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yk Jan 22nd, 2005 07:25 PM

Paris hotels again?! Help me choose, in 5e & 6e
I have gone through all the Budget Hotel threads in the Paris Superthread. Here is what I have nailed down to. I'll be there in end of Feb, 05, and want to keep it under € 90 for a double (2 persons) with private bathroom.
Let me know what your choice is:

Hotel du Pantheon, 19 place du Pantheon, € 80 (special rate)
Hotel Monge, 55 rue Monge, € 75-130 (website doesn't specify current rate)
Familia Hotel, 11 rue des Ecoles, € 90
Hotel de La Sorbonne, 6 rue Victor Cousin, € 60 (special rate- I'm not sure if I can really get it)

Hotel de Saint Germain, 50 rue du Four, € 105-130 (special has 4th night free)
Pension Ladagnous, 78 rue d'Assas, € 62 (a bit far out)

Hotel Residence les Gobelins, € 73 (a bit far out)

elaine Jan 22nd, 2005 07:31 PM

there's an entry in here for the Pension L;tid=34553654

Christina Jan 22nd, 2005 07:42 PM

I haven't actually stayed at any of those hotels but the Sorbonne, but am kind of familiar with most of them from comments and seeing them on the street -- the Hotel du Pantheon at only 80 euro sticks out to me as the best bargain on that list, and I'd book it. I would never pay 90 euro for the Familia compared to these other rates.

Scarlett Jan 22nd, 2005 07:44 PM

yk, I read a great review of the Monge in the Times not long ago, written by the Frugal Traveler.

tuscanlifeedit Jan 22nd, 2005 07:59 PM

Hotel de Saint Germain, 50 rue du Four, € 105-130 (special has 4th night free

A friend stayed on the special and was pleased with this hotel. We have considered it based on her rec.

yk Jan 22nd, 2005 08:56 PM


Found the article in NYT re: Hotel Monge, thanks! Though that was from Jan 2003.

I found a more recent article, from August 04, "The Left Bank, for Less". I believe this article was mentioned on the Paris Superthread.

The hotel mentioned in that article is Hotel St Pierre in 5e. Currently double goes for € 80.

yk Jan 22nd, 2005 09:12 PM

Found this article in Times online (UK) titled "Stylish Stays in the heart of Paris for £70",00.html

sjde53 Jan 22nd, 2005 10:00 PM

I really liked the Familia, though for a change of pace, thought next time we'll stay in the 6th arrondisement. Maybe the 7th.


ita Jan 22nd, 2005 10:14 PM

I have stayed at Hotel Monge. The rooms were small, but spotlessly clean. We had a room overlooking the arena but I think that that is more expensive than the front. The breakfast was good, but the best thing is the location-walking distance to almost everything.

yk Jan 23rd, 2005 07:47 AM

Topping for self

sandi_travelnut Jan 23rd, 2005 07:51 AM

Have you gone to to see first-hand reviews of these places? That might help.

francophile03 Jan 23rd, 2005 08:12 AM

I haven't read comments about Pension Ladagnous and Hotel Res. les Gobelins. But the others I have read about. Based on those comments I would choose Hotel du Pantheon or Hotel de Saint Germain.

I have walked by the Hotel du Pantheon and it's in a great area, just across from the Pantheon (of course) and a long block away from Blvd. St. Michel.

The Hotel Saint Germain is in a great area too. It's near the Mabillon metro stop and right next to Blvd. St. Germain.

elle Jan 23rd, 2005 08:18 AM

I've stayed at Hotel Monge and found it rather nice for the price. We payed 84 euros in March of 2002 for a decent-sized room with a view of the arenes.

But the Pantheon deal sounds like a DEAL! So I'd put that at the top of the list.

yk Jan 23rd, 2005 02:07 PM

I went on to the hotel websites to get room requests. Turns out that:

Hotel du Pantheon only offers the € 80 rate for 1 night only. The other nights are more expensive. The total would come out about € 100 per night.

Hotel de La Sorbonne also only offers the € 60 rate for 1 night only. The average comes out to € 75 per night.

I have sent email requests to Hotel Monge and Hotel de Saint Germain to see what actual rates they are offering.

Keep your comments coming!

amelia Jan 23rd, 2005 05:02 PM

Wow, I was wondering about the 80E for the Pantheon--that was a great deal!

We loved the location, so if the average over days ends up rather on the low end, go for it.

francophile03 Jan 23rd, 2005 05:10 PM

A 100 euro/night at the du Pantheon is still pretty good to me.

ninasdream Jan 23rd, 2005 05:40 PM

I stayed at Res. Les Gobelins last April, I found it here & my comments are under the Fodor hotel thread, where I list prices & room #'s. A quiet double room on the courtyard was the best bet.

annieladd Jan 23rd, 2005 07:13 PM

We stayed at Hotel de St. Germain on rue de Four in October. The rooms are tiny, but great location. The management and staff are very kind. You might ask for a room that has the balcony, they seem to be larger. The hotel is clean, bathroom's large, and good location which were our major criteria. If you go, tell Dina hi from Annie and Tom in Kansas City. The great patisserie, Poilane, is just down the street. Enjoy.

dln Jan 23rd, 2005 07:22 PM

yk, you wouldn't catch me staying at the Hotel Familia again. Yes, I know it's well-known and gets good reviews but you could do better. The street is noisy, the rooms are closet-sized, and the bedding is threadbare. The bathrooms have low ceilings, no windows, and are as big as the ones you see on airlines. I was under-whelmed by the Familia, to say the least.

sandypaws3 Jan 24th, 2005 05:54 PM

We stayed at the Hotel de Saint Germain, at 50, rue de Four, and thought the rooms were very small, we enjoyed our stay. Great location, not far from the Bon Marché, and friendly staff. We would stay there again.


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