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Dawn Dec 24th, 1997 02:05 AM

Paris - Saint Germain des Pres - Tourist District??
I have been studying the travel books and getting different opinions. Looking at the maps the Saint
Germain des Pres neighborhood is centrally located and has many hotels. Is it a wonderful place for tourists to stay, truly from someone who has been there?? Hotel suggestions? The charming hotel book suggests the Hotel d'Angleterre or Hotel de l'Abbaya. Anyone familiar with these?? Is it true the Latin Quarter is becoming run down? Thank you for your personal knowledge in any of these areas!

Shane Dec 24th, 1997 03:08 AM

Saint Germain is the area to be in my opinion, my wife and I stayed around the Place D'Italie (next arrodissement south) and loved it, however would have liked to be a little closer.

You'll love It!!!

Pete Dec 24th, 1997 09:01 AM


You will not be disappointed with St. Germain, it is the best location to stay with something for everyone. Restaurants and bars range from the student budget to the royal budget around here. Have a wonder a little further south-east and walk up 'Rue de la Montaigne de St. Genevieve', and along Rue Mouffetard to Place de Contrescarpe for an amazing variety of restaurants and bars.

JOAN DOYLE Dec 24th, 1997 04:50 PM

Dear Dawn: I agree with the other posters--St. Germain des Pres is an excellent, very central location in Paris. My sister and I stayed there in the Hotel St. Thomas d'Aquin on the rue des Saintes Peres (as I recall). It was clean, comfortable, reasonably priced, and within an easy walk of restaurants in every price category--plus good transportation. (Of course we did arrive in the midst of a transit strike--so we didn't get to USE much public transportation and we found the entire Left Bank a bit distant from the Gare du Nord where the Eurostar arrives and departs. But with luck you can avoid any French strikes.) Have fun. Joan

Donna Dec 24th, 1997 10:47 PM

You will be very pleased with this neighborhood - AND, with either of these two hotels - especially Hotel de l'Abbaye - particularly if you request either one of the ground floor rooms with private gardens or, even better, one of the top floor suites with arched ceilings and rooftop views. Others we've traded notes with have mentioned that the staff at Hotel d'Angleterre could not be more "chilly" and unhelpful, although the facility is quite delightful. This is an utterly charming area with very convenient transportation in every direction. A transit strike is probably unlikely, and they are announced in advance. Wonderful restaurants all around. We especially enjoyed Vagenende (spectacular Belle Epoque interior) on Blvd St. Germain. Wonderful food, very friendly service (and clientele), and live music. Also La Rotisserie d'en Face (on rue Christine). Very busy (read popular) with fantastic food. Both are quite reasonable (for Paris) and excellent "experiences". I have no idea what the "Latin Quarter" was like previously, but we did not find it to be very appealing. Not to worry, as you could spend a month in the St. Germain area alone. No matter where you stay in Paris, you'll want to go all over, so don't obsess over it.

Gino Dec 25th, 1997 08:29 AM

Don't confuse Hotel d'Angleterre which is in the 8th arrondissement with Hotel Angleterre Saint Germain des Pres which is on the left bank on Rue Jacob.
If choosing the latter hotel, beware of their awful cancellation charges: 30days-20%25; 15-30days-30%25;3-15days-50%25; less than 3days-100%25. They are always fully booked and take a I don't care attitude! The Hotel de l'Abbaye is a bit away from the left bank. Two possible hotels on Rue Jacob are Hotel des Marronniers and Hotel des duex Continents both of which are *** Hotels and are just down the street of Angleterre.

Dawn Dec 25th, 1997 01:17 PM


Thank you for your insights. This helps us feel like we are making a good decision to stay in the Saint Germain district. This is our first trip to Europe and want to be sure our location and hotel are good. It may be a long time before we can come back. My brother took the cheapest trip to the Carribbean and ended up in a scary section of town and had to fight the cockroaches. No Thanks! Your knowledge is greatly appreciated.

Joan Spray Jan 18th, 1998 08:10 PM

We are planning to be in Paris in April, and are interested in the two hotels mentioned on Rue Jacob. What is the cost of a double room? How can we contact them?

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