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Donna May 30th, 1999 11:09 PM

Paris - Fabulous Website
If you're planning a trip to Paris (or France), be sure to visit This is one fabulous website! Used to be exclusively on AOL, but is now on the www. There's a wealth of interesting and valuable information. Extensive message boards as well (click on "Discussion").

Sally May 31st, 1999 03:25 AM

I couldn't get that address to work.

Tara May 31st, 1999 07:29 AM

Worked for me - - are you sure you typed it correctly? Awesome website!

Lisa Jun 2nd, 1999 12:30 PM

This one is worth bringing back to the top. Great resouce!!

Dave Jun 2nd, 1999 04:49 PM

I beg to differ. I find it very slow, combersome, and frustrating. And, I plan on telling Ms.Karen Fawcett that very soon, personally. Hit the back button, and take a long, looooong nap! Fodors Rules!

Vincent Jun 3rd, 1999 01:01 AM

I beg to differ too, but with Dave's post. Maybe it's because I am in the same city than the site, but the site is as quick as Fodor's. And, if the discussion forums are very "happy few" like, the articles and features about Paris and French life are numerous, well written informative, accurate, and funny. What else could you ask for ? And beginning now to know Fodorites' state of mind, needs, and humour, they should like Bonjour Paris. Go and see for yourselves !

Lisa Jun 3rd, 1999 03:11 AM

I have not had any problem with it being slow. The discussion groups are great I think.

Tracy Jun 3rd, 1999 03:37 AM

Hello all -- <BR> <BR>I really like Paris Metropole: <BR> <BR> <BR>Quirky and updated weekly, as well as whenever a strike hits . . . <BR>xo <BR>T

Lisa Jun 3rd, 1999 10:12 AM

Paris Metropole is also very good. Who funds these pages? Not a lot of advertising on them.

Dave Jun 3rd, 1999 10:49 AM

This is an e-mail that I just sent to, in response to their reply to my complaint: <BR> <BR>MS. KVFAWCETT, <BR> <BR>You were right about your website overload, the day I had problems. I apologize. Your website is much <BR>faster today. However, I just went to "Discussions," then to "Sightseeing,..." and it took 62 seconds to <BR>load. That is slow. I then clicked on "Suggestions and Comments" and it took/takes 60 seconds to load. <BR>Slow, slow, slow dear. But, much improved. It is a fast paced world. <BR>Good luck. <BR> <BR>Sincerely, <BR>Mr. "C" <BR> <BR>

Dave Jun 3rd, 1999 10:55 AM

And I do whole-heartedly agree with Vincent...yes, do, "Go see for yourselves." Maybe I have a memory or hard drive problem or something. I am not a computer expert. Thanks Vinny.

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