Paris v. Tuscany/Umbria v Provence

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Paris v. Tuscany/Umbria v Provence

I'm starting to plan out a vacation for April or May and I'm considering the above choices. We will probably have only 8 days.
I've been to Paris before but that was 18 years ago when I was 16 and I absolutely loved it. My husband has never been to France and is wary of it since he has heard the people can be difficult. We honeymooned in Rome and the Amalfi coast area and we both decided we loved Italy. We've also been to Andalucia together and liked it. Much has been written about Provence and Tuscany in the past decade but I wonder if my husband should see Paris first. I would like some thoughts on where we should go next in Europe. Am I right on the money or is there some other big "it" spot we should go to first?
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Bob C
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Get your husband a book call 'French or Foe' it will help him understand the French. Then combine Paris with an area like Burgundy. After doing that you should now love France and Italy.
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Just a personal note re: being wary of French attitudes/being difficult..We had gone to London many times and my husband always wanted to take me to Paris, but I listened to what all the people said about how the French are rude and will be mean to me.He finally wore me down,took me to Paris on my birthday,how could I say no? and I fell in love ~ with my husband,yes--with Paris~YES! We have been back 5 times, I have NEVER had a bad experience with anyone in France..actually-we are from the Northeast and I can get my fill of rudeness right at home tell your husband that he will love it, the food is wonderful, there is a never ending amount of things to see,and it is so completely romantic everywhere,that the two of you will be even more in love~How does that sound? Let us know what you decide.C
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What a wonderful, difficult decision. All of those places are great to visit, of course. I too had to persuade my husband to visit Paris & France, and he loved it too, after visiting (though we still also love visiting Italy). In making your decision, however, consider what you enjoyed so much about previous trips. If you visit Paris, with 8 days, you'll probably spend the majority of your trip in the city, with maybe some day trips. Would you both enjoy city life for that time period, or would you prefer a quieter, more country-like vacation, or a mixture of both (which may have been what your Rome/Amalfi vacation was)? Did you love the history, the culture, the people, and/or the food? Pinpointing what you've liked in previous trips might help you narrow down whether you'll spend your time in the Louvre or at Les Baux, or people-watching in the Campo in Siena...
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Either choice would be wonderful, and whichever one you don't do this time would be perfect for another trip.
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My husband and I were in Paris on our first trip to Europe and really disliked it. We had no advance hotel reservations and were laughed at at the tourist bureau. We wound up staying at the Hotel Intercontinental on a day to to basis with the reservationists being very unhelpful. I vowed to never return and did not until maybe ten years later. Second time we loved it. Had been elsewhere in France and had overcome our fear of the French thing in the meantime. Have now been there many, many times and love it more each time we go. If you only have 8 days I would surely go to Paris over the others. You need longer in them, you really do, and 8 days is almost perfect for Paris. You'll enjoy reliving your earlier experience and with your past experience your husband should be more at ease than if neither of you had been there before. Weather is the only wild card. Could be great or could be bad. We've been there in a warm, coatless March and a snowy May. There is so much to do in Paris, even if the weather's bad you'll find something. Enjoy

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