Paris: Food Markets

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Paris: Food Markets

Isn't it fun to stroll through these places and see what the locals shop for?

Any rants, raves or alternatives for the ones listed below? Which is your favorite?

Buci - Rue de Buci & Rue de Siene

Mouffetard - Rue de Mouffetard (5E)

Enfants-Rouge - 39 Rue de Bretagne (3E)

Convention - Rue de la Convention

St. Germain - Rue Mabillion (6E)

Yes, I've been to Rue Cler and found it nice, but a bit to small, quiet and orderly. But one little place had the best cherry tarts and .... .
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I've only been to Rue de Buci and Rue de Seine and it was small but nice. It's a very busy, lively place.
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Degas - I love the Mouffetard market. After going there, I (almost) wouldn't bother with any other. Especially since our apt. wasn't far from there. On the other hand, I can't pass up a market. The Aligre one is interesting. On Sunday, at the Mouffetard market is the music and dancing, which was thrilling to me. Don't know if that is seasonal. I'm with you on the Rue Cler one. The markets are just one of the special things about Paris (and France) and is one of the reasons for having an apartment. CJ
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My favorite outdoor Paris market is one which runs along Ave. (Blvd?) President Wilson from Place de L'Alma (Mo. Alma-Marceau). Wonderful fruits, vegetables, cheeses, charcuterie, etc. I've always been on Saturday morning but I'll bet it is there another day of the week, too.
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I think all the ones you name are permanent market streets and the one RobRoy mentions is a roving market.

Of the ones you list, I like Mouffetard best. I also like rue Montorgeuil in the 3rd. Rue St Charles in the 15th is nice if you live there, but I wouldn't rate it above these others. For roving markets, I like the one at place Monge and the one on bd de Grenelle best.

I don't think of rue de la Convention as being a food market street in particular, but it is just a general shopping street with all kinds of stores. If it specializes in food, I haven't noticed it and thus wouldn't rate it as good as the others which are really noticeable. There are some cafes down there I like, and I use the bus that goes along that street periodically, so tend to just do spot-shopping when getting off the bus or something. There are some food shops more on the end towards rue St Charles, also, but nothing unique (a good patisserie, a Dallyou's, etc.)
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Convention does have a food market (stalls in the streets) on Sundays I believe, but it's probably not worth going out of your way for. My favourites are the huge food market on Sundays at Bastille and the Mouffetard market.
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just curious - what time do the markets open (esp. Mouffetard)????

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Thanks for all the feedback. Always looking to explore new areas.

seafox, I try to go early, say between 8 and 10AM. I think most stay open at least until 1pm and maybe as late as 5 pm.

However, I've popped in once or twice in the afternoon only to find many vendors shut down already. I guess each market is a little different. Sometimes going even earlier and watching them set up is also interesting.
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Unlike US markets, the Paris markets open relatively late. 8 is probably the earliest that all the stalls are filled at a roving market. I've gotten to them at 7 or so and they're still setting up. I love all the markets because each has a somewhat different flavor. The one that's under the metro just below the Sacre Cour is one of my favorites. Can't remember the name right now, but it's very exotic with lots of ethnic purveyors. The market stores that line the street it's on even have goat heads with eyes and teeth on the spits in front of their stores. Sadly I think the market on Rue de Mouffetard is declining--far fewer purveyors than when I first discovered it 12 to 15 years ago. President Wilson is the most upscale--and one of the longest. I think the one someone referred to as Bastille is technically Richard Lenoir. It ends near the Bastille. I try to start each day I'm in Paris at one of the roving markets. That way I get out into some of the arrondisements I'd otherwise not see.
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jmv, where is the President Wilson held at? Or does it have another name?
Roving market idea is a good one.
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I haven't been in Paris on a Sunday for several years, but wondered if the bird market is still there, near Notre Dame? If so, it's truly a spectacular sight . .. .
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The EnfantsRouges market is the oldest market (site) in Paris and just re-opened a year or so ago. Don't bother--what a disappointment. Here is a site listing all the markets in Paris by arrondisement and their days. I love the Sunday Pl. Monge market (the foie gras guy is TDF)and the Bastille market.
We stay near rue Cler so frequent it often but I like the street/roving markets better.
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It sounds like you love the food markets as much as my husband and I. Paris would not be Paris without a vist to at least one food market. The book "Paris in a Basket" is a beautiful photo/description of all the food markets in Paris. When you miss the markets just open the book and read!
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Pittsburgher, I have gone past the bird market a couple of times in the past several years, and it does still exist, although to my mind it just resembles an open air pet store, nothing terribly interesting or exotic.
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The President Wilson market is very upscale. It is, conveniently, on the avenue du President Wilson in the 16th arr. If I recall, it is running east from the metro stop Iena.

Here is another good list of the markets and names and hours:
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Thanks for the great info. Keep it coming.
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Are theses markets open even during the winter (Dec-Jan)? They sound like fun, and I'd love to go!
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katie660, most are permanent markets. I've gone in the winter and seen them open even in heavy rain. However, I have not gone to all the ones mentioned in this thread. But I still think there's a good chance most will be open. Dress warm and know your cheeses!
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We stayed in the Montmarte area last February. There's a great market on Rue Lepic/Rue Des Abbesses area. Get off at the metro stop for Moulin Rouge and walk up Rue Lepic and down Rue Des Abbesses.

Some say the area is seedy, but it wasn't anywhere near the red light district. The area where the movia Amelie was filmed.
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All markets are open year round--it is the way Parisians do their shopping. You may see the same merchants at different markets on different days.
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