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Meg Mar 25th, 2001 03:57 PM

Paris private tour
I am going to Paris with two friends in early September 2001. I have been there many times but this is their first trip. My travel agent recommended a private all day tour of the city (for them). Has anyone ever done this? Is it worth it and is there any specific car service you would recommend? Is there anything special you would suggest seeing that is not so easily accessible by metro or bus?

StCirq Mar 25th, 2001 04:03 PM

How much does this tour cost and why does it require a car? There is not much of special interest in Paris that is not easily accessible by métro or bus (or RER). Have you considered a personal guide? If so, I know of two excellent ones who work for ParisVision but who freelance for much less. (Is this advertising? Don't mean it to be - just an insider tip).

Rex Mar 25th, 2001 04:14 PM

St.Cirq, <BR> <BR>If you don't mind, might have info on those friends of yours. I tried to find a "private guide" for my dad about a year and a half ago, and didn't have any luck. It was short notice, and I didn't try very hard (only contacted a handful of friends in France). <BR> <BR>But I still might like to know, for future reference. <BR>

StCirq Mar 25th, 2001 05:00 PM

Rex: <BR> <BR>Information forwarded to your e-mail address, as I suspect it might violate Fodor's advertising rules.

Rex Mar 25th, 2001 05:06 PM

Thanks (and apparently you understood the missing words in "I might like to have..."). <BR> <BR>Best wishes, <BR> <BR>Rex <BR> <BR>

StCirq Mar 25th, 2001 05:21 PM

Yes, apparently I did, though I didn't necessarily know I did.

wendy Mar 26th, 2001 03:20 AM

Hi Meg! <BR> <BR>The BEST guide I know in Paris is at <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>She has a long list of clients with high regard for her knowledge and ability to show you a side of Paris you never knew ... <BR> <BR>Let me know! <BR>Wendy

Lisa Mar 26th, 2001 06:43 AM

StCirq <BR>I would also be interested in such a "tour". Would you please email me the information too? I am meeting some friends in Paris and they will only be there for a few days. This seems like a great way for them to make the most of their short stay.

Meg Mar 26th, 2001 03:54 PM

StCirq - thanks for responding and please e-mail your information to me also. The car and driver was my travel agent's suggestion. The friend I'm traveling with has never been to Paris and thought this was a nicer way to get acclimated rather than on a bus with earphones, etc. Personally, I don't care and it's probably very expensive anyway. <BR> <BR>Thanks Wendy - I'll try that site too. <BR> <BR>Meg <BR>

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