Paris museum passes and visit Paris pass

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Paris museum passes and visit Paris pass

My husband and I were supposed to go to Paris last October before Sept. 11th attacks happened. We canceled knowing there was a possible war. We have rescheduled to go in April. The problem - we had already purchases 2 museum passes and two 5-day visit Paris passes for transportation. They expire at the end of February and they will not extend them. Do you know anyway we could recoupe our costs or get the dates extended?
Thanks. Regina
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I guess you have tried to get it from the company from which you purchased. And you probably don't have recourse from your credit card company but you could try. If you can't don't buy these online again--they cost about 30% more than if you get them in Paris.
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I understood from a travel agency based in Dallas, specializing in France, that these passes never expired. Sacre bleu.
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I agree that it isn't a good idea to buy passes like that from an agent in another country, unless you can't get them onsite (may be true in some countries for some things). They don't usually expiure but I suspect you may not have the pass but only vouchers for them, right? I have heard that some agencies do not actually give you the pass but only vouchers, which is not official but from their company, and they can probably make them expire whenever they want; I gather you buy these vouchers and then have to go to a specific spot in Paris to exchange them for the pass, which makes them even more inconvenient than buying the actual pass onsite. In any case, I'd say you must chalk it up to experience, if they won't extend them, that's that.
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The actual Museum and Monuments Pass has no expiration date. The voucher for the Paris Visite Pass expires in 6 months from the date of issue.
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REgina:Was it a voucher for the Paris Visite or the Paris Visite that expired?

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