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glitterybug21 Jul 23rd, 2005 04:38 PM

Paris - CDG
Hello, I recently joined Fodor's and I have a dilemma concerning transport in Paris.

I found the official RATP website unhelpful and I am at a total loss as to how to go about planning the rest of my trip. I have 3 locations that I need to travel between - the Hôtel Mistral (3 rue de Chaligny 75012 Paris), CDG airport and 8, bd de Bercy
75012 Paris, France.
I need to get from CDG airport to the Hotel Mistral, and then from the Hotel to 8, bd de Bercy. I then need to return from 8, bvd de Bercy back to the hotel, and finally back to CDG. To add to this, I cannot drive, but I have used the Metro system before and found it to be excellent.
Please, please help! This is important to me, and I have found very little that is of any use otherwise. If you have any suggestions, e.g. phoning the airport or the stations, I would be extremely grateful. I realise that there has already been a previous thread in a similar vein, but my problem is a little different.

Thanking you in advance from a very desperate GlitteryBug.

rkkwan Jul 23rd, 2005 05:26 PM

Closest Metro station to 3 rue de Chaligny is Reuilly-Diderot, which is on the "1" line. You can take the RER-B from CDG to Chatelet-Les Halles, then transfer. [The RATP site suggest you to transfer to the RER-A at Les Halles to Nation, and then to Line 1; that may be faster, but extra connection.]

Or you can take the Air France Coach directly from CDG to Gare de Lyon. Then either walk to the hotel, or take the Line 1 Metro for one-stop to Reuilly-Diderot.


The closest Metro to 8 Blvd de Bercy is "Bercy", 4 stops from Reuilly-Diderot via Lines 8 and 6.


From Bercy back to CDG, just take Line 14 back to Chatelet and back to the RER-B.

Mara Jul 23rd, 2005 05:47 PM

You can type the address into the website and get an itinerary from one address to the other. It is a little over one kilometer to walk (par pieton in French).

bob_brown Jul 23rd, 2005 06:35 PM

The hotel you seek is close to the Metro stop for Reuilly Diderot (ligne 1) and Montgallet (ligne 8)
Rue de Chaligny crosses a main thoroughfare, Boulevard Diderot, near the location of the hotel.

And the closest RER stop is at Gare de Lyon (ligne A, D)

The location of both the hotel and Rue de Bercy are close to Gare de Lyon.

If you have a map of Paris, you will see that Rue de Bercy is the street that runs along the southwest side of Gare de Lyon between the station itself and the Seine.

Rue de Bercy is a long street, and I don't know Paris street numbers well enough to know at which end of the street #8 might be. Some one who knows Paris better than I will have to tell us.

As for getting from the airport, there is the RER, which is ok if you don't have much luggage, a taxi (expensive), the Air France Bus, and a pre-engaged van service. I have used the van and it always got me to where I was going, although not always in a timely manner.
By the time I paid for 2, a taxi would have been only marginally more expensive.

There is the Air France bus that goes to Gare de Lyon. If y information is correct you can ride Bus #4 and it is colored yellow. That might be the best way because I know for a fact that the RER and the Metro are not at all luggage friendly. Escalators going up where you want them are rare in my Paris experiences.

I hope this helps some.

harvey Jul 23rd, 2005 07:25 PM

I would take one of the shuttle companies to get from cdg to your hotel. Depending on the number in your party or a regular taxi. The RER with luggage can be a real pain. Any where else from your base hotel you can get to by metro. The suggestions above are good. With a good map of Paris you can get anywhere on the metro. I like the pocket paris pratique. Check this site for the latest on which shuttle is good. I paid 50 euros last time for a taxi to CDG. Bon voyage.

ira Jul 24th, 2005 07:32 AM

Hi G,

>I found the official RATP website unhelpful ....<

What, specifically, did you have trouble with?


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