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David Jul 5th, 2000 06:27 PM

Paris Taxi Info Needed
We have only used a taxi in Paris once. I was wondering if you pay what is on the meter or what? Do you pay the amount on the meter with two people? We're going back to Paris and I just can't remember.

Paige Jul 6th, 2000 04:53 AM

I'm just guessing...make sure the meter is 0 when you get in. If it's not, they probably have a small minimum pick up charge or something like that. At the end of the trip they'll add in all the extras like luggage and extra people, then that's what you pay. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me!

Hello Jul 6th, 2000 07:50 AM

Paige- <BR>If you don't know what you are talking about why are you responding to this question???

greg Jul 6th, 2000 08:31 AM

For a simple trip for two, that plus a tip is what you pay. We have taken taxi only when we are a group of 4 (extra charge), from a train station, or airport (extra charge), or with luggage (extra charge), so we have never paid what is on the meter. I have heard two view on tipping, tip only on the basic charge on the meter no matter what the extra charge or base tip on the total of all charges.

Robin Jul 6th, 2000 08:39 AM

Hi David-- <BR> <BR>There is a window sticker in the taxi with the various extra charges posted (I can't remember if it's in English, but it may be). I can recall the following charges: one for a fourth person, a charge for luggage past a certain weight, and a charge for the taxi being called to a location. There may be others. It is a little confusing, and quite often the drivers don't speak much English, but I was under the impression they were honest. It shouldn't cost much more than $7-10 for most trips, unless all of the above costs apply. If you're on a budget, or concerned, just limit your taxi use to situations where you really have no other alternative. As I'm sure you know, the Metro is great, and the airport shuttle discussed often here is wounderful. <BR> <BR>Hope this helps.

Ken Jul 6th, 2000 09:00 AM

We were in Paris in June and used cabs to/from the Gard du Nord as well as from our hotel to dinner. The basic fare ticked off on the meter just like a US cab meter. If you have luggage the driver has to put in the trunk, a small window will reflect the additional charge for the luggage, which the driver will total in at the end. My DK book suggested 10% tip. I always seemed to have incorrect change and had a devil of a time seeing what those coins were in the dark so I probably over or under-tipped trying to get rid of the coins. At least the drivers in Paris would get out of the cab and load luggage while the London drivers, for the most part, waited while we horsed our cases into the back. Neither were talkative like the stereotype NYC cab driver.

igor Jul 6th, 2000 12:08 PM

We took a cab from dinner to our hotel <BR>one night (we lived neat Chatteau metro <BR>station) and we got the most talkative <BR>driver. He showed us all the sights <BR>that we passed by.

Caitlin Jul 6th, 2000 01:20 PM

The meter drops at 13FF in Parisian taxis. Extra charges for luggage in the trunk, pickup from train stations or when calling for a cab, extra passenger, etc. are added to the metered amount at the end. Night and Sunday rates are higher. Unlike in many other situations tourists find themselves in in Paris, many cab drivers seem to speak little or no English. If you're not very conversant in French, carry a good map and use it to show the driver where you want to go if there's any confusion.

igor Jul 6th, 2000 01:24 PM

It would also help if you write down the <BR>street address of your hotel on a piece <BR>of paper and show it to the driver as <BR>you enter the cab. we spoke almost no <BR>French and found this practice very <BR>helpful.

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