Paris Honeymoon: Help w/hotels!!!!

Old Jul 31st, 1998, 11:26 PM
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Paris Honeymoon: Help w/hotels!!!!

Me and my future wife will be going to Paris in November for our honeymoon and I'm going crazy trying to decide on a hotel. I want it to be the perfect place. I'm trying to stay within $200-$250 per night. What's the best area to be in? Help?
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Lucky you (and her). Well, you shouldn't have a
problem in that price range. I haven't stayed at
one, so can't make a personal recommendation, but
I'd think maybe staying right on the river Seine
on Ile St Louis might be romantic for a honeymoon.
There are only 2 hotels on this island (Jeu du
Paume and Lutece (I think, not sure))--I think Jeu
du Paume is considered a little nicer, but you
should get other opinions on that. For such a
special occasion, I suggest you read a guide book
targeted toward special/charming hotels--I think
there is one called ... Rivage Hotels of Charm and
something for Paris (I actually have it at home)
that may steer you some. Just an opinion, but I'd
recommend the 4th-7th arrondisements. A view might
be nice--I don't think there are really that many
hotels with views of the Eiffel tower in Paris,
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I agree that the Ile St. Louis is a perfect spot. My wife and I went to Paris last year and stayed at a great hotel on the Ile St. Louis that is in your price range -- Hotel Des Deaux-Iles. E-mail me if you want more info.
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We have also stayed at Hotel St.Louis on our honeymoon and enjoyed it. I think we ended up paying about $150 a night. There is also a sister hotel down the street called Lutece. I didn't consider the Hotel St. Louis a luxury place at all - the rooms were smal (no amenities - bring your own shampoo, nice bars of soap and blowdryer), but it had tons of Parisian charm. Is you go this route, ask for a room on the top floor. We had a small balcony that looked out on the roof tops of Paris. Even if you don't stay on the Ile St. Louis, pick somewhere close to the river. Somewhere a little more expensive that we considered was the Relais Christine or Lutetia in the St. Germain De Pres area, but in the ended, opted for less expensive accommodations so we could spend our money elsewhere. No matter where you stay in Paris, it's your honeymoon and you will never forget it. Please e-mail directly if you have any further questions. Bon voyage!
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Thanks for the info on the hotels in Paris. I checked out Jeu de Paume at a website called It looks like exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks a bunch.
Old Aug 4th, 1998, 02:19 PM
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Dave - I'm going for the second time to Paris on august 13 and will be back sept 1. I have stayed at a few nice/very decent hotels that weren't even $250.00 night. If you would like to e-mail me back, I'll get you the info. In the fourth arrondisement, The Castex is great ( and cheap), Place des Vosges is good, too. Fifth arr. go to the Elysa Luxembourg or the Pantheon. The Hotel Grandes Ecoles is excellent and quiet with a beautiful garden. There's lots more I could tell. just let me know by e-mail. Jennifer
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I recommend the 8th arrondisement, off the Champs d'Elysee, centrally located to everything. Stayed in a very nice small hotel for 550FF p nite, you can find something great in that price range, no need to go higher.
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I think some people don't really read the request -- this guy is going on his honeymoon,
for heaven's sake, and wants someplace nice and
is willing to pay for it. Being familiar through
reading and personal comments with some of the hotels mentioned in the last few posts (Castex, etc.), I would add that these are very basic,
budget hotels that would be appropriate for Rick Steves-type groupies, students, or people on a very limited budget. If I married a guy who was only willing to lay out about $50-75 on a hotel room in a major world city like Paris for our honeymoon when he could easily afford more, I'd divorce him.
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How about the Hotel du Louvre? It's more pricey than some that have been mentioned but sounds like a great spot also. I'm not sure if it's best to be crentrally located there or go for the more secluded 4th district. What do you think?
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David - Let me know what you find out about Hotel du Louvre. I'm thinking of staying there in October. Also, the Hotel du Louvre and the Hotel Lutetia (someone mentioned earlier) are run by Concorde Hotels ( If you are a member of the AAdvantage program with American Airlines they will give you a Prestige card good for discounts and upgrades. Lastly, I priced a 6 night (I think) hotel stay at the Hotel Lutetia in early November for $1650 total including breakfast. Hope this helps!
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Christina, don't you think your message was a bit harsh? People are only trying to help. This guy might not have realized that he could get rooms in Paris for less than $250 per night. And, if he does wind up spending less, I don't take that as a sign of his quality as a husband.
Old Aug 6th, 1998, 04:52 PM
Jennifer II
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Christina - you must not be married. Who cares how much he spends on the hotel as long as he loves her more than life itself? Besides, if all she wants is a man with money, then maybe she really isn't interested in him at all.

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