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Rebecca Jul 4th, 2000 03:55 AM

Park Hotel vs. Hotel Titania
We have booked a holiday with Regent that offers the option of these two hotels in Athens for a total of 4 nights. Are they both centrally located? What are the rooms, amenities and food like? <BR> <BR>Thanks

Walter Jul 4th, 2000 08:17 AM

I did a quick search and the Park seems to be a 4*/5* and the Titania a 4*. The Park isn't centrally located it's ~1km NE of Omonia Sq. (350m NE of the Archaelogical Museum). The Titania is closer to the sites is ~300m ESE of Omonia Sq. and ~700M N of the edge of the Plaka. The Park is near (~325M) a Metro stop (Vikorias) that can take you to Syntagma Sq. and Monastiraki Sq. Or have the hotel call a "Radio Taxi" (they seem to use the meter and taxis are cheap) to that day's site and at the end of the day taxi back. The return taxi can sometimes be a hassle (not wanting to go to certain parts of the city {traffic?} and not using the meter). Even if they overcharge you at 2000DR (~$6+US) do you really want to walk back after a long day:). <BR>My hotel was about the same distance past the Acropolis entrance as the Park is past the Archaeological Museum. It took me 45min to walk to the museum so it would take you about the same time to walk to the Acropolis. It was a Sunday and the taxi driver overcharged me at 2000DR for the ride back to my hotel, so it was worth it to me and my sore feet:). It case you don't have the hotel's websites HTH Regards, Walter <BR>

Ken Horn Jul 5th, 2000 03:18 PM

Rebecca- This is the second try- I stayed at the Titania 8-10 years ago. The location is right in the middle of everything. However, the area was a little seedy. It was safe though. Unless they have upgraded it, it is more like a good 2 star instead of a 4 star. I don't remember if it was air conditioned. We ate all of our meals elsewhere. It was mid-September and the weather was wonderful. We took buses and the subway everyplace except to and from the airport. Have fun-

Walter Jul 5th, 2000 04:17 PM

Ken: Their website said they renovated in '98 and all rooms have A/C. But 1 website did post it as a 3* and the others a 4*. But perhaps Rebecca should think about your advice about it being in a seedy section. I lived just outside Athens in the US military in '73-'75 as a young/very foolish man and I remember that a seedy section was right near Omonia Sq. somewhere?, where we (drunken sailors) used too go to *those* houses were I promised my mother I'd never go into:))). So perhaps the Park *would* be a better choice Rebecca:). HTH Regards, Walter (who should post this with a fake name and address:) <BR>

Rebecca Jul 6th, 2000 03:38 AM

Thank you all three for the info. I will discuss this with my travel partner.

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