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raymcdermott Oct 20th, 2021 07:52 AM

Paros and AntiParos
We are a group of 10 traveling to Greece this weekend, staying 3 nights in each island with a stopover in Athens on the way back. I will take all your recommendations on things to do and places to see especially on the islands. We are 5 adults and 5 children and its a first trip to Greece for all of us. Also we are getting the ferry from Athens to Paros, its an evening ferry arriving 9.45pm, is it necessary to reserve seats or should we not worry about that. We are pretty relaxed travelers. Thanks

Heimdall Oct 20th, 2021 09:39 AM

You won’t need to reserve seats for a ferry in late October. You will be on Blue Star Naxos, which holds over 1,400 passengers, and will be closer to empty than full. Technically you need to pay extra for aircraft type seats in the lounges, but after the ferry leaves port you should be able to sit in unoccupied seats. The seats on the open deck and in the cafe areas are free.

Antiparos is my favourite island, but will be very quiet when you get there. There will still be some shops, cafes and restaurants open, though. The popular Nautica Cafe at the port stays open year round, as do several tavernas enjoyed by the local year round inhabitants. Antiparos is a very friendly island, and it will be a good opportunity for you to meet and chat with the locals.

raymcdermott Oct 21st, 2021 03:25 AM

Thanks Heimdall. We will just choose the economy option for the ferry then which is 36 pp. There is a discount for students on the ferry, do you know is this discount quite strictly checked. We have some 2nd level high school and 3rd level university students and the discount only appears to be for 3rd level uni students.

Antiparos sounds wonderful, we are not too concerned that it will be quiet. Thanks for the advice on that.

Heimdall Oct 21st, 2021 04:08 AM

I don’t know anything about student discounts, and couldn’t find specific info on the Blue Star website. It could be that your students would need International Student Identity Cards to qualify for the discount.

Heimdall Oct 21st, 2021 07:16 AM

You might all be eligible for a 20% discount on Special Economy tickets:

raymcdermott Oct 21st, 2021 10:12 AM

We are sorted on the Ferry and checked in so grateful for your advice there.

Can you or anyone else help clarify something else?

One of the kids is under 12 and the ferry company is requesting a self test for under 12's within 24hrs of boarding time. Its not clear if that is something we can do here before departing or does that have to be certified in Greece /Athens. I understand there are free testing places available but much of the online info is in the Greek language


Heimdall Oct 21st, 2021 01:41 PM

I haven’t travelled since the start of the Covid pandemic, and wouldn’t like to give you info that might be incorrect. Here is a page from the Ferryhopper website that might be helpful:

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