Paris weather - mid November


Sep 24th, 1999, 05:18 AM
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Paris weather - mid November

How to beat the I miss Europe blues - go back if you can. With Air France running their deal that is what we intend to do - return to Paris for a few days in mid November. What kind of weather should we expect? Obviously cool, rainy?, snowy?. We're from NY -do you think it will be similar. Thanks to all
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Sep 24th, 1999, 10:23 AM
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Hi, Lori
As you know Paris is quite a bit north of New York, and in my experience the temps are on the average cooler at each time of year, except when it isn't.
I've been there in all seasons, and as much as I love it, the weather is fickle, to put it kindly. I have had constant rain and 50 degree F temps in late May, and I have had the same weather in January, except when it's colder, drier, or warmer.
I would plan on 40s-50s and rain, and perhaps you will be pleasantly suprised.
Perhaps bring a raincoat with a removable lining, and sweaters you can layer if it's colder.
Check weather websites before you leave, and you'll find that the forecasts don't always agree either: click on your city, then on weather

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Sep 27th, 1999, 01:23 PM
Terry Worley
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My wife and I went to Paris in mid-November of 1996. The weather was rainy and about 50 for the first couple of days. When the rain stopped, it went down to low 30's and sunny for the rest of the week. We saw a lot of museums, but weren't able to do the Seine cruise, outdoor cafes, etc. because of the cold. Good luck!
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Sep 27th, 1999, 08:23 PM
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Rainy, cool, for sure - snow not likely. Pack the ubiquitous "layers" and you'll be fine. Just get up, get dressed, then add a sweater and a raincoat (preferably with a hood, which precludes the need for an umbrella) and you'll be all set. Assume the weather will be dreary...and you might be pleasantly surprised (although not likely)...
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