what is offered on an apples-to-apples basis, it would seem one of the mitigating factors at that point would be cost. Certainly the trustworthiness of the company would be critical as well but I would think any internationally known agency would be viable.

I guess I am just saying that for me, if all else was relatively equal, I would base my decision on which company was saving me money compared to their competitor.
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You are supposed to get better rates when you completely prepay, that's kind of the only reason to do it IMO, hotel or car rental. The only exception is some hotels in resort areas that insist on prepayment due to their season (their cancellation policy may be over 30 days in advance or something).

I'm also curious why would would choose the more expensive rate that you must prepay.
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Hi, Krejaton and Christina. Thank you!! I would also like to go with the one that saves me money. The South African Rand is very weak against the Euro. Only thing is, we would not like to have problems when we get to Dublin. Only based on reviews I have read. Do you have any experience of Budget?
Looking forward.
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