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EJ Mar 4th, 2001 04:43 PM

Paris Deli/Grocery stores/Street Vendors
Can anyone recommend deli and grocery stores in St. Germain/Marais areas? (or other areas that are exceptional) These types of establishments are usually open between what hours? What is the best tasting deli item that you have ever found and wish you could find in your home country? <BR> <BR>What hours do the street vendors operate? Are they usually located in particular parts of the city? <BR> <BR>Many, many thanks in advance for your help!

Christina Mar 4th, 2001 07:12 PM

I think the best food market streets are rues Cler (7th), Mouffetard (5th) and Buci (6th), at least in central Paris--there are lots of small food stores of various kinds along these streets and many will kind of have an open front section onto the street. There is a general large grocery store in St-Germain where I've shopped, but it's just a regular supermarket (Champion on rue de Seine). There are also pretty good grocery sections in many Monoprix stores, I believe the one at the corner of rue de Rennes and bd St-Germain has a supermarket in it. Most grocery stores and small food stores seem to close about 7 pm, as I recall; Monoprix is open later till about 9-10 pm, depending on location. There are, of course, many gourmet food stores other than those, like Hediard and Fauchon near the Madeleine, the Grande Epicerie section of Bon Marche in the 7th, and some other regular dept stores have good food sections (ie Galeries Lafayette). In the Marais, Espace Gourmand on rue des Archives is a good takeout store, it has light fare at lunch and otherwise is mainly a bakery/patisserie. I don't keep special notes on those as I don't like deli food that well (at least, not sausages and meats and stuff like that, or some of the prepared salads), I just shop in the grocery stores or buy what looks good without paying much attention to the store name. I might buy a small quiche or cheese and bread mainly, stuff like that. Not sure what you mean by street vendors, but if you are just asking about the carts that sell ice cream, soft drinks, bottled water, pizza, crepes, or sandwiches, they are mainly around the tourist areas, although you'll find kiosques selling drinks and candy and stuff at busy metro stops--you'll find quite a few street vendors just west of place St-Michel in those few streets going off from it, and of course around Notre Dame off the street to the north of it. I don't know how late they are around, but I'll bet it's pretty late for the tourists. There are lots of restaurants selling food that is about like street vendor food in quality on rue de la Huchette, and many fast-food, takeout places on that street and its surroundings.

Ger Mar 4th, 2001 07:40 PM

EJ: <BR> <BR>I can't remember a name to give you in the Marais because every second shop is a deli! Can anyone remember a deli called "Bethelemys" or something like that? Best cheeses & meats? When I must work in the evening (rather than dine out), I visit a deli and buy pate, cheese, bread & wine. <BR> <BR>Best experience is that they have cheeses, pates & meats that we don't get in NA (and, right now, we cannot bring home). Ask to taste. <BR> <BR>Sorry EJ, I'll try harder to get you some names if no-one else responds. <BR> <BR>Regards

Ursula Mar 4th, 2001 11:24 PM

Ger: <BR>Barthélémy, fromagerie, crèmerie, is at 51, Rue de Grenelle, 7th arr. <BR> <BR>But there are a lot of good delis around in all areas. Just open your eyes!

francesca Mar 5th, 2001 05:17 AM

In the Marais, try the take away felafel at Chez Marianne off rue Vielle du Temple. They also have good take out mediterrenean food. <BR> <BR>I posted a list of "quick eats" in Paris a while back with lists of excellent sandwich that, I mentioned the Lina's, Aux Pains Perdus and Pain Quotidien chains which are all very good and reasonable.

Diane Mar 5th, 2001 07:02 AM

The Boulevard Richard Lenoir runs North of the Marais, between Bastille and Place de Republique. There is a wonderful open-air market (which travels the Boulevard) several day of the week. The Post Sunday travel section for 3/4/01 has the days listed, as well as a cheese merchant (one of many) who brings in a fabulous assortment to sell. Get there around 9AM.

Ursula Mar 5th, 2001 08:56 AM

Forgot about an Italian deli place where you can eat on the spot or take out (hot dishes as well): <BR> <BR>"La Table d'Italie", 69, rue de Seine, 6th arr., close to the Café "La Palette" at Nr. 43.

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