Paris in Feb. with 4 kids

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Paris in Feb. with 4 kids

I am taking my family to Paris in Feb. for 6 days 5 nights. Kids are 17 down to 11. What do you recommend we see, also would a day trip to London be out of the question. Any help would be great.
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Besides all that have been recommended here as Paris attractions ,all the museums, parks, and restaurants, brasseries,etc, I guess that you should take the kids to "La Cite de Sciences et de l'Industrie:

Have a great time in Paris.


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Brian Kilgore
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Eiffel Tower, of course, and ifyou have to pick only one art gallery, pick the Pompideau, because the children will probably enjoy the more modern art.

London is an awful long way for one day. If you stayed in London overnight, it would be feasible.

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You can do a day trip to London via the Eurostar but figure a total of at least 7 - 7 1/2 hours of traveling; six for the actual train ride and the rest getting to the station. For more Paris information e-mail me ? [email protected]
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Dear Nick,
Paris is a wonderful city with children if you know where to go of course! We can arrange a customized package for you, tours, hotel, and may be a private guide, english speaking to show you all the best areas of Paris for the children.We also have one day tour from Paris to London. Please contact me.
[email protected]
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Hi, Nick..Every time we are in Paris, we make plans to go on an out- of- town day trip.So far the farthest we have gotten has been to Versailles! there is just so much to see and do in Paris.When staying in London once,we took the train to Paris, but stayed overnight, the trip is over 3 hours each way, so it would really restrict sightseeing time in Paris to just go for a day. Why not plan something just a little farther afield, as in Versailles, or Fontainbleu? Being Feb, the weather may be discouraging also.Just reading these threads re: Paris, you can get lots of great ideas for things to do every day, if you haven't been to Paris..but I would recommend for first timers-The Invalides- the kids and you will love the Tomb of Napolean,etc,St Chapelle, Notre Dame- look at the gargoyles and out over the city-a bateau mouche ride on the Seine, the Pompidou, the D'Orsay,perhaps the flea markets on a Saturday morning, the food is great, and your kids will be a good age to be adventurous with new tastes, snails?-there is so much more and my mind has gone blank, but keep reading, most people on these threads are very nice and helpful~Have a great time~C
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I don't know if you've all traveled together out of the country before, but I recommend not overscheduling yourselves, and allowing for some down time in the afternoon. An hour or two planted in front of the tv after lunch can do wonders for everyone's well-being. Traveling together is more time-intensive than everyday life; all that togetherness 24-7 is not what most of us are used to. You know your kids best, but if you think it's appropriate
I'd also allow the 17 year old and the next oldest to go off on their own for a couple of hours here and there, armed with a map, and an agreement to meet you at a certain time. Paris is a safe place.
Also for the adults, shepherding the entire group around all day, can be exhausting in itself. If you are traveling with a spouse or another adult, split the group or the responsibilities here and there; not everyone is interested in doing all the same things all the time.

I have a file on Paris and on Paris for (young) kids; if you'd like to see it, email me.
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Don't know how you plan on traveling around town, but if you are from an area that does not have subways, your kids might really enjoy a Metro ride. I live in New Orleans (below sea level) so my daughter thought that was really cool.

If you go to Arc de Triumph, I would like to warn you that the climb is equal to 16 stories. My daughter and I did fine, but my husband and dad were suffering.

My dd also like the park (Toulleries?) behind the Louvre.

She loved listening to the headphones at the Louvre.

Across from Notre Dame is a chapel known as the glass box, forgot what the name was, but it was impressive to my daughter (and us of course). Around the corner from that is the Concergerie where Marie Antonette was held. My daughter really enjoyed exploring that prison. She also enjoyed the Moyen Age museum.

Make sure you buy a museum pass, then you can go to front of line or through side entrance. Kids under 18 are free in almost all museums, so check them out. If the kids are bored just leave and move on to the next one. There is so much to see.

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Nick: The Arc de Triumph has a elevator. It's located on the opposite end of the steps. The glass box Julie refered to is the Jewish memorial behind Notre Dame. I'm really not sure what to think about it. Going back in January and I think am going to send some time looking around there.
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That would be the St Chapelle across the street from Notre Dame, it is remarkable, everyone- whatever age, will like this! For the kids, you can tell them about the people buried under the floor,I think they are knights who came back from the Crusades..going up that narrow winding staircase will be of interest, especially when you come out into the actual chapel, so beautiful! Montmarte might also be fun, although could be too cold and wet to walk much, if the weather is agreeable, you can see the artists out painting on the steps, visit the Pere Lechaise Cemetary-show them where Jim Morrison, among others is buried..Have lunch in the Samarataine Dept store, it has a great view.My mind is now blank - whatever you do, it will be fun, you will be in Paris! C
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The Musee d l'Armie (spelling?) in the Invalides (a short walk from the Eifel Tower) has some really interesting exhibits. Of course, it is also houses Napolean's tomb.

The Museum has a really interesting WWII exhibit that was recently completed last year.

There are also some great exhibits featuring Napoleanic era uniforms, weapons, etc.
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I walked around the Jewish memorial one afternoon, it was cloudy , grey, windy, and it was the saddest,most touching place! I think it is very appropriate, the way it is placed just so by the Seine, right in th middle of everything, but secluded.Very beautiful spot to contemplate, things past and present.
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Yes it was St. Chapelle. Make sure you go up the little staircase, that is what takes you to the beautiful chapel.

My daughter loved the Musee Armorie. It has outfits for soldiers, including many suits of armor. If you have boys they should love it.

Back to your question about a side trip to London: There is soooo much to see in Paris. 6 days is not nearly enough time, so I do not think that I would choose to lose any time traveling.

Also, the first time I went to Paris I knew that I was not going to the top of the Eiffle tower, so I did not go out of my way to get very close to it. This time we happened to be very close so we walked under it. I would definately recommend you at least walk under it. It is massive!!! I had no idea how big it really was or how high the 1st and 2nd level really were!

Last comment don't buy the dancing Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse toys that the vendors sell. That is a gimmick that is quite a joke, they don't work but really attract attention from tourists.

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