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Joan Sep 6th, 2001 07:29 PM

We are hoping to go to Paris in late May. A friend recommended the Hotel le Notre Dame (1 Quai Saint Michel) in the Latin Quarter. Is anyone familar with this hotel/area? Would you recommend it? Are there good restaurants/night life nearby? Also, wondering about suggestions for day trips...and who you would recommend (we aren't renting a car). Thanks!

YS Sep 6th, 2001 07:59 PM

Although I'm not familiar with the hotel, I like the Latin Quarter very much. It is not far from the Sarbone, so you get a younger crowd and the place is more "alive". There's nothing but cafes in the area - not exactly a top-notch restaurants, but good quality regular french food. <BR>The area is nice as it is close to all major sights - 5 minutes to Notre Damme, about 20-25 minute walk to Louvre, 15 minute walk to Luxembourg gardens and Pantheon. Also, the metro/RER station is very close, there are two RER lines at that station: one goes directly to both airports, and the other to Versailles, which I highly recommend for a day trip. Another suggestion would be Chatres, which you can reach by train from the Gare Montparnasse, also not far away (20 minute walk, or by metro).

none Sep 7th, 2001 02:26 AM

For a day trip, you could try Rouen. It's a little over an hour's train ride. Flaubert and Corneille were born there, Joan of Arc had her trial and was burned there, Monet painted the cathedral, and Richard the Lion Heart is buried in the cathedral. They have an antiquities museum and an art museum. More important, there's either a patisserie or a chocolatier about every 100 yards. Also look for creperies and try the Normandy cidre. A lot of downtown is pedestrian only and very picturesque. When you're too tired to walk anymore, go back to the taxi stand at the train station and ask if they will take to you the Panorama, which is a lookout up in the hills from which you can see the entire valley, the Seine, the bridges, etc. This will cost, probably 150-200FF, but the view is just wonderful.

Fred Sep 7th, 2001 03:49 AM

Location is very good, right in the heart of Paris. Here are comments made by people who have stayed there: <BR>Hotel le Notre Dame (3 star left bank)- <BR>Front rooms are the best <BR>Rooms are clean <BR>friendly staff <BR>decent size rooms <BR>Noise can be a problem on the back side. <BR>I love the hotel <BR>room was smallish, bathroom large and modern <BR>For more Paris information e-mail me [email protected]

Julie Sep 7th, 2001 05:26 AM

We stay at the Hotel de Notre Dame at 17 or 19 Rue Maitre Albert. It is owned by the same people who own the Notre Dame Hotel on the quai (confusing, huh?) but the one on Maitre Albert is superior according to our friend who has stayed in both. The rooms at the one on the quai are miniscule, not that the rooms at the other are large, but everything is relative. The one on Maitre Albert is also much quieter and you aren't bothered by the lights from the Bateux Mouches that ply the seine into the night. Rue Maitre Albert is just off the Quai de Montebello across from Notre Dame church. They have their own website and you can reserve via net. Sorry I don't have their URL but I'm sure you can get to them through a good search engine. Rooms were about 710 FF for a double last year. And yes the nightlife nearby is great. Lots of youthful action on the streets just off the Blvd. St. Michel, lots of cheap Greek restaurants with broken plates and Opah! coming from them. There are also lots of really good restaurants nearby and Dominique at the front desk of the hotel will be very helpful to you in locating them. Those we like are: Atelier Maitre Albert at the end of the street that the hotel is on, Abelard, also at end of street, La Maison, Chez Toutonne, and Vivario--a Corsican restaurant that has goat on the menu. Also Bouchons et Frere Clerq, a restaurant that sells wine at cost with no markup, honest.

elvira Sep 7th, 2001 06:45 AM

I am not familiar with the hotel (a friend stayed there years ago, liked it, but I have no recent knowledge), but I am familiar with the area. <BR> <BR>There's an RER C stop within a few yards of your hotel, and that goes to Versailles (easy 1/2-full day trip). The RER B line from both airports also stops there. <BR> <BR>Across Blvd St Michel is the Creperie des Arts on rue St Andre des Arts, with wonderful crepes and funky decor. Along the river, just east of your hotel is the Montebello with a very good selection of food and a great view of Notre Dame's flying buttresses. Lots of cafes, and eventhough their very touristy, the ones on Blvd St Michel near the river are great people watching places. <BR> <BR>Behind your hotel is a very lively area, with lots of Greek and seafood restaurant, and the famous jazz spot, Caveau de la Huchette.

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