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Lydia Apr 29th, 1999 12:42 PM

Paris Gare de l'Est station at night?
A certain Travel Guide warns against Paris East station at night. Nobody mentioned this station under the topic "Places to avoid in Paris" on this forum - so I was wondering...? My husband and I have to consider a couple of options from Chamonix to Mainz, one of them being Lyon, and then Paris - Mainz on an overnight train. Mike from footloosetravel kindly suggested a scenic route through Switzerland, which involves almost 10 hours of daytime train travel (no night trains available) - this sounds very tempting, but isn't such a long day trip going to be awfully tiring? Wouldn't the Paris job be a less tiring experience, if we'll survive Paris de l'Est at 22h30, that is. PLEASE HELP!!!

Lydia Apr 29th, 1999 02:10 PM

Sorry, I realize now - gare = station

Boots Apr 29th, 1999 03:08 PM

<BR>Can you clarify that next to the last sentence so we know what your question is, please?

jeanne Apr 29th, 1999 04:20 PM

Lydia: <BR> <BR>I think which trip you take actually depends on how long you have total and how much you are trying to do in that time frame-and also, how much luggage you are trying to "schlep" along etc. The scenic trip sounds great, but if it too much-too long, don't be worried off by the Gare at night-it isn't a great neighborhood to necessairily hang out in with all your stuff, but not worriesome to take a taxi to or even metro. <BR> <BR>Night trains can be grueling for some folks-so try know yourself and your habits-can you sleep in a seat or would a sleeper be better, etc. I actually think the most important is to travel light and give yourself enough time in places to set a pace that you can really enjoy-and that is something only something you can gauge. <BR> <BR>Anyway, didn't mean to wax too philisophical, but the train station at night should't really affect your choice

Lydia Apr 30th, 1999 09:16 AM

Sorry, Boots, English is not my mother tongue, but not to worry - Jeanne understood and she's set my mind at rest

Boots Apr 30th, 1999 01:47 PM

Lydia, I wasn't criticizing your English, as I am sure you understand. I am just too literal minded, perhaps. And yes, Jeanne did give you good advice. I wouldn't hang around the Gare de l'Est or choose a hotel there, but you won't have any trouble taking a taxi from there. Have a great trip! <BR>

Lydia Apr 30th, 1999 02:01 PM

Yes, Boots - I suppose you're spot on about my being touchy - thanx any way for your advise and good wishes.

Ben Haines May 2nd, 1999 12:14 AM

<BR>Could Boots, or somebody, kindly tell me what the problem is in using Paris Est station at night ? It has useful trains for Frankfurt, Munich, and Eastern Switzerland. <BR> <BR>Ben Haines, London <BR> <BR>

Boots May 2nd, 1999 07:39 AM

In my opinion, the Gare de l'Est and the Gare du Nord (they are very near each other) are not dangerous if you are watchful. I think there is very little crime against the person in Paris, but, as in any large city, I suppose, one has to be careful of one's possessions. <BR>Some years ago, I led a group that was housed in a hotel in this area. We spent little time there because it is not an interesting part of Paris, so we found ourselves using the métro to go to more interesting areas. Some of my clients had their pockets picked, both in the area and in the métro. I think they were not very sophisticated, but . . . Sometimes rather questionnable characters hang around railway stations. If one is alert and watchful, I think there is no problem taking a train from there. As a female traveling alone, I would not hesitate to use the station, but then friends have labeled me as aggressive and fearless. I agree with the former, not the later. Boots <BR>

Lydia May 3rd, 1999 11:09 AM

Two experts from just answered my e-mail enquiry - they agree: use basic common sense, watch your luggage at all times and don't speak to strangers! <BR>Thanx to everybody for replies. <BR>Lydia

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