Paris Baggage Check THE ANSWER


May 2nd, 2017, 12:37 PM
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Paris Baggage Check THE ANSWER

I have now actually USED the Baggage Check at Paris CDG Roissy Airport so here is the report:

Name: Baggages du Monde

Place: Terminal TWO Near the Sheraton Hotel (can be painfully hard to find or very easy depending on who you ask for help. There is a plastic looking globe sort of at the top of their sign, and a Brioche du Monde cafe kind of place next to it. If you are in Terminal One or Three you have to take a train to get you there but the train is free. It's actually 2F (I'm pretty sure or 2E... it's already been a week)

The guys that work there are really nice, but are offended when you don't start of with a nice hello how are you. It's just plain polite in France. So do yourself the favor and start out with "bonjour" and then ask if they speak English, don't take it for granted or talk to them like they're stupid.

Price: There is an initial deposit fee for the first day that is pretty high, like 18 E, but then it is something like 7 euros a day thereafter. So let's say you're me and you're taking a couple of shorter trips with Paris as your home base, leaving your large luggage there. If you're nice to the guys they won't charge you as taking out the bags and then a new 18E deposit, when you go to change out your clothing from what is appropriate for one trip to what is appropriate for another, and so forth.

Time: They want to know when you are coming back and they seem pretty strict about it. I was worried they weren't going to let me get my bag out early. But after quizzing me on it a bit they went ahead and gave me the bag. The French are very orderly and tidy and they just don't like it when things are out of order so I suppose that could have been it...
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