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Can anyone suggest reasonably priced hotels in Paris, London, Rome, Budapest, Prague, Salzburg, Munich, Cesky Krumlov, Berlin, Krakow, Vienna, Bled, Florence, Interlarken, Amsterdam that come with free parking and are on the outskirts of the towns, and close to public transport.

Very grateful for all assistance.

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    For Budapest, I would Google B&Bs in Budapest. When I was searching, I found one at the end of the subway line which probabloy had street parking because it was in a residential neighborhood. In Vienna, you can park on the street past the Gurtel, with no time limitation. That's what I did, staying near the Ring and getting to the car at the end of my stay by using the streetcar.

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    From your other thread you say you have 8 weeks. Well you have listed 15 major cities in what is it - 7 or 8 countries -- I lost track and got a headache just thinking about it.

    Just not a reasonable plan . . . . Parking and driving to, through, and in most of those cities can be a total nightmare.

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    London and Paris are HUGE cities with populations of 7 and 9 million respectively. Rome and Rome and Berlin are very large cities with populations of 3 million plus each. Asking for hotels on the "outskirts" of these towns is like asking for reccos for hotels on the "outskirts" of New York, Boston, Chicago, etc. Outside each city there are miles of suburbs, all linked by public transport, some further than others of course. You need to get out a map and do some figuring on where you will be coming from and going to, and pick a suburb on one end, then people can make more sensible reccos. There is no point driving all the way around London to go to a hotel on the other end of where you are coming from or going to just because someone on this site recommended it without any idea of your itinerary.

    In my experience living and traveling in continental Europe, it is unlikely that any hotel in a city or suburb is going to offer free parking. Space is just too scarce, even in suburbs. You may find this is some smaller towns, but I think it is unlikely. I would look for hotels in terms of ease of location to a highway, city centre, public transport, rate, etc. If they happen to offer free parking, that is great, but otherwise I would not pick a hotel strictly for that. Street parking is generally free in most towns on Sundays and public holidays. As a general rule, street parking is also usually free after 9 pm or so until 8 am or so. You have to read the signs of course, this will vary greatly from place to place and many towns have special permits which make street parking available only to residents at certain hours or in certain places. Parking signs are not printed in English (except in the UK) so a phrasebook is helpful.

    I agree with other posters that your itinerary posted on your other thread is exhausting, and at roughly AUS$2.50 a litre for petrol, potentially quite expensive. Also remember that you will need a highway tax sticker (or vignette) for most every country on your list, which on average are about US$35 each (AUS$46). Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, and Lichtenstein require them I know for sure, you might check about the other countries on your list. You can buy them at the borders, generally at gas stations or convenience stores, sometimes the border stations sell them.

    Finally, are you driving a left-hand drive car in the UK or are you taking a right-hand drive car into continental Europe and driving it on those roads? From your other thread, I think you are picking it up in Germany, so will have to drive with the wheel on the "wrong" side for a hopefully short trip in the UK. Driving a car with a wheel on the "wrong" side is no fun, esp when making turns (I have done this for brief periods in St Croix). I know from your otehr posts that you ahve driven in the US, but I can tell you from having grown up in the US and lived in Europe that the roads, driving style and parking space size is quite different, so you may have more fender benders than you think. This sounds a little bit like a recipe for disaster. Is this a leased car that is being re-purchased by the dealer at the end? Wow, to take a car with a wheel on the wrong side and drive in cities and towns and be liable to have to pay to repair all the damage when you return it is very brave, much braver than I could be. . .good luck driving in Italy with that leased car as well.... I personally would take trains for this trip as European trains are so great and fun and easy and bring you right to the city centre and there is no traffic or parking to deal with. Europe is not the US or Australia in that their public transport system is very very developed.

    I would say that May is very early for the Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland, it will be colder than you may think or are used to, those countries are quite far north. This will be esp true for the first two weeks of May, things will begin to warm up toward the latter part of the month. Take a look at for temps.

    There are many public holidays in May and June in Europe, this means some museum and restaurant closures and would mean more crowded roads, esp for holidays falling on Monday or Friday. May 1 is Labor Day, May 25 is the Ascension, May 29 is generally a bank holiday in the UK, June 5 is Whit Monday.

    For budget hotels in Europe, try the following chains:

    For other hotels, mostly in Switzerland, but some others and there may be links to other places in Europe, try (I think this is in German and French only)

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    So far as London is concerned, I'd say there is simply nowhere that meets your critera.

    I can think of a few reasonably-priced (by our standards!) hotels 20 miles or more out with free parking. But all beyond the end of the tube: none within easy reach of a bus or railway station.

    But I'm not (quite) infallible. Which is why you need to repost this question with a title ("parking near London")that'll persuade busy Britons to open your thread.

    And unless someone does volunteer somewhere in London - and you've completely satisfied yourself the parking's legit and you can walk to a station in less than an hour - you really, really should abandon your plans to bring your car here. Leave it at Beauvais or Antwerp and get a £1 cheapo flight.

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